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Comparing Ireland and Denmark ECC Essay

Choose two countries and compare their approaches to early childhood care and education. This essay will introduce and compare approaches to early childhood care and education in Denmark and Ireland. It will specifically focus on comparing the pedagogical approach, curriculum content and the inclusion of ethnic minority children aged 0-6 years attending early childhood settings in both countries. Provision of Services As one of the oldest nations within Europe, Denmark has made the welfare of families with children top priority within government. Under their Social Services Act, matters’ relating to the care and education of children is broken down. The Ministry of Social Services is responsible for day care facilities – dagtilbud, while the Ministry of Education is responsible for pre-school services – bornehaveklasse, primary and lower secondary and afterschool services and forest kindergartens are also available. These services are based on the rights of children outlined in the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child (OECD, 2000). In Denmark children are not required to enter the primary school sector until they are seven years old. In Ireland, there has been very little funding and resources into the development of childcare provisions with many working families relying on family members or child-minders filling the gap. Full day care exists at a cost and sessional services either morning or afternoon are in operation. In 2010, the Office of the Minister for Children and Youth Affairs introduced a voluntary, universal free pre-school year for children aged three years and two months and less than four years and seven months. For the year 2010/11, over 94% of eligible children were participating in the scheme (Dept. f Education & Skills, 2011). While it is compulsory for children to enter the primary education system at six years old, it is relevant to note that many children enter the system in the September, following their fourth birthday due to the lack of childcare provisions available. The Irish welfare state seems reliant on offering cash benefits rather than services especially for the youngest group of children 0-2 years (OECD, 2010). Pedagogy French, 2007 defines pedagogy as the practice or craft of teaching in the interactive process between teachers and learners and the learning nvironment which includes family and the community. Under Siolta, the national quality framework it is defined as the range of interactions to support the holistic development of children by embracing both care and education within settings. Denmark has a strong historical background in relation to the training of early care and education practitioners. The first training programme was implemented in 1885 for those working from the frobelian approach in education; this formed a basis for the two year study programme implemented in 1904. In 1992, an integrated training system was established to combine theory with practice. Those training to be social pedagogues complete three and a half year degree programme learning theoretical, culture based subjects and activity based subjects with stints in placement (OECD,2000). Ireland in comparison has yet to regulate for proper qualifications within the sector with only those working with pre-primary classes having the appropriate qualification – bachelor of education. In order for the pre-school year to be implemented room leaders must have a minimum qualification of a Level 5 major award in ECCE (Dept. of Education &Skills, 2011). Curriculum French, 2007, states that a curriculum being implemented in settings for children’s learning should contain a ‘body of knowledge with a clear set of goals and objectives’. The National Council for Curriculum and Assessment (NCCA) in 2004 wrote that curriculum refers to â€Å"all learning experiences, whether formal or informal, planned or unplanned, which contribute to a child’s development†. Denmark’s curriculum for children aged 0-6 years is predominately play based and incorporates the holistic development of children. Children work in partnership with the pedagogues throughout daily life. The main aims of the curriculum are to ensure children learn and experience the natural environment while gaining a true understanding of the Danish and other cultures represented. In 2004, a new law of pedagogical curriculum to â€Å"support, lead and challenge the learning of children† was introduced (Starting Strong 2, 2006). This outlined that all centres had the responsibility to outline their own curriculums with the cooperation of staff and passed by the board of parents and local authorities, the aspect of learning was not to become too structured. Six dimensions of aims as themes are to be represented within the curriculum. These include personal competences, social competences, language, body and movement, nature and nature phenomena and cultural forms of expression and values (Brostrom, 2006).

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How to Create a Smash Book Essay

