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The technology of medicine & how its shaped the nation over the last Essay

The engine room of medicine & how its shaped the nation over the cobblers last century as it pertains to war battlefield effectiveness - Essay ExampleAll the above hold in been made simpler, faster, cost effective and above all, life saving processes through technology. Medical help is offered online and in that location are facilities to reach out to specialists and doctors for online advice and suggestions before critical surgeries. Evolution and incorporation of technology and medicine endure gone a long bureau in changing the world today (Hernandez, 2007). There shoot been new treatments for previously terminal and untreatable illnesses such as diabetes and AIDS. An acute condition like bypass graft is possible today due to the major advancement in medicine and technology.New procedures have been authentic that enable diagnosis and treatment of secondary ailments. It is an on-going clinical progress today, done to improvise on the bore as well as making major advances in the scope of medicine (National Research Council, 2003) The around important contribution of medical technology has been towards war and the hurt soldiers.It has come a long way from using chloroform to perform surgeries (Civil War), to the discovery of penicillin (WWII) to the latest medication and treatments provided today to the war- ravaged soldiers. The concept of Triage, wherein the injured are treated based on the severity of their wounds, was pioneered first during the Napoleon wars and is being implemented stock-still today.Today the soldiers are trained on better management of the injured with the aid of improved technology and advancement in medicine. Wars in Afghanistan, Vietnam and Iraq have one thing in common- gravely injured soldiers who ask immediate attention and medical aid. This led to the improvisation of medicine with better equipment provided to the army, pain management and transmitting control given priority, setting up of combat support hospitals (Mil itary Medicine, 2009) which specialize in the planning and

International trade- tariffs Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

International good deal- obligations - Research Paper ExampleSuch tariffs levied on the import of good are called the import tariff. other kind of tariff which is not very popular is called the export tariff. It is levied on exported products. Ghana imposed a tax on the export of cocoa. The OPEC (Organization of the Oil Producing Countries) at once imposed export tax on oil to generate revenue and also artificially make up a scarcity of oil in the international markets to increase the price of the product. A more grievous purpose of tariffs is to produce revenue for the authorities. A revenue tariff may be on export or import, depending on the trade policy of the government. But in modern clock when international trade has a huge impact on the economy of a country, the most important role of tariffs is for security purpose. Different Types of Tariffs Tariffs can be classified into three categories the specific tariff, the ad valorem tariff and the compound tariff. from each one kind of tariff has their own pros and cons we shall discuss them briefly. Specific tariff is fixed amount of money taxed on each unit of the imported goods. The advantage of this kind of tariff is that it can be very well calculated on the standard goods that are regularly imported. However the degree of protection that this kind of tariff offers varies inversely with the price of the good in the international market. ... In such cases the domestic industry has to translate the domestic market with less expensive good to win back the consumers. But in times of depression the prices of goods in the world market falls. In such a situation the domestic markets are better protected by the specific tariff. Specific tariffs help the domestic industries against the foreign producers who reduce their prices as the extra price the domestic consumer has to pay for foreign good. Ad valorem tariff is a tax levied as a fixed percentage of the value of the imported good. Ad valorem t ariff is more proportionate and modernised than specific tariff. For a slight improvement in the product which is reflected in its price a higher(prenominal) price needs to be paid. For example if Ad valorem tariff rate for a country is 10% then tariff for $200 iPod will be $20. For a slightly higher version of an iPod deserving $220 the tariff will proportionately higher at $22. Furthermore, ad valorem rate of tariff ensures that there is a constant protection for the domestic industries through periods of fluctuating price. However ad valorem tariffs generate revenue for the government that is proportional to the value of imports. Therefore the government revenue may also fluctuate with price fluctuation. Another difficulty of imposing ad valorem tariff is the problem of evaluation. The evaluation of the value of the good poses a difficulty for the customs appraisers. The difficulty increases due to constant fluctuation of prices of goods in the world market. (Helpman and Krugm an). Sometimes compound tariff rates are also preferred by the countries. This kind of tariff consists of a specific persona and an ad valorem component. The specific tariff is used to negate the disadvantage of cost faced by the domestic producers of finished

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Walt Whitman's Idea of Women Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words - 1

Walt Whitmans Idea of Women - Essay ExampleA look into his works, that ar, at times, vivid with sexuality, proves that his works are a mixture of transcendentalism and realism, where he found females equal to males, and in fact, more important than males. However, he himself seems highly influenced by the social and religious norms that surrounded him in the nineteenth century that he could not see any other role for women other than household works, fosterage of healthy offspring for the state, and keeping themselves healthy and willing to overtly express their sexual impulses. Moreover, in his feat to show the importance of females, he ends up giving them more importance than males because of their higher role in reproduction. In my opinion, Whitman is one among the many sex radicals of the 19th century, and though he proposed revolutionary ideologies on sinless expression of female sexuality, they are clouded by his own expression of male dominance in his works. This makes h is position as a feminist a matter of controversy. Traditional roles of women in Whitmans works Killingsworth admits the fact that for many scholars, Whitmans females are nothing more than functional creatures with just muscles and wombs (1). In addition, there comes the eitheregation that their only functions are sex and birth. This allegation seems substantiated in many of his writings. In A muliebrity waits for me, he points out yet all were lackingif the moisture of the right man were lacking (A woman waits for me). Here, instead of the desire to reform female covert expression of sex, the main intention seems to be the desire to make them cope with the unquenched sexual desires of the male-dominated society. As one moves ahead, there is the evident expression of what a patrioteer prefers to see in the females with whom he wants to have sex. They are tannd in the face by give out suns and blowing winds/ Their flesh has the old divine suppleness and strength/ They know how to swim, row, ride, wrestle, shoot, run, strike, retreat, advance, resist, defend themselves. However, for a woman who possesses all these qualities, the duty Whitman gives is I shall demand perfect men and women out of my love spendings. Thus, it becomes very evident that though he seems careful about the health and wellbeing of females, the two responsibilities they are supposed to do, according to him, are healthy procreation and healthy sex. However, this conception about his intentions is, to a great extent, removed when one looks into his Prose literature (II, 37 2n). He points out that the sole way to a reconstructed society depends on sweet birth, elevation, expansion, invigoration of women, affording, for races to come a perfect motherhood (qtd. Killingsworth, 3). Here, though his outlook is justified remarkably, it seems that his intention to hook females is based on the need to ensure proper motherhood not for females sake. However, a look into the Prose kit and cabood le of 1892 reveals that his intention was not only to make females willing to procreate healthy generation, but the kind of women he envisioned would be robust equals, workers, and even practical and political deciders with men (Whitman, Prose Works). Thus, in the opinion of tidy sum

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Silent Film Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Silent Film - Essay ExampleAccessing these materials is, however, not a ingenuous path, especially when investigating a new topic. Proper researching, though, leads one to find these archives that contain materials that atomic number 18 so much back dated. This paper, therefore, seeks to explore the archives bearing information on Charlie Chaplain with an aim of stating the lesson learnt from the topic. It go forth then explain how the topic was identified, the interest it raised over time, how the topic was narrowed, and the obstacles and dead-ends met during the research and the keywords searched that accomplishmented best and wherefore they worked. Charlie Chaplain was a wealthy man who made millions through acting in the period of silent films. He was one of the funniest men during his era. He is a funny character who speaks better for himself even though his spoken communication is of silent nature. He could send everyone who watched him into laughter, including those who did not want to laugh. Chaplain inhabited four hubs of jocularity between twenty percent Avenue and Dearborn where he brought laughter to the shifting crowds (Kitty 10). His mode of dressing entailed a miserable pair of trousers and a bedraggled coat tails. He was also familiarized with an amusing midst of a minute mustache (Kitty 14). Chaplain was a big name, celebrated for the hilarious performances made in public concerts. He could receive some(prenominal)(prenominal) performance invitations, including the one mentioned in the Los Angeles Times. It provided, Chaplain to shine A citizens Vigilance Committee from Venice was out utmost night searching for one Charlie Chaplain, who is to be in the parade and catch the first ball in the opening game of San Francisco Venice series. (Green III1). Chaplain became so famous that at one time a crowd of close 500 people mistook Francis LaPlant and followed him down state street thinking that it was Chaplain. LaPlant thought the crowd wanted to lynch him and ran to a nearby medicine store where police saved him by taking him to his home (Hartford Courant 9). Chaplain produced several humorous antics, which included For the Commonwealth, Who Pays and Work. As a result of his fame, Chaplains value rose. consort to the Madison Square Theatre Schedule in New York, Chaplain was valued at $12,500 per week by 1915. According to an article, the management of the theatre offered Chaplain a lump of up to $25,000 as salary in run to engage him (Kingsley III4). Charlie Chaplin was so funny that in some instances he was referred to as the funniest and most vulgar gay in the entire universe. In his piece, The Woman, for example, decent people would be infuriated due to the colloquialism in it. Its nature left the audience angry in their own laughter. This, however, is seen as demeaning his work as he seems to have no self limit. His talent enables him turn impossible crowds into sheers of laughter. When he gets his trouse rs down, however, fuse reactions will mostly likely fill the air, and parents might start restricting their children from attending Chaplins concerts. ravage Hamill was once quoted saying, In my judgment Chaplin descends to the lowest depths of vulgarity in almost every case. Another man, A. C. F. express Even the men will no longer think him funny or clever if he continues

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Project Management Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

Project counseling - Essay ExampleIn this regard, it has been observed that Nokia Corporation is one of the renowned companies, which has recently undergone a pitch in its in operation(p) processes in order to remain abreast with the changing environment of the market. The guild has undergone a redesigning process in its trading operations to cope up with the changing inquires of the customers as well as the markets all over the world. The revised operational strategy of the federation includes the strategic alliance of it with Microsoft to come up with different ranges of products in the market. This alliance enables the company to deliver innovative products and enhance its geographical reach along with product identity. With this strategy, the company has the desire to increase its sales by a considerable margin. This neuter was much needed for the company as the nature of the market was constantly changing and there was a jeopardy that the preferences of the customers m ight get switched to another brand. This approach of the company correlates with the operational purview where a company mostly changes its operational strategy in accordance with the needs of the current trading environment. This approach is termed as operational strategy approach of market requirement (Nokia, 2011 Slack & Nigel, 2009). Furthermore, the operational strategy of the company has witnessed significant changes in the recent years with the inception of the new leadership team up in the operations. It has been observed that the new team of the company has acquired considerable knowledge and is competent to deal with the dynamic nature of todays business environment. The team is also viewed to have utmost commitment towards the operational goals of the organisation. With the establishment of a new team, the company i.e. Nokia will be able to improve its decision making perspective as it is directly connected with the performance of the organisation. Furthermore, the ne w team of the company will also facilitate to enhance the marketing operations or activities of the products which were lacking in the previous operating strategy of the company. In precise, it can be give tongue to that the new team of the organisation, which is a part of the operational strategy, will have its maximum focus on speed as well as accountability that would ultimately enable to deliver positive results. It would be vital to mention in this regard that the company has appointed a new face for any section of its operations from top to bottom and each one of them will have their specific targets that need to be fulfilled. This approach of the company correlates with the top-down operational strategy. In such strategy, companies experience a change from top to bottom in its operational conduct (Nokia, 2011 Pearson Education, 2010 Slack & Nigel, 2009). From the overall analysis of the strategy of Nokia Corporation, it has been learnt that the company follows two operation al approaches which entail the current market requirement approach as well as the top-down approach. However, there are two more operational strategies that can be incorporated by the organisation in its operation. These two approaches will comprise bottom-up approach and strategy based on resources of organisation. In the bottom-up approach, a company such as Nokia would experience a change in strategy from bottom to top by taking into consideration the views and the

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How did the government use its power to create and define the idea of Essay

How did the organisation use its power to create and define the conceit of Canadian - Essay ExampleOn the other hand, the judicature also applied the concept of suppressing subject ideas majorly through banning and prohibiting public meeting as well as rallies that are held by account snatchivists. In the early 1900s, the government of Canada, specifically the Vancouver Trade and Labor Council, Socialist Party of Canada and other policy-making elites, engaged in a competition to gain the complete trust of workers. That is, those that frequently engaged in public rallies to fight for freedom of speech. Their solidarity was seen as a threat to the prosperity of the elite political sieve and the federal government. 2The government of Canada also applied a strategy that basically focused on forming collaboration with business owners to oppose strikes. In the year 1919, during the Winnipeg strike, the three levels of Canadian government opposed a strike, which has been defined as one of the most influential historical strikes in Canada by reducing the hang on of basic necessities such as Food, water and communication as well as replacing the big Canadian workers with immigrants, who were then referred as aliens.3Moreover, the government of Canada has also been on the forefront of opposing any act of racism and ideologies directed towards discrimination. Philip Jensen is one person that has been on the frontline making attempts to ensure that government of Canada legalize racial discrimination in the sense that business owners and other service providers deny services to people found on their races and even ethnic backgrounds.4Some of the strategies discussed above are still applied by the government of Canada. Most governments currently oppose discrimination and have even implemented laws that hinder discrimination in relation to race, religion et cetera, and an idea that is also greatly applied by the Canadian government. In addition, the government in s ome cases can also oppose strikes, especially those that are

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Food Giveaway Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Food giveaway - Essay ExampleI olfactory sensation that I gave my all for this program because my heart was in it.This have a go at it was similarly a time for my inner self discovery. I was able to learn about my stirred be. I learnt that I find peace in being around children and the less fortunate. I also learnt that charity is a thing I can do all my life so retentive as it involves the youth and children. These are people whose experiences I can relate to. They are people I feel that go through the same emotional challenges I go through while growth up. They are people with dreams just like I do. I thought working with the youth and children is concentrated but this perception has changed.It was not hard to talk to the children about life. This is something I have d genius being a peer leader. The session was engaging and I get laided it. However, having to wear gloves and a gas mask to leach up the place they call home stretched me. This is not something am used to do ing and so adapting to it was not piano but eventually, I was able to do and I overcame my fears.The youth and children narrated their experiences in life and how they came to live the broad of life they are living. This part carried my emotions. I could not hold back my tears to learn that at that place is someone out thither living life in worse conditions but they still enjoy their life. Leaving the group was not easy saying goodbye is never easy.Man is not an island everyone has a belonging as a member of a community I feel proud that there are people who contribute in making life wholesome, each in their big or small ways. Being a member of a country also gives one identity and one can therefore feel safe around people whom they share citizen hood. In this era of technology, I feel fulfilled that I am not an alien on earth. The different cultures and races of the world forever give me an opportunity to learn something new every day.The donation experience was good for me be cause I feel that

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Islamic women and Education Research Proposal Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Islamic women and Education - Research Proposal ExampleSchoeter Susanne (178) explains from a personal and womans perspective that women deal her need education and needs to be involved in policy making process on decisions that include education, a voice that identify a womans function in advocating for womens interests in education. Fatima Al-Fihri is another woman who contributed to education in the ancient periods, establishing University of Al Karaouine in North Africa part Dafiya Khatun constructed theology schools in the Middle East (Womens Iislmic porta in Spirituality and Equality 1). Roles of Nyai Abida in education are also evident in academic administration in Pesantren Seblak (Srimulyani 100) and women resembling Ahl-al-Aaqil played active roles as educators (Falola & Amponsah 83, 84). The active role in education continues and is evident in the positions of Moslem women in South Africas academic institutions (Lovat 186). In addition, women seem to play a signific ant role in self-motivation into education. Even though environmental factors may affect ability of Muslim women to advance in education, the women mediate effects of these factors (Oplatka 341, 342). Respecting personal domain as a Muslim is another reported motivational factor to the womens education (Laar, Derks, & Ellemers 70, 71).Existing literature suggest significant womens role in education and this transverses across history. A study is therefore necessary on trend of the womens roles in education across history and by regions.Laar, Colette, Derks, Belle, & Ellemers, Naomi. Motivation for education and work among young Muslim women The greatness of value for ingroup domains. Basic & Applied Social Psychology 35.1 (2013) 64-74. Print.Oplatka, Izhar & Orit. Muslim women in graduate studies many insights into the accessibility of higher education for minority women students. Studies in Higher Education 37.3 (2012) 327-344. Print.Womens Islamic Initiative in

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The World Into Which Christianity Came Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

The World Into Which Christianity Came - Essay Example20, 2007) and about 6 million atomic number 18 considered practicing or doing the mandates of the religion, including attendance to regular mass, doing the sacraments, and participating in missionary works. Although they trace to the same founder, Christians are classified into unlike congregations each having their own sets of ideals, fundamental beliefs, and practices, which are either solely based on the Scriptures or with tradition. The largest Christian group is the roman print Catholics. Other groups include The Amish, Baptist churches, church of England, Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Church of Scotland, Eastern Orthodox Church, Jehovahs Witnesses, Methodist Church, Pentecostalism, Catholic Church, Seventh-day Adventists among others that existed throughout the world.The popularity of the Christian movement and its rapid acceptance in the early centuries of its development is a manifestation of the need of the peoples during those times. The society in which this interest group had started must(prenominal) have something that served as a driving force to accept the teachings of Christianity. Understanding the need of these generations would provide a good picture and vivid perceptive why such ideals evolved into a widely received motility and values.The Society Upon Which ChristianityChristianity emerged in the 1st century and was congregated by Jews and their non- Judaic converts who accepted the beliefs of Jewish Christians. Initially though, the teachings inherent in the Christian societies are meant for the Jewish people, exclusively the message became universal, which means Jewish and non-Jewish alike benefit from the teachings and are accepted into the society. There were several precursors to the growth and strengthening of the Christian movement. Among which is the growing need for independence of the Jewish people, and the collapse of Judaism in the Roman society.A society of the oppressed Why do we consider the Jews lust for independent life Basically Christianity traced its roots from Judaism with its founder, Jesus Christ belonging to a sect of the Judaism religion. sooner Christianity appeared as a religion, all Jews could either be classified as Pharisees, Sadducees, or Essenes (C. George Boerees A truncated History of Judaism). The entry point of Christianity was based on the conditions of the Jewish people under the rule of the Roman Empire. The Jews, claiming to be Gods people had been in bondage for a long time and was very desperate for freedom. virtually a hundred years before Jesus was born, the Romans granted them control over their kingdom notwithstanding internal divisions weakened the Jewish kingdom that prompted the Romans to take control over once again in 63 BCE (BBC Teams History of Judaism). Oppression were felt by the lowly Jewish not only from the Romans but also from other Jewish who ruled them under Roman controls. The p riests or Sadducees were allied to the rulers and lost party favor with the people, who turned increasingly to the Pharisees or Scribes, from whose group Rabbis or teachers arose. Jesus was considered one among those messianic teachers who emerged from the oppressed Jewish society. Under the circumstances of the Jewish race, the people

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LOGISTICS Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

LOGISTICS - Essay ExampleIn addition to the basic forwarding operations, BLC is specialized in customs clearance, packing, warehousing, and transportation of all incoming and outgoing, air and sea shipments, as well as household goods and individualized effects.The companys objective has always been to satisfy the needs of all customers by offering a personalized transport service for any volume of goods and any destination. BLC has a Quality Policy as well a well publicized Mission Statement. For developing and delivering business excellence the company has obtained ISO 90012000 certifications in pursuance of providing best-in-class service via a quality management system. The company was awarded ISO 90012000 certification in 2004.As set forth of the Quality Policy, BLC regularly monitors customer satisfaction as one of the measurements of performance. It also monitors data relating to customer perceptual experience as to whether we met their expectations.BLC business has much to do with organizing and synergizing transportation and warehousing, so its supply chain structure is kindred to its competitors with concentration on physical distribution. The red line represents material flow the blue line represents information flow.While apparently the business model of BCL is sound and it appears to be well managed, its performance lacks behind its emulation and certainly does not achieve its goals for it was for which it was founded over a decade ago. It is just another mediocre company, scorn its obtaining the ISO 90012000 certification. It has high aims but has fallen short in results. To date its annualized yield is just 10% fleck the industry average is about 13%. The best in class companies are however achieving an annualized growth rate of 25%. The problem areas of BLC can be enumerated as under.1. BLC lacks in warehousing. Its current warehouses are pure and not well organized. It moves the frozen cargo

An empirical evaluation of the Purchasing Power Parity Dissertation

An empirical evaluation of the Purchasing Power paratrooper - Dissertation ExampleIn pursuit of investigating the empirical inclemency of the uvulopalatopharyngoplasty theory, this study uses the periodic Nipponese Yen to US Dollar exchange ramble and the seasonally adjusted Japanese and US monthly Consumer Price Index series as the representative of the harm levels as available from OECD of import economic indicators 2010. Our data set covers a sample period ranging from world-class January1960 to 1st June 2010. The indexing of cost-of-living index for both the Japanese and US series is in accordance with presume the price level of 2005=100.5.EstimationThis discussion section presents the results of the estimations specified in section 2. We start of by presenting the statistical preliminaries and time series plots of the variables to engender a preconception of what can be expected from the estimated equations. a.Statistical preliminaries slacken 1 presents the summary st atistics for the variables of interest. Note that these are explicit in terms of natural put downarithms of the levels.Figure 1 below depicts the inter-temporal dynamics of the natural logarithm of the series of Japanese Yen to US Dollar Exchange rates. Observe that the series provides a clear visual distinguish of a downward trend implying that over the period of 1970 to 2011, there has been a gradual decline in the exchange rate. Additionally, the series also appears to be non-stationary. Of course stationarity properties can only be conclusively support after formal conduction of unit root tests. Figure 3 presents the time plots of Japanese and US consumer price indices in logs.... tion where is the natural log of the Japanese Yen to US Dollar exchange rate at time t, is the natural log of the price level index of Japan and is the natural log of the price level index of USA and is an additive iid noise term. 3. Testable Hypothesis The hypotheses that we can test use this spe cification are as follows i) Strong or absolute PPP ii) Relatively weaker form of PPP ? iii) Weakest form of PPP ? Note that for ii) and iii) to be valid specifications, the additive error term will put up to be stationary. Otherwise estimates will be spurious. 4. Data In pursuit of investigating the empirical validity of the PPP theory, this study uses the monthly Japanese Yen to US Dollar exchange rate and the seasonally adjusted Japanese and US monthly Consumer Price Index series as the representative of the price levels as available from OECD main economic indicators 2010. Our data set covers a sample period ranging from 1st January1960 to 1st June 2010. The indexing of CPI for both the Japanese and US series is in accordance with assuming the price level of 2005=100. 5. Estimation This section presents the results of the estimations specified in section 2. We start of by presenting the statistical preliminaries and time series plots of the variables to engender a preconception of what can be expected from the estimated equations. a. Statistical preliminaries Table 1 presents the summary statistics for the variables of interest. Note that these are expressed in terms of natural logarithms of the levels. Table 1 Summary Statistics of the variables of interest Figure 1 below depicts the inter-temporal dynamics of the natural logarithm of the series of Japanese Yen to US Dollar Exchange rates. Observe that the series provides a clear visual prove of a downward trend

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Compare and contrast Pascal, Voltaire, Hume, Kierkegaard and Nietzsche Essay

Compare and contrast Pascal, Voltaire, Hume, Kierkegaard and Nietzsche - Essay ExampleHe stipulated in his popular Pascals Wager. He said the people would lose very little for believing that perfection exists regardless of whether he exists or not. On the other hand, he stipulated that people would gain a lot for believing that God exists. In this case, he concluded that it is take into account for people to believe that God exists and behave in an appropriate manner. Pascal said that he would rather be frightened of being mistaken about the globe of God. Therefore, Pascals Wager is regarded as a rationality of belief in God. His views are order to those people who waver as opposed to those people who do not believe in the worldly concern of God (Asiado).Voltaires life is described as a paradox. In this case, he despised world yet he was fond of men. Moreover, he did not believe in God but in real sense he dedicated his life to find him. He stipulated that no ghostly textual matter or revelation is needed to allow people to believe in God. He believed in the linguistic universal laws which are focused in the moral world which are observed in all religious systems. In this case, people are required to have respect for nature and the contemporary world. Voltaire believed that thither exists a supreme, eternal and intelligent being. He believed in reason and not faith (Graves).Hume is regarded as an empiricist. He believes that belief would be regarded as rational if there is sufficient evidence to support it. In this case, he questions whether there is enough evidence in the world which would convince people to believe in the wise, powerful, good and a wise God. For example, Hume was very critical of the Catholic Church. He described its activities as ones that are guided by idolatry and superstition. He also stipulated that they practiced uncivilized beliefs. Moreover, he regarded Protestants as corruptors of belief (Quinton, p, 3). Therefore, in this perspective, it is reliable that Hume was skeptical about religion.Kierkegaard was a religious poet. In this

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Consuming Architecture Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Consuming architecture - Essay ExampleSuch stead developers be less concerned ab pop out the beauty aspects of the twist. proportion developers need to ask themselves questions such as whether or not the building will improve its surroundings. subsequently the building has been developed it should look great one to two decades later. A good building should as well attract many people and be viewed as a landmark. Everyone should also yearn to obtain a good building or reside in it. City councils and property creators should understand that it is their sole indebtedness to make sure that the city distance is well utilized and managed (Gieryn, 2000). This does not only apply to residential buildings but public properties such as offices and restaurants as well. City councils and property developers should be perceived as organizations that appreciate and comprehend design. The aesthetic value of a building ought to be prioritized. It is pointless to build interiors that argon extremely beautiful while the exterior looks ugly. The entire building should reflect a unanimous tale. near developers fail to think about the beautiful aspects of buildings such as garages or stores. There is no hurt in adding graphics or color on buildings. Enhancing building does not cost as ofttimes as neglecting them. The uniqueness and beauty of a building will definitely attract customers. Many building create been created with stripped-down commitment of design and aesthetics. There are others that try to make a a couple of(prenominal) things right but not all of them. A solidifying needs to be done and minimum has never been enough. Most consumers are extremely conscious about design especially in the new(a) times. Technological advancements have opened peoples eyes and revealed that there are a lot of possibilities out there. Individuals are browsing throughout the globe and they are taking part in the purpose of design. Design is not limited to specific indivi duals or groups any more. It is not surprising to find out that even young children understand what design is all about. Children also value design in everything they purchase for instance clothes, cars and even where they live. Getting it right the very first time will surely publish city councils and consumers a great deal. According to Brand, buildings have forever been wholly studied in blank shell rather than time (1995). Architects are majorly concerned about the original goals of a building. These individuals are later impress with the outcome at the end of the day. A building somehow adapts its own existence and responds to it. Brand examines that which makes a building attractive. This author analyzes the period between the dazzling experience of a freshly built property and it final collapse. Brands study revealed that all buildings are somehow forced to adapt though only a few become accustomed elegantly. Buildings are known to adapt well when they are frequently renov ated by those who live or use them (Ballantyne, 2002). Architects also have the capability of transforming their perspective of space to time in building. Buildings have the ability of looking better with time but only if they are given the opportunity. Building should be conducted in support of time but not against it (Brand, 1995). There is a big gap that has been identified by analysts regarding the expected performance of a building and its real ability. Reports have indicated for instance that buildings consume between two to three times more energy when they are sedulous yet these estimates are different from the ones that were made by the designers at their initial development phase. It is undeniable that buildings that are not well developed can really turn out costly in impairment of bills and extreme gas production. Occupants in turn

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Fashion Theory Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Fashion Theory - Essay ExampleThe test Fashion Theory discovers the theory of fashion. Dior, New look promoted a fashion that exhibited the beauty of women and matched the political strategy of the new world. Hence, the Dior was a successful design that showed relevance and adaptability with the changing social trends. Fashion forecasting entails cover changes in the fashion industry. It comprises the contemporary elements of cultural awareness, technology, socio-political reservations and the market structure. Hence, fashion forecasts enhances conformity with the social forces and expectations. The increased numerate of new-borns triggered the development of the junior market during the 1950s era. The increased number of kids created a market gap that facilitated the addition of the junior market. Brand prominence conforms to the Thorsten Veblen theory. Both concepts ostensible rights and qualities. Therefore, they encompass extravagantly-quality products that appeal to nature . The models also progress high demand and expensive products. Sumptuary laws work to minimize extravagance by reproving luxury. Therefore, the decree kit and caboodle towards creating a balance between spending and priority of needs. Maslow hierarchy presents human beings priority requirements in a pattern similar to a pyramid. It prioritizes the needs according to the urgency of survival. According to the pattern, the necessities facilitate survival and determines the relationship, for instance, food, water, gum elastic and shelter. The costume offers the development.

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The Influence of Mass Media in Society Research Paper

The Influence of Mass Media in Society - interrogation Paper ExampleThe effect of television on the way that people perceive mankind outhouse be seen in its full clarity through with(predicate) the influence of reality shows in the daily loves of people. The Kardashians, The Beverly Hills Wives, Guiliana and Bill, these be all scripted programs that depict the real life of a celebrity in such a manner that what they argon doing on-screen becomes gospel truth to the voyeuristic viewer. This paper depart focus on how television, through reality shows, has managed to deepend the way that people perceive the reality of their own lives. Using facts and other verifiable info from various websites, articles,books , and/or journals, this paper will do its best to explain the phenomenon of the reality show and how it manages to change the way people view how they should conduct their lives based upon the television images and real life situations that they see. Towards the end, this p aper will make mention of The Hunger Games and how that particular movie helps to depict the evils of reality shows and how people sometimes, can no longer tell the truth between fiction and real life because of what television shows them. In narrate to best explain the phenomenon that has been created by the reality shows, one must first understand what a reality show is and what comprises the format. It is important for people to know that to call a reality show unscripted is a fallacy. According to David Rupel of the Writers Guild of America reality shows do not have scripts but there are writers who create formats, cast people based on character traits and edit scenes to tell a powerful, challenging tale (How Reality TV works). There are actually two types of reality shows, it each has (1) very little structure like The Kardashians, which means that the producer needs to sift through old age worth of footage in order to develop a story line that the viewers will contract int riguing and stick to watching. Or (2) it is a reality show that is heavy on the formatting lieu such as The Amazing Race wherein the situations are pre-determined and thus includes a sense of drama that is more engaging for the audience (Rupel, David How Reality TV Works). Because reality shows have nothing real hap within them, one cannot help but wonder as to how the producers of such shows manage to alter the cognition of people about the reality of what they are watching and influence them into illiciting an emotion that connects them to the show. Rupel, gives us a perfective tense example of how television and reality shows manages to alter the viewers perception of reality. He explains When I worked on hem in Juice(a show for Disney Channel about kids at summer camp), we faced a major problem with our free boy-girl love story. After weaving this storyline through nine episodes, we were caught flat-footed when our boy Connor had the nerve to son of a bitch his girl, Ste phanie, off-camera We had enough interview bites to explain what happened, but we needed a good visual to make it work... If you project a rerun of the show, you will see a happy Stephanie obliviously bounce up to Connor, who solemnly takes her give-up the ghost and leads her off, as his interview bite explains he needs to end things. With the help of a tender symphony cue, it turned out to be a touching and bittersweet end to our summer romance. The reality Steph walked up to Connor, gushed about his Adidas

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Tyco Corporation Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Tyco Corporation - Case Study ExampleThe incorporate culture at Tyco under the control of Dennis Kozlowski (and previous CEO, Joseph Gaziano) placed huge importance on hard-hitting leadership style and acquisition rate, trying to increase the over solely earnings of the company by elaborateness rather than thrifty and careful planning to increase the profits for shareholders. Additionally, the corporate culture seems to set about promote managers and employees of Tyco to use false or ambiguous story styles to allow the continuing expansion of the company. Using these be styles, as well as the decentralization of the different branches of Tyco meant that the organizational culture of the company under Kozlowski allowed for deception and secrecy in the accounting, misleading investors and diverting funds towards Kozlowski.As previously mentioned, there were several accounting tricks and slights of hand involved in the accounting at Tyco under Kozlowski, and this meant there were several loopholes and several areas which were non being accounted for as they should be in such a company. The fact that these bonuses were not authorized could have meant that Kozlowski could siphon them off into a personal account without any board interference, particularly as all departments worked in semi-isolation and reported to Kozlowski before reporting to the board members.Kozlowski continues to claim innocence to this day, which suggests that he feels that these actions he took were not criminal. Additionally, he claims that the jurors that sentenced him were jealous, presumably because of his large wealth (parts of which were gained through the aforementioned criminal activities). Kozlowski, then, is unrepentant because he claims his innocence, presumably because he feels that as CEO he had just about right to alter or tinge some of the figures to give Tyco a large profit he probably felt that in some way he was benefiting the shareholders during this act, giving hi m a clean conscience.

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Nursery Rhymes Essay Example for Free

Nursery Rhymes EssaySo here I am, really scared and nervous, but heres a secret my silent told me, adults are just as anxious talking in public, the trick is to picture everyone in goofball suits my Apas red nose really suits her.Hmm, my speech is supposed to be humorous and as a 6 year old nothing is more hilarious as old nursery rhymes I squiffy can you really picture a huge egg perched on a wall, and wherefore on earth did the king send his army to help humpty when maybe a chef wouldve done instead. Again, why on earth was the king involved? Then you get insy wincy, for being a spider he wasnt a very bright spark. He firstly climbed up a water spout.. allows see, cloudy daytime, water sprout..rain..light bulb..tingbut no, he goes and climbs up the spout. Again next time enjoyment the wall, he must have been a male, duh.. We pass the old age home every day on our way to school. I always feel sorry for these poor people I mean how can people leave their moms there. But t hen I think close the old women who lived in a shoe.. Now thats really sad, sure do hope its a really big shoe. Nursery rhymes are really silly, but if you cant time them join them.Theres my versionThere was an old womanwho lived in a shoe.The displace was disgustingand smelled like pee-eweThe windows were drafty.The roof was a leaker.But thats what you getWhen you live in a sneaker.Humpty Dumpty sit down in a tree.Humpty Dumpty got stung by a bee.He fell out and hit his head,and like a shot he thinks his name is Fred.The tighty-whity spider went down the waterslide.Got a water wedgie halfway down the ride.Jumped up and screamed and ran about in pain.Now the tighty-whity spider will not do that again.

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F and B Service Essay Example for Free

F and B divine help EssayCurrent Competencies of the TraineeProof of Evidence Required Competencies/ breeding Outcome Training Gaps* Required Modules for Training Duration ( as a solid food and Beverage host Hrs.) TC EC AA NC OTS Knows how to deliver food and beverage to guests. entrust A tie beam to Kitchen and return Areas liaise between kitchen and receipts areas. Clean and clear food attend areas. Provide A Link to Kitchen and Service Areas Liaise between kitchen and service areas. Clean and clear food service areas.Provide A Link to Kitchen and Service Areas Liaising between kitchen and service areas. Cleaning and clearing food service areas. 40 Provide fodder and Beverage Service Prepare dining/restaurant area for service. Prepare and set tables. Welcome customers. mystify and process orders. Serve and clear food and drinks. Close down restaurant/dining area. Provide viands and Beverage Service Prepare dining/restaurant area for service . Prepare and set tables. Welcome customers. occupy and process orders. Serve and clear food and drinks. Close down restaurant/dining area. Provide fare and Beverage Service Preparing dining/restaurant area for service. Preparing and setting tables. Welcoming customers. Taking and processing orders. function and clearing food and drinks. Closing down restaurant/dining area. 160 Provide Room Service Take and process room service orders. Set-up trays and trolleys. Present room service meals and beverages to guests. Present room service accounts. Clear room service areas. Provide Room Service Take and process room service orders. Set-up trays and trolleys. Present room service meals and beverages to guests. Present room service accounts. Clear room service areas. Provide Room Service Taking and processing room service orders. Setting-up trays and trolleys. Presenting room service meals and beverages to guests. Presenting room service accounts. Clear room service areas. 90 Develop and Update Food and Beverage Knowledge query general reading on food and beverage cocktails . Share information with customers. Develop and Update Food and Beverage Knowledge Research general information on food and beverage cocktails . Share information with customers. Develop and Update Food and Beverage Knowledge Researching general information on food and beverage cocktails . Sharing information with customers. 10 LEGEND TC Training Certificate EC Employers Certificate, AA affidavit by an Association, NC National Certificate, OTS Others *Indicate a check mark against the required competencies column to include the readiness gap of the participants.

Western Financial Review Essay Example for Free

Western Financial re imagine EssayIn 21st Century, women stupefy learnt to be at par with men in heterogeneous sectors of playact. Viz. , pilots, engineers, scientists, CEOs and COOs in corporate sector. coasting sector is no exception for women to play a vital purpose in holding huge responsibilities. Gender difference is longer a taboo whereas a entangled and friendly environment began to sustain in corporate culture. All that matters here, how professionally a woman employee performs in working(a) environment which is both rewarding and prospective for a career. For the year 2007, Western Financial look back awarded Outstanding Women depository financial institutioning viz. , Jackie Johnson, Executive Vice president of Community State avow in Edgewood, Iowa, Anne Hofstede, sr. Vice President at United Bankers Bank in Bloomington, Minnesota, Frandsen State Bank in New Ulm, Minnesota, Sharon Berger, Senior Vice President of Human Resources at American Bank Center in Bismarck, N. D, and Cathy Morrissey, Senior Vice President of correspondent canting and area manager for Wells Fargo Bank in Lincoln, Neb.These women have been chosen for the outstanding contribution that has been made to the respective banks in the capacity of respective designations, which is both quite an appealing and inspirational for all aspiring women. Job in a bank is not easy, with the accompaniment that a woman has to equip and participate both at domestic level and at working level which has to be managed efficiently and this has been proved successfully by many women in many corporate areas. The line of credit of managing home and kids as home minister and working in corporate sector is both challenging and the image of women in society is of high esteem in this scenario.Sarah Strong is another successful example in women category who has joined the managerial level in security measure Bank. Sarah has been performing passing well year after year, which is why Sar ah has been promoted three times with high rating which is a commendable performance for a woman. The problems of Sarah began when Sarah was transferred to a host bank in Mexico City where there were only 20 bank employees under the leadership of William Vitam. Sarah has been facing office-politics, for better or worse, confronted with situations which she handled with courage and positive attitude.Security Bank was supposed to intimate Mr. William Vitam about Sarah Strong, degree of work and a clear letter about Sarahs role in Mexico city Bank. This was not performed by Security Bank in spite of the accompaniment that Sarahs contribution to the Security Bank was outstanding. Every bank essential hold corporate loving responsibility towards its employees when its workforce is on transfer or on deputation to other banks, which is a stripped courtesy to take care of employees. Security Bank has violated human rights especially in ignoring the honor of moral philosophy.It is impo rtant to take note here that religion and ethical standards are firm on target is Right because God commands it right. God commands right conduct because it is right(Cyndi Banks). Women who are employed in European and American banks keep open to face all sort of office-politics. A woman who quit a job in a European Bank states One or two European banks in event have an appealing attitude. Women in European banks are facing more problems than in American Banks. There are no flexible working hours for women.The internal and external working environment is governed by organization behavior of a bank, whether it is for Security Bank or for host bank. Each bank must follow organization behavior both externally and internally which was not present in all of banks, whereas unwarranted bossism, office-politics, satire was prevailing in bank. This was certainly not expected from banks particularly, when women are making a huge contribution to the success and growth of banking sector. So me of the effective steps that bank should have undertaken is, to at least arrange for an office-politics adviser for the help of Sarah.Advisers would the situation of Sarah, and advise for a suitable action to continue working in a smooth and better environment. Harassment is basically of two types. The first is existence direct and intentional and the second being quid pro quo which means this for that. Sarah was facing a grim behavior from William Vitam who was on one side appreciating by saying our lady banker my cute assistant and on the other side, created an atmosphere where bank clients refused to seek the help of Sarah for any transaction and in fact bank Sarah began to receive negative marking for no fault.Sarah was in a fix in an unhealthy work environment, wherein the policies of Vitam were also contradictory in arranging uniforms for all women employees. The code of uniform was inappropriate and was demoralizing the engagement of all women employees in bank. With th e above scenario, Sarah must on priority basis consult an expert in office-politics and produce a written complaint against William Vitam, submit written complaint to both Security Bank and Mexican city Bank, with a copy to police department, seeking immediate relief from harassment.This is the first selection for Sarah. The second option for Sarah is, if in case, Sarah is not interested in the advice of a consultant, with the fact that Sarah being a capable and an efficient woman, can seek the intervention of top management in Security Bank explaining in detail about the job situation in Mexican city bank, and submit a resignation letter and consider a written proof of dish out and conduct certificate to incur a better placement elsewhere in another organization.The third option is to release a management article in popular newspaper or a magazine about women employees in banking sectors or contribute an article public forum in which case, a collective decision would acquit the problem of Sarah. As per the above discussion, it can be concluded that both Security Bank and Mexican city bank have violated the rules and regulations of employment and the practice of human resource management.Both the banks do not have sound HR practices and even organizational behavior. One strong evidence for this, could be in the manner Sarah was exploited in bank with which, Sarah was heading towards negative marking in service record. Sarah was entitled to receive an appropriate and considerable greet from Mexican Bank with the kind of services that were rendered to Security Bank in a span of three years. ConclusionBanking sector offers good prospects for women and banking jobs are model for women. Every bank must recognize the services of women employees and must not take an easy-go for the services rendered by women employees. Even the problems faced by women employees must be resolved with the practice of human rights and in view corporate social responsibility.Referen ces Book Cyndi Banks, Criminal Justice Ethics Theory and Practice Accessed December 11, 2007 from http//books. google.com/books? id=kwOHPCNaInoCpg=PA273lpg=PA272ots=L7EbrRCIshdq=ethics+for+women+in+banksie=ISO-8859-1output= hypertext mark-up languagesig=T4fkqmMxxo6Va50kLplGO9CnD5s Influence at Work The 25 Most Powerful Women in Banking Accessed December 11, 2007 from http//www. americanbanker. com/25mpwib/about. html Sandin, Erik (2007) Northwestern Financial Review, 2007 Outstanding women in Banking Accessed December 11, 2007 from http//findarticles. com/p/articles/mi_qa3799/is_20071115/ai_n21124748

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Learning Skills Improvement Service Essay Example for Free

Learning Skills Improvement Service EssayIn my position as a workshop trainer at Deerbolt young offenders institute, the education I deliver for The Manchester College as let on of their Offender Learning is instigateed, monitored and shaped by various dutyal bodies.The purpose of these bodies or sector skills councils leave however they all earn a common goal in ensuring and enriching the quality of education cosmos delivered.LSIS or the learning and skills mitigatement service be such a trunk who umbrella eitherwhere every organisation that delivers qualifications byout the country, and they do exactly what they say on the tin. LSIS improve quality, participation and annex patroniseards in education and training. A lot of their work involves pay offing resources, implementing schemes, sharing delivery aids that improve quality and achievement and tailoring support to learners needs.Colleges and providers helped by LSIS improved by one inspection class at their next inspection. (LSIS ND online)LSIS dont just support the educational improvements though in 2010 they treasure The Manchester College as a Healthy FE college, healthy initiatives offered without the college like loyalty cards, gym memberships and fo below eating schemes aimed to improve the health of students and staff.A nonher group that oversee our work as teachers is the professional be the IFL or the Institute for Learning. Their social occasion is to register everyone practicing as a teacher or trainer in FE on to their database. They promote themselves as supporting professional excellence they aim to increase the stipulation of teachers as professionals, requiring a membership fee and proof of qualifications which is supported by the employer.They also champion the wideness of CPD and require members to provide evidence of this and their direction hours each year. This is seen to keep standards of teaching high, and promote quality and teaching as a profession.Unti l very recently this is how the IFL worked besides due to the loss in government supporting and teachers reluctantly to pay their own subscription the number of state renewing their subscription to the IFL fell by over fractional to just 85,000 signalling a loss of confidence in the body and an end to its presences.For m each teachers and trainers in FE it was seen as a welcomed downfall as many believed the IFL did nothing for them, however now this professional body has collapsed there is no one regulating the qualifications or standard involve to teach in FE which whitethorn lead to competiveness for jobs and or poor standards of teaching and training. These developments seemingly leave only if Ofsted in set up to assess the quality and standards of colleges and the individual teachers.Ofsted would be made responsible for ensuring that FE teachers were appropriately qualified through inspections (TES 30/03/2012 Online)However I see a huge flaw in this method of assessing q uality and knowledge, not every Ofsted inspector can have the depth in knowledge of every subject of every teacher he or she is going to observe. For example if I am teaching bricklaying and Im teaching unacceptable practices how is that inspector meant to know I am teaching the wrong methods? Surely the only way to overcome this problem is to have employed properly qualified teachers and trainers and not just people with some subject knowledge. Now that the IFL is a voluntary body the employers themselves have discretion over this matter. mental synthesis Skills is another(prenominal) organisation that oversee and support the vocational training we deliver in offender learning. They are a massive organisation and have a lot of different strands from providing qualifications, courses and assessment and training support through CSkills as an awarding organisation. They also developing courses and provide support and training to local businesses through being an industry training boa rd.In 2003 Construction Skills were awarded Sector Skills Council stead, this allowed them to deliver valued support crosswise the industry. Their main aims are to help reduce a shortage in specialise skills and help to take a diverse workforce into the industry. They are also involved in improving business act and developing professional standards for tress occupations both trade and professional.The other area that they cover is probably near relevant to my work as a vocational trainer they have a large gossip on the improvement of education for apprenticeships and higher and further education. They achieve this by awarding grants for training, providing businesses with advice on get the opera hat from their work force offering card schemes, recognised qualifications and helping to link college learning with on the job experience. superiorismAs teachers, trainers, tutors or whatever you what to call us in FE we all have more than one hat we wear that makes us a professiona l. The IFL although seemingly no more use to keep everybody who worked as a teacher under the status of a professional. They did this by having in adjust the prerequisite to achieve QTLS or ATLS within five old age of working within the education sector.QTLS stand for qualified teacher learning and skills and ATLS associate teacher learning and skills. Everybody working as a teacher was required to register as one or the other of these statuses depending on your level of teaching qualification, the to the full Cert Ed being a level 5, I myself would have had to apply for QTLS status.However the undermentioned extract suggests that very little teachers working in the sector today have taken out the required status of QTLS/ATLS.Only a small number of lecturers have become fully qualified under the current arrangements between 2,900 (GHK, August 2011) and some 6,000 (IfL submission, 2012). Whilst this number may rise as the five-year watershed approaches, some 85 per cent of FE l ecturers have not embarked on the final supervised practice phase, following the diploma. We do not believe that so slight a result after such a long delay makes this qualification credible as a licence to practise which, properly speaking, should be earned before starting work, as it would be in other professions. (Bis 03/2012 Online)By making this a requirement the IFL aimed at ensuring each individual teacher had the ability to work at the standards expected of a licenced practitioner. To meet this requirement you were expected to submit evidence of your teaching practice, subject and background knowledge, your proceed professional development and your own reflective practice. I feel this was affair approach to the matter They may say the licence to practice should be earned before starting work but the profession of teaching is like no other. Its not really something you can learn out of a set aside you have to get out there and do it then reflect on it, prepare and do it agai n.My personal two hats consist of my subject specialism, Carpentry and Joinery level 3 qualification, and hopefully in a couple of months my Cert Ed teaching qualification. Other training and development also comes into it, like attribute a CSCS card, which is the Construction Skills Certificate Scheme. Another initiative that Construction Skills mentioned earlier are responsible for displace in place. It means you must hold a valid card to work on any building site in the country. To get a card you must pass a construction health and safety test, the cards also state on the back your profession and level of qualification. This is another method of keeping this industry safe, to required standards and professional.Professional formation allows teachers to describe how these standards are evidenced in their teaching practice, along with aspects of subject currency, teaching and learning, reflective practice and planning for continuing professional development. (IFL 11/2008 Online)P rofessional formation isnt just to the highest degree your status or qualifications though. Its a lot about your actions too. As professionals we are expected to present, conduct and discipline ourselves in a particular manor. However with this status we also have the benefits of being rewarded recognition for our work, enhancing collaborations, sharing s well practices and having support and respect from our colleagues, colleges and partnering bodies.The importance of salty in CPPDCPPD or Continuing Personal and Professional Development is something as professionals we should all be doing on a regular basis. It was a requirement of the IFL to record our CPPD hours each year and although a lot of teachers maybe never took this serious it is a good method of keeping in touch with current personal matters and adapting to changing trends.The key thing to remember is that this is not just about completing a enumerate of activities undertaken during the year that add up to 6 or 12 or 30 hours. The time fatigued can be meaningless unless it makes a difference. (IFL 08/2009 online)Education is one such sector that never stands still, the requirement to change and reform is evident and we do this to keep things interesting, relevant and to continually push up standards.From a personal point of view, if Im teaching my subject specialism I want to be a fountain of knowledge in it, I think its important to have good subject knowledge and as I have been out of the trade a couple of years now this is something I aim the address on completion of the Cert Ed.I bequeath look at gaining further qualifications in my subject, or maybe completing an assessors award. I have so far considered going back to construction site work to gain further experience and update my knowledge. ideally being out in the vault of heaven working on actual jobs with students would be the perfect scenario for continually developing myself and I feel this would also benefit the learners immen sely.As for CPPD in my teaching, I aim to sleep with all training events offered, for example we had smart board training at work the other day. I also aim to relish being thrown in at the deep end which regularly happens as a cover tutor. Im lucky in the way my support role at the prison lets me observe a lot of different teachers each week and taking on their good practices and addressing learners needs is excellent CPPD for me.The importance of reflective practiceReflecting on our work as teachers is the best way to develop, its important to have regular teaching practice. We learn valuable things when were in lessons, under oblige and on the spot, however the real learning comes afterwards when we reflect and analyse the session. This is our time to put things serious in our heads and prepare ourselves for the same scenarios the next time.It would be extremely difficult to pre-empt every situation that could pass by and al approximately impossible to prepare for each.teache rs who explore their own teaching through critical reflection develop changes in attitudes and awareness which they believe can benefit their professional growth as teachers, as well as improve the kind of support they provide their students. (tttjournal ND Online)Not only should we be reflecting from our own experiences but its also extremely valuable to reflect on observations, hearing opinions from another persons point of view can really pin point things that may have been frustrating us for weeks.Critical reflective practice is more complex than just reflecting. Its about planning how you will evaluate a lesson or even a CPPD event it is good practice to critically limited review these situations through different peoples points of view. Your colleagues, students, boss, or even a person in the field actually doing what youre teaching or being taught. With this in mind reflection is one of our most important tools.BibliographyBis 03/2012 Professionalism in further education Onl inehttp//www.bis.gov.uk/assets/biscore/further-education-skills/docs/p/12-670-professionalism-in-further-education-interim Accessed 27/05/2012IFL 08/2009 Guidelines for yourcontinuing professionaldevelopment (CPD) onlinehttp//www.ifl.ac.uk/__data/assets/pdf_file/0011/5501/J11734-IfL-CPD-Guidelines-08.09-web-v3.pdf Accessed 12/06/2012IFL 11/2008 Professional Formation Onlinehttp//www.itslifejimbutnotasweknowit.org.uk/files/IfL-professional-formation-overview.pdf Accessed 12/06/2012LSIS ND Our Impact in the Sector Onlinehttp//www.lsis.org.uk/AboutLSIS/LSIS-impact/Pages/default.aspx Accessed 20/06/12TES 30/03/2012 FE professionalism gets radical shake off Online http//www.tes.co.uk/article.aspx?storycode=6202944Accessed 15/04/2012Tttjournal ND Towards Reflective Teaching Onlinehttp//www.tttjournal.co.uk/uploads/file/back_articles/towards_reflective_teaching.pdf Accessed 03/06/12

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The three models of memory Essay Example for Free

The tercet elanls of recollection EssayThe cognitive approach in psychology deals with human thought and mental processes such as warehousing, remembering and problem solving. The cognitive approach is interested in how people take in discipline, how they ment everyy represent it and how they ances movement it. It also looks at how the cultivation is perceived and bear on and how integrated patterns of behaviour occur.Memory is fundamental to our lives, we have to recall who we be, recognise the faces of everyone we meet and remember how to move and communicate. Several places of the direction in which memory is structured and how it functions have been advanced and although there are many differences mingled with the models, they all view memory as a means of treat information. We do not simply constitution information, we carry out some sort of processing as we eliminate, store, organise and reconstruct the information we receive.This information processing oc curs in three stages encoding, storage and retrieval. Encoding involves converting the information we receive from our senses into something that we represent mentally retentiveness involves holding information over a period of time in preparation for when it is needed, and retrieval involves recovering stored information.There are three models of memory one of these is the multi store model. Atkinson and Shiffrin (1968) proposed an influential multi- store model, which suggested that there are three types of information store. The three types of memory stores are the sensory store, the pithy term store and the enormous term store.When a stimulus invades on our senses then the information passed from the sensory store, onto the short term store and then into long term store. Short Term Memory (STM) has an extremely limited power mingled with five and nine. Miller (1956) suggested that the capacity of STM is The Magic Number Seven, Plus or Minus Two. entropy keep be lost very easily if the information is not rehearsed it remains in short term memory for about 20-30 seconds.Long Term Memory (LTM) has an unlimited follow of information which can be store which can last a long time some psychologists believe that memoriesare never truly forgotten from LTM they simply cannot be easily retrieved at will. Also the mode of storage in the LTM is meaning fullness if you understand information you are more than promising to remember it. This is in direct contrast to STM where, if you recall, sound is important, and remembering is much more dependent on precise recall.Atkinson and Shiffrin regarded the stores as the structural components of the model, but also proposed a number of control processes, such as attention, coding and rehearsal, which operate in conjunction with the stores.Not all psychologists consider it useful to distinguish between short term and long term memory. Levels of Processing is one of such model it sees memory as a single dimension ra ther than a series of separate stores. The main principle of this model is that we process information in different ways and the more deeply we process it, the more likely it is to be stored in memory and able to be recalled. According to the levels of processing framework, stimulus information is processed at multiple levels simultaneously depending upon its characteristics.Furthermore, the deeper the processing, the more that will be remembered. For example, information that involves strong visual images or many associations with existing knowledge will be processed at a deeper level. Similarly, information that is cosmos attended to receives more processing than other stimuli/events. The theory also supports the finding that we remember things that are pregnant to us because this requires more processing than meaningless stimuli.Information is more easily readily transferred to LTM if it is considered, mute and related to past memories to gain meaning than if it is merely repe ated. This degree of consideration was termed the depth of processing the deeper information was processed, the longer the memory trace would last.Craik and Lockhart gave three examples of levels at which verbal information could be processed structural level- e.g. merely paying attention to what the linguistic communication look like(shallow processing)Phonetic level- processing the sound of the wordsSemantic level- considering the meaning of words (deep processing).Finally the last model of memory is constructive memory, in contrast to much cognitive research on memory, which focuses on quantitative tests of how many randomly selected digits, words or nonsense syllables can be remembered under strictly controlled conditions, the reconstructive memory approach has tended to concentrate more on qualitative changes in what is remembered, often of more everyday material such as stories, pictures or witnessed events under more natural conditions.In comparison with the level of proce ssing theory, which emphasizes what happens when memories are encoded and stored, the reconstructive memory approach is more concerned with what happens when information is stored and retrieved from memory. bartlett (1932) the pioneer of reconstructive memory argued that people do not passively record memories as exact copies of new information they receive, but actively try and make sense of it in terms of what they already know- a process called effort after meaning. Bartlett proposed that new information may be remembered in a distorted way since memories are fanciful reconstructions of the original information in the light of each individual past experiences and expectations rather than remembering what genuinely happened we may remember what we think should or could have occurred.The three models have both(prenominal) similarities and differences between them both the multi store model, levels of processing theory have many similarities among them. Firstly they both offer ex planations for different types of memory/levels Short term memory in the multi store model is the equivalent to shallow processing in the levels of processing theory and long term memory is equivalent to deeper processing.There is a huge amount ofresearch say for both, Craik and Tulving (1975) did an experiment to show Levels of Processing they proposed that as well as depth of processing determining the extent of long- term memory retention, they amount the processing was also important. Murdoch (1962) and Glanzer and Cunitz did an experiment to show the serial position effect in the multi store model, this serial position effect has been used as evidence that two separate stores are in operation and the words are being retrieved from these two stores. nonetheless a difference is that more evidence has been found for the multi store model than levels of processing theory, Miller (1956) suggested that the capacity of Short term memory TM is The Magic Number Seven, Plus or Minus Tw o. constructive memory also explains different types/levels of memory similar levels of processing theory and the multi store model. However reconstructive memory only explains long term memory and not short term memory, deeper processing is associate to schemata which are mental representations of existing knowledge to make sense of what goes on in the world.

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Heritage, Traditions and Beliefs Essay Example for Free

Heritage, Traditions and Beliefs EssayAll around us, there be distinct cultures, races, and focusings of brio that we interact with. Even with all of the differences, we still somehow manage to live in conformity with individually other. If we think somewhat it, we all live in one place Earth. There are different perspectives and stories as to how it came about. These stories about the earths informant also reflect the different heritages, traditions, and beliefs that we over abbreviate around us. The stories from the Native Americans, Africans, Mayan civilization, scientific origins of manners and the book of propagation from the bible will be discussed in this essay. The Native Americans, called Navajo believe in the powerfulness of the Wind. They believed that life came from the wind. The breath that comes from our mouths gives us life. When the wind stops to blow, our life ends and we die. The Navajo also believes that their ancestors are always with them. The p resence of wind trail on their fingertips shows them their ancestors. They believe that every accompaniment and non-living things are machine-accessible with the power of the wind.The Africans, specifically from the tribe of Yoruba, the people of Nigeria, Togo, and Benin, believe in the supreme being, Olorun and his assistants, Orishas, heavenly entities. David A. Anderson wrote this novel. The story started with Oluron with orishas living in the convulse in a baobab tree. Oluron being a large being allows the orishas to roam around. Obatala, a curious orisha, left the baobab tree and found a spacious empty ocean below the mist. Obatala asked Olorun for permission to go d stimulate to the vast ocean and make something secure in the waters below. Olorun allowed Obatalas request. Before starting his journey, Obatala asked for the help of Orunmila, the orisha seer. She advised Obatala to prepare the following things for his journey a chain of gold, sand, palm nuts, maize, and a sacred egg, which carries the personalities of all the orishas. So Obatala hooked the chain of gold to the sky and climbed down to the vast empty ocean.He went down for seven days and when he reached the end, he waited for the advice of Orunmila to effuse the sand into the water. A vast land was formed from the water. Obatala was still unsure of what to do. The sacred egg, which he hid at bottom his clothes near his heart hatched as Obatalas heart pounded stronger. The Sankofa, a bird bearing the spirit of all the orishas, came out. As it flew around the solidified land, it formed dunes, hills, and lowlands. Eventually, Obatala released the chain and walked in the land that he named Ife. As Obatala explored the land, he scattered the seeds that he brought with him and so plants started to grow. Obatala made images of him out of clay and he was joyful. Olorun, being pleased with what Obatala did, made a fireball for the clay to be cooked and Oloruns breath brought life to the fi gures.The Mayan civilizations story of creation is called the Popol Vuh. The story started with Heart-of-sky, also called Maker, Modeler, Kukulkan, and Hurricane, whom they regarded as the almighty. It was only him who existed and he realized he needed someone to talk about his name and praise him. By mere speaking, earth emerged followed by mountains, trees and land. When Heart-of-sky sees that everything is going well, he created the animals to roam the land.He ordered the animals to praise him, but all they did was make animal sounds, thus he ordered that animals shall go the people, whom he made to praise him. It took Heart-of-sky two attempts to make people, the first was made of mud and was loop-sided and spoke nonsense, and so he decided to let it dissolve away. The second was made from wood. Doll woods were mad, but did non have blood, sweat or minds. They did not respect their creator so flood was casted to the land, it destroyed the homes of the dolls and later on on th ey are called monkeys. Thus, this explains the similar features of monkeys to humans.The scientific origin of life focuses in two main people, that is to say Pasteur and Darwin. With Pasteurs experiments, he supported that God created the earth. He believed that life couldnt arise from nonliving matter. In connector to this, Pasteur believed in the aid of the divine creator. Darwins supposition, on the other hand, states that the first life on earth came from inanimate matter. Another theory was that the earth was an eternal entity according to Iris Fry, a historian of biology. Earth and life being eternal means that it did not come from anything, but it just existed before everything else. Lastly, the term Panspermia, from the Latin word pan meaning all states that sperms of life wanders the universe and takes root at any major planet that meets its living condition. Svante Arrhenius in Sweden promoted this idea. The early idea that life and earth are eternal is outdated. Peopl e started to respect where we came from and thus the idea was lost. Panspermia or Transpermia describes the transfer of life from planet to planet.The story of creation from the book of genesis of the holy bible depicts the seven-day creation of earth by God. Each day was described with the building of different things like, the separation of land and water, animals and humankind creation. On the seventh day, seeing that everything was perfect, God was pleased and so he had a rest that day. It was believed that God made everything on earth He named all creatures in His power and ordered them to follow Adam. It ended when God was pleased with men and eventually gave the Garden of Eden for them to take care of. In comparison of these beliefs, the Native Americans belief with the origin of life is somehow similar with Darwins theory on life. Both stories pointed out that life came from non-living objects.Through the wind, everything came to life and through it people are connected wit h the environment. Similar with Darwin, he believed that inanimate objects are responsible for our existence. Compared to the points discussed earlier, the stories of the Africans, Mayans and the book of genesis all believe in a supreme being, who made everything. Olorun, Heart-of-sky and God, these are the names of each creator. Even with such different titles, they are the same. Their only differences are on the details on how they made life. Each stories started with the divine existence followed by their prime need to create something or someone to worship them. Their stories ended with the creation of their subordinates, people. In summation scientist Pasteur, who made one of the major contributions scientifically, supports the story of creation from the book of genesis.In conclusion, these five stories about lifes origin are somehow interconnected. Each is presented differently. The elements of the stories reflect their culture. After comparing each story with others, it only shows the splendour of our beginning. By knowing the differences and similarities of each, I have come to understand that everyone deserves respect regardless of their origin. The comparison I have made will help me interact better with my future patients because of the culture reflected in each stories.We live in one place, one atmosphere, and one sky and yet each of us has our own belief in life. We came about evolution differently based on the area we live in. To exert each race, tribe and community, we made stories of it, which reflects our culture and traditions. These stories were made so others may understand and respect our way of living.

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A Midsummer Nights Dream Essay Example for Free

A Midsummer Nights Dream EssayWe watched two diverse interpretings of Shakespeares A Midsummer Nights Dream. The low strain we watched was from the BBC. This version showed the dream field mixed in with reality, which was quite a good. The split second version of this add was by channel 4. This was a little less detailed as it showed the forest with lights hanging down. The accents of the actors in the offset printing version were hard to understand beca utilisation they were from all over England. The first version was also hard to understand because the actors did not use very good body language. The first version also good in the way that it make its forest so life like, closely as in the second version it was plain and had doorways in the middle from where people came from. The language use was easier to understand than the second version because the actors used more present English rather than old Shakespeare language. I count on that the second version we watche d was more suited to children rather than adults because it contained childish humour. When Puck gave Bottom a donkeys head it looked quite unrealistic in the first version because it looked like a rabbit.In the second version Bottoms ass head was good because it actually looked a little realistic. In the second version when Bottom and Titania fell in love, I think they went a bit over the book binding with the love scene. The first version of the play showed the dream world mixed with reality because Puck made it easy to see who was in the dream world and who wasnt. The strange thing about the second version was having the little boy as a narrator. I think that may confuse people because they support now added another world to the whole story.There is now reality in the film, the dream world and reality in our world. When the first version showed the play by Bottom and his friends it seemed unpracticed and shabby. The second play showed a little humour by adding people forgetting their lines and the good roaring by the lion. They actually performed on a stage which was more appropriate for the occasion. In the first version they had to perform on the floor. If the actors were do in front of a Duke and a Duchess then the performers should be given a proper performing stage.I think the second version of the play was by far the best because it had purify playing and it showed some humour. In the first version I did not like it how the audience could sense the nominal head of the dream world. After Bottom and his friends had acted I did not understand why Puck had led all of the fairies through the corridors of the house. I think I prefer the second version of the play because I think it is more suited to my age group and plus I understood it a lot better than the first version. This is because it used present English and it used better body language.

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Studying the character of Caliban in The Tempest Essay Example for Free

Studying the character of Caliban in The violent storm Es recordTheres enough wood within,- Caliban (1, 2). Those were the first words of Caliban in one of the William Shakespeargons greatest plays. In e genuinely play of his, thither is al focal points this one character that re every last(predicate)y comes into solicitude and for this play, its Caliban. Calibans character in The Tempest is visualised in such a way it captures the attention of many audiences. He is first sh bear to be a savage who in the subsequently stages, opens up, to non become more monstrous, exactly a con side of meatrate human being. After analysing this play, I have authentic quite a lot of opinions on his character throughout the pay, which I will expand on, in further detail.Commencing with a Tempest, that Prospero conjures up, we can checker that the crew re whollyy has a hard time, as Trinculo and Stephano project overboard. Once the Tempest calms down, Trinculo finds this majestic island where he first meets Caliban. Lo now, lo Here comes a spirit of his to torment me, (2, 2) and alike when Stephano comes in, Do not torment me, I prithee (2, 2). From this, I can establish that Calibans small dismay of Trinculo and Stephano starts here. When he realises that they arent spirits to torment, he soon loosens himself up and swears, These be fine things, and if they not sprites Thats a brave god and bears celestial liquor (2, 2)From this situation, it is evident that Caliban is a individual whose fears does not get in the way of knowing the great unwashed. From what briefly happened, I can tell that he is possibleness minded about people. Claiming that, The spirit torments me, to calling Stephano, A brave God, who in his eyes, offers heavenly beer, takes a someone who can depose. To put trust into people has many great aspects much strength, but in this case, his trust was later taken on as a weakness. The fact he also calls a person he just met, a God, shows tha t he has never been case-hardened with such large-mindedness, as a slight gesture of offering beer turns a butler into a God.However, the respect he eliminates, he doesnt receive. Stephano says, How now, day daydream calf? (2, 2) The words idle calf is not very pleasant, as it way deformed offspring. With this phrase, he is insulting Caliban and his parents, as he came as an ugly child from them. Probably knowing what a moon calf infers, he didnt come posterior with an insult, but replied kindly, Hast gram not dropped from heaven? This is very strange, because if Prospero said that, he would curse him will all the names chthonic the sun. This shows that he respects them dearly and never wants to lose them as masters and/or friends.His respect and trust increases as he later of says, Ill kiss thy foot. Ill swear myself thy subject. When Caliban says this, he is automatically volunteering to become at a cut status than them. He is offering to slave away and in my opinion, this is cowardly behaviour, as he knew that Stephano and Trinculo are petrified of this Monstrous moon calf He could have got the 2 to be his slave, but he didnt. Instead, he obeyed their every command, like for example, kneel when Stephano says, Come on then down and swear. This makes him weak, who doesnt obey Prospero, but like a Puppy headed monster, acts like a loyal, cute puppy towards Stephano.Caliban acts like this because he isnt cut out to be a leader, but a slave. I believe this comes down to his go failing to nurture him in a safe way. Even though he is a monster, he is shown to suffer the same psychological effects as humans. This means that the absence of his mformer(a) to guide him, has change him an awful lot, bringing down his confidence and ability to step up. Sycorax, his mother must have treated him in such a way to make him always feel like he is under everyone. For example, she stole the island Caliban found himself. She then took charge of things straight aw ay, not letting Caliban have a say.In a contrasting side to Caliban, he can be very violent, treacherous and rebellious. His violent side was not shown in the play, but was talked about when he, Prospero and Miranda were talking. In mine own cell till thou didst retardk to violate the honour of my child. (1, 2) The honours of Prosperos child, would have been Mirandas virginity. In the comforts of her own home, Caliban would have raped her. Caliban was really accepted as a part of their family, but he blew it as soon as he attempted to rape her, His sexual attraction towards Miranda, is what make him treacherous.In result to this, Caliban said O ho, O ho Wouldnt have been through Thou didst prevent me I had peopled else this isle with Calibans. Inevitably, he would have raped her and got away with it. nothing could have happened to stop him. And to say that he would have filled the isle with Calibans little monstrous things running about the place, is loathsome behaviour. He also s tarted off by saying O ho, O ho In this context, he is wickedly laughing at the fact that if he did go ahead with the rape, he (like a rapist), would have no remorse.Moreover, he is extremely insulting towards Prospero. On multiple occasions, he takes every chance to take a jab at Prospero. He says things like May the red plague rid you (1, 2) or theater to be a tyrant and many more. The one really long speech that curses Prospero really does give the audience a commodious chunk of Calibans emotions towards Prospero. Teach me how to name the bigger light and how the little that burn by day and night and then I enjoy thee, When he said that, its beautiful how he appreciated how Prospero taught him language. When he said I loved thee, it shows he really loved the old life he had. In my opinion, if someone, even Caliban, loved a person an element of love will always remain within oneself.This tiny crisp of love and happiness quickly morose to anger. Anger is one of Calibans stren gths. Curst be I did so. All the charms of Sycorax, toads, beetles, bats, light on you, Not just anger but regret is shown when he says Curst be I did that so, Here, he came to a realisation that trusting Prospero was a bad idea as he had it all thrown back in his face. All this being felt, he expressed by throwing back what Prospero gave in his face. The teaching of favourable language, he turned to a curse, later on cursing him with his own mother.Analysing those 2 lines, we can see that Caliban is a troubled person who just wants what a human wants. His main wish is respect. All he wants is to be treated with respect just like before. The trouble is Caliban doesnt understand why all the trust in him was lost. This is one part of him that makes people think, he isnt human, even though other parts of his personality is. Using Sycorax in the curse, makes me think about his desperateness for a human body and a normal mother. Deep inside, Caliban must blame his deformed body on his m other, who is so foul she is apply in a curse.When it comes to the ruling system and their stories to the crown, Caliban and Prospero have a similarity. Which first was mine own king, He is here simply saying that he himself was the king of the island until Prospero came along. This is similar to Prosperos story, as he was a usurped king. I think Caliban can empathise with Prospero, but the opposite cant be doneThe reason this cant happen is because Prospero loathes Caliban. Though poisonous slave got by the devil himself, By him getting called a poisonous slave, shows how much he thinks of Caliban. Calling him a poisonous slave, show that all the think Caliban does is cause death and is sent by the devil to do so.Moreover, the devilish thought of him is expanded. He believes that Caliban is a most lying slave, whom stripes may move not kindness, When he says this, he means that Caliban will not listen, or do anything out of kindness, but out of escaping all the whipping he gets. M iranda then responds to this and says Though thou didst learn, had that int which good natures Here, she is telling Prospero and Caliban no matter how much she taught him about manners, he never seemed to learn. Here is where the idea of nature and nurture comes in. Some people would argue, this is down to nurture and how he was raised by his horrible mother.They would blame it all on her as she neglected him to let him abide for himself. This is not what a good mother would do. However, others would argue that this is all down to nature and that some people were born evil. To be born evil, means that they will never learn, they would always be heart little, not portion out about anyone surrounding them, all because the person is selfish. I dont think either of these factors are to blame because I know Caliban has a heart, but he just chooses when and when not to be kind and when and when not to listen.Through kindness, he could explain what he feels to Prospero, but instead plots to have him murdered, alongside Stephano and Trinculo. Ill yield him thee asleep, where thou mayst disaster a nail into his head, This method of death is very gory, showing he is a very violent person, as knocking a nail into ones head involves a huge amount of blood. On the other hand, Caliban may be thinking horrid death methods, but is unable(p) to carry out the murder himself. He explains how he will get Prospero to sleep, but then orders Stephano to knock a nail in his head. There are 2 ways of analysing this, Caliban is mentally weak and doesnt have the capacity to carry any murder out or he still has good attributes towards Prospero, and cant hurt him, as they had a good relationship in the past.In the play, a couple of characters speeches before, he says, Revenge it on him, This shows that he felt as if Prospero put him to sleep, hit a nail into his head and snatched all his freedom away from him. I do feel a bit of pity for Caliban because he cant express his hate throug h talking, not through violence.He however, can express beauty through speech as in Act 3 dig 2 he shows Stephano what is not to be feared of in the island. Be not afeared. The isle is full of noises, sounds and engaging airs that give delight and hurt not, From the first 2 lines of the speech, I can see that Caliban has a soft spot, and really appreciates the joy of nature. Sweet airs that give delight and hurt no one, shows that he knows the true meaning of beauty and delight. He says Will make me sleep again and then in dreaming, then later on The clouds me thought, would open and show riches, This part shows that he has an interest in magic.Influenced by Prospero, I can see that Caliban isnt that earthly, rough monster, but he is a bit of a sky person too. Even though he didnt know that all these beautiful sounds were made by Ariel, he moulds to like this music, getting influenced by Ariels creative poetry, beauty and thinking. Additionally, he says he wants to dream dream abo ut all the fantasies and melodious music. In this 3rd scene, he is not portrayed as a repulse, but a beautiful human who has a deep appreciation for Prosperos magic, music, art and beauty. His depth of attachment to this island is as strong as Prosperos was to his old island. I cried to dream again, is what he says aft(prenominal) and this is very emotive, especially after it came out of Calibans mouth. His crying for it shows he is desperate to dream for beauty and to just dream about that forever.The relationship between Caliban and Prospero is very unstable, because throughout the play, we can see their highs and lows. Even though Caliban can be quite nasty, he really respects Prospero as a leader. Nearing the end of the play, Caliban asks for blessing as if he is still under Prosperos lead. Ay that I will. And Ill be wise hereafter and seek for grace, From this, we can see this experience has educated Caliban into being wise after and to never make a huge mistake again. Seek f or grace shows he is looking for forgiveness and does respect Prospero, even though he shows a lot of hate.In the Tempest, Caliban was mainly portrayed as a monster, but in my opinion, he isnt one. Many people have different opinions of him because if he were to e human, he wouldnt be judges the same. As time passed, his position in hunting lodge changed, due to many historic events. When America was found, places were colonised, changing peoples civil rights. If these rights were to have been there at the time the play was written, William wouldnt have made him look to be this monster, especially after Prospero took the isle off him. Discrimination, and him being a moon calf made people think less of him.This low standard that characters in the play had set for him, forces Caliban to be the savage people said he was leading him to attempt to rape Miranda and attempt to kill Prospero. I cant blame him because I would say he was nurtured in a bad way by his cruel mother Sycorax. As she was a witch, her lifestyle and personality traits, must have influenced Caliban to be the same. He wouldnt have had an cope from her, because he didnt have a father he could rely on. After analysing this, I would say that Caliban is a normal human I dont have the right to judge, because everyone has different circumstances, whether it is a broken family, or society being harsh on a person.

Music Through the Centuries Essay Example for Free

Music Through the Centuries EssayThe flowing between 1400 and 1600 is called the Renaissance period. overly known as the period of rebirth, this period brought out the inventions that make a not bad(p) impact on the lives of people up to the present. The critical and ambitious minds of inventors allow the invention of clock, gunpowder and eyeglasses. Consequently, certain aspects of medical specialty withal changed. Polyphonic and imitation among voices became rampant. The vocals, whose main purpose is to bring forth emotion and meaning in music, were greatly utilized and some pieces of church poetrys were intended for a capella performance. With these, the Renaissnce period acquired the name Golden get on with of A Capella Music. The impact on music was so vast that families for musical instruments develop. Harmony gained meaning(a) attention to the composers who favored blending over contrasting. At the same time, texture became richer because bass was registered for th e first time. about of the famous composers in this era included Josquin Des Prez and Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina. If given the chance to choose a musical composition in this period, I will choose the Ave Maria by Josquin Des Prez.The song is very relaxing and soothing. It has a great combination of overlapping and alternating high and low notes. Vocals are good and an atmosphere of peace and lightness is exemplified as one listens to this music. After the Renaissance comes the Baroque period (1600-1750), which is characterized by splendid, glamorous and lavish government issues on arts, science and music. The idleropy of the altar of St. Peters Basilica was constructed and a number of natural laws were found such as the laws of pressure by Robert Boyle.Modes, which were rampant during the Renaissance and chivalrous period, were replaced with major and minor tonalities. Basso continuo was greatly accepted and used, as well as the teaching of affection, which allows the co mposers to express their feelings freely in music. Composers during this period realized that counterpoint, free use of dissonance, imitative polyphony and discriminatory method are essential in their field of artistry. They showed emphasis on volume, texture and pace in music and frequent usage of basic triads and inversions.At the same time, the composers began to explore the inner ability of music to express human spirits and to depict natural phenomena. Opera in any case flourished because of the Italians desire to recapture the Greek drama where music played an important part. Solo vocalists and the style of homophony were utilzed to help the listeners focus on the pains of the song. Orchestra also began to take shape as string intruments such as violin became dominant. Famous composers that popularized this la-di-da style of music included Johann Sebastian Bach, Antonio Vivaldo, and George Frideric Handel.To name one of the great muscial compositions in this era, I would prefer cantata 80 of Bach. This song is festive-like with good transition of high notes and low notes. The song brings a warm and take aura. This song expresses a high level of emotion as well as a great evidence of how good and hard it is to compose a piece of music. After the Baroque period comes the unequivocal period (1750-1825). During this period, the first edition of Encyclopedia Brittancia was released. The first vaccination was make and the electric battery was invented by Volta.Compared to Baroque music, Classical music has less complicated texture however has far more mannequin and contrast because of the use of words such as pitch, tempo, mood, and timbre. Melody is shorter than the Baroque music but with unmortgaged phrases and cadences. Functional harmony was retained but tended to focus on slow rhytmic harmony. Metric pulses were present but were not emphasized. Moreover, occasional pauses and rhythmic set points were also common. On the other hand, the orchestra continued to develop with an additive section for the woodwind instruments.The same with the opera wherein piano is considered the most inportant intrument in every performance. Great splendor was given on instrumental music, and sonata form was the most important design in this period. Using these styles of music, several(prenominal) composers became known during this period such as Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Ludwig van Beethoven. The Eine Kleine Nachtmusik by Mozart is an adorable and explicitly unique music. hearing to this music, one can feel the notes freely moving across the music sheet.It has charming and rich melodies that made this music a classical favorite not only in the past but also in the present. The joyful, skipping melody made this music enjoyable and light to hear. Classical period was succeeded by the amative period (1825-1900), also known as the Age of Sentimentality. It is during this time that telephone, light bulb, and radio transmissions were developed . In cost of music, there was a simultaneous development of musical extremes. Although basso continuo was totally abandoned, chromaticism flourished and textures were more developed.The virtuosity of the composers were compound and they put emphasis on beauty, elegance, and balance in their compostitions. Music became lyrical with dramatic contrasts in kinetics and pitch. Because this was the period for freedom of design and form, music became thematical. Programme music developed and the idea of nationalism flourished because of the penury to break away from the strong influence of Germany on music. Fryderyk Franciskez Chopin and Franz Schubert were some of the famous composers in this period. The song of Erlking by Schubert is a good example of romantic music.This song is great because it is very enticing and one can feel the energy flowing through the entire piece. The continuous pulsation of notes gives this song a wicked genre. It can be compared to prancing horses that ca n give one this feeling of excitement and curiosity. With the Classical Music declining, newfangled Music became the reigning music in the 1900s. Some of the events that totally changed the history of the world are earthly concern War I and II as well as the Vietnam War. This change had a great effect on how music was viewed during this period.Modern Music focused on treating variety, continuity, and mood. Noise makers such as sirens and typewriters as well as percussion instruments became a vital part in this industry (Thinkquest, 1999). The aim to condition an unusual music resulted to the employment of tongue fluttering and other special techniques. Dissonance is also favorite(a) than consonance,which resulted to a development of fantasy-like, distant, and mystifying music. To gain an impression of imbalance, polyrhythm was employed. Some of the great composers in this era were Claude Debussy and Igor Stravinsky.The antediluvian Voices of Children by George Crumb is a great example of how modern music should sound like. This work is one(prenominal) and mystifying. The music itself is powerful but there is a haunting effect that provokes the listeners to seek for musical images. It stirs up the emotions of the listeners through the tensions placed on the entire musical score. The musics great shimmering echoes and frequent echoing silence and passages made this song my personal favorite. References Thinkquest (1999) Characteristics of 20th Century Music. Retrieved from http//library. thinkquest. org/27927/20%20century_Characteristics. htm