Friday, March 15, 2019

Essay --

France is a very outstanding and well-known country. It is hotshot of the largest European countries in land, after Russia and Ukraine. Twenty pct of Frances dominion lies outside of Europe, known as DOM-TOM. The European territory of France covers 211,209 square miles. France is excessively one of the oldest states in Europe, founded in 843. French is the appointed language of England as well as 300 other countries. It is speak by 270 million people worldwide. France has a population of 2.5 million citizens and 20 percent of the citizens live in the Parisian region. Paris, the capital of France, was founded by Gaelic tribe, Parisians, and settled around 4,200 BCE.France shares borders with several other countries. Those countries include Belgium, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Monaco, Spain, and Andorra. France is 15,782 feet above sea level. The highest point is in Western Europe, Mont Blanc, between France and Italy. The lowest point is Rhne river de lta, measuring only twain meters above sea level. The Rhne is one of the major rivers of Europe, measuring 505 miles, starting in Switzerland and run stylus through southeastern France. Near its mouth on the Mediterranean Sea, the river divides into two branches, the Great Rhne and the Petit or Little Rhne. approximately other river systems including Seine, Loire, and Garonne, divide the Massif Central from the Alps and flows into the Mediterranean Sea. Western Frances climate consists of a high amount of rainfall, mild winters, and cool to quick summers. The climate of inland France tends to be more continental with hot, stormy summers, colder winters and less(prenominal) rain. Some natural hazards in France include flooding, avalanches, windstorms, droughts, forest fires, and e... nearly popular theme park is Disneyland Paris, with fifteen million visitors. Disneyland Paris was the siemens Disney park to open outside of United States, after Tokyo Disney Resort . other tourist attraction is Europes oldest functional epithelial duct, Canal du Midi. The canal was built from 1666 through 1681 and is 150 miles long. It has sixty-three locks, 126 bridges, seven canal bridges, and one tunnel. Frances major transportation is rivers. Overall France has twenty-four rivers that add up to 300km in length. In addition to rivers, railway is also major way of transportation in France. There is a total of 40,300 miles of railway, mostly operated by SNCF, the French national railway company. The trains can travel up to 199 miles per hour. France also has 475 airports. The most popular airport is Charles de Gaulle Airport, located in the vicinity of Paris.

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