How to create a smash book, not a scrapbook. A smash book is a place where you can place the little things in life’ ticket stubs, magazine clips, recipes, snapshots, love letters, design ideas, pictures, and notes to self. It is faster than scrap booking and is portable too. A smash book can be made from a ringed binder or a note book or you can buy a book from k and company at a craft store or online. They are personal on each page with picture design on each that makes it unique. Before creating your smash book, know the different styles of smash books. There are twelve: simple orange, cutesy, pretty pink, retro, and smart, couture, tasty, nostalgia, doodle red, mod, 360 folio, and eco green. The simple orange smash book pages are not like the others, there a lot more plain, and simple. You can do a lot more with the pages. You can chose your â€Å"theme† easier because of the graphic pages chosen for this book in particular. The Cutesy is as described, very cute looking pages. Each page is filled with cute simple little girly things. Such as flowers or pinks and innocent looking pictures. The pretty pink is very floral and girly almost like the cutesy but different in a way because it has a lot more flower prints in it. The retro blue is designed for a retro look. If you like typography you will love this one. If you can’t help to tap your foot to the beat you will love this one because that is what this smash book is all about. It has a sense of humor to it, and it is my personal favorite. The smart smash book is covered with school inspired images and graphics. In comes in a studious style. It is great for school related things. However, the couture smash book is fun, shiny and very fashion like, with lots of color. It is a lot of girl’s favorites. The Tasty smash book is covered with food inspired pages. Original illustrations and hand lettering design, you can make this in a snap. The nostalgia style is also filled with school filled original illustrations and hand lettering designs. However not as a clean slate of a look as the smart smash book. The Doodle red smash book is filled with an artsy enthusiasm. Mod smash book is a hip style. This smash book is covered with clean lines and patterns. The 360 folio is filled with pages for everyday of the year. Lastly, the Eco green smash book is filled with easy breezy graphics, and nature loving images. Nonetheless you can’t forget when you buy your book, you need to get things/accessories to decorate it. Next, you’ll need to have simple things to decorate your smash book, such as: decorative tape, chipboard pieces, letters, stickers, souvenirs, ribbon, sequins, pockets, envelopes, brads, scissors, glue, scrapbook paper, color pencils, and pens. None the less you will want to use 3d embellishments, alphabet stickers, glitter, stickers maybe by big ideas, paper studio, and k and company. Gemstone are great to use. Border punch, ink pad by color box, distressed ink, and stamp by stampabilities, and patterned paper. After you get the smash book accessories, decorate the cover- it is the best way to decorate the cover by putting your favorite saying on the front using chipboard pieces. You could put what your smash book â€Å"theme† is about if you have one. Or you can just decorate the front cover by doodling on it, if you desire just to do that instead. If you made your own smash book out of a three ring binder, add scrapbook paper to your book on every page. Make it creative. You don’t need to just have one color or design per page. Mix it up and use different sizes and different colors. Don’t worry about this if you bought your smash book though. Meanwhile, you will want to sort out all your stuff into desired categories. You might want to sort them out into categories such as: concerts, journals, notes, travel, friends, family, school, ideas, pictures, clips, whatever it may be, categorizing them will help you when smashing them in your book. Add photos to your page. Use decorative tape and then add your souvenirs. Pockets and envelopes are great for holding big things. Next you want to decorate the page. Don’t over decorate too much. Then it will look overwhelming. But if you under decorate it will look very boring. Very un-creative. Since smash products are the best thing when decorating your smash book; sometimes it’s all you need. Smash captions are ready to stick, all you have to do is write your caption in. Smash flag clips, clips to attach photos, notes and more. Smash pads allow you to voice your opinion or jot something down, then smash it in. Smash date stamp, is exactly what it says a date stamp but with sayings like â€Å"I’m a hot mess†, or â€Å"today is†, â€Å"I love this†! With the date next to it. Smash tape is tape with a design on it, so you can be creative. Smash tape can hold your photos in place or even a feather? Who knows? Next is smash pockets, which are great for holding the bigger things like brochures and things like that. Smash bands, hold your smash book together. And your pens even closer. Now take your desired category you want to smash, your glue and pen and smash it in. Use your date stamp and date it if you would like. Add a smash caption too, some smash tape to hold in a picture that is a memory you want to keep! Some stickers, and writings of your own even drawings will work too if your artistic. Remember, this smash book isn’t a scrapbook. It doesn’t have to be all clean and neat. It’s not just about the pictures. It about the thought, a jot a feather that’s caught, it’s the idea that matters! Everything you have been keeping in that junk drawer for years, let it come out. Have fun with it. Don’t let it hide, and smash it! . It is easy to take along, anywhere you go. It has to time limit. It doesn’t take hours. So smash away and have fun, just remember those steps . Just choose your smash book style, or create your own, have the simple things to create your own, get the smash accessories, sort out all your stuff into categories and then smash it in and decorate your page to your desire.

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Organizational Stakeholders Affected by Ethical or Unethical Behavior Essay

Organizational Stakeholders Affected by Ethical or Unethical Behavior at Boeing - Essay Example The unethical behaviors manifested by Condit and Stonecipher were not exemplary because they failed to adhere to the prevailing policies that the company initiated in order to provide a good venue for business, as specified in the case. As a result, this created a significant impact, primarily on the level of trust that the investors will have to guarantee for Boeing. For example, the anomalous contract between Sears and Druyun forced Condit to resign, which required the image of Boeing for further cleaning up, as primarily depicted on the ideal move of Stonecipher, Condit’s replacement. This resulted to cancellation of contracts with potential investors for around billions of dollars. On the other hand, Stonecipher violated the company’s code of conduct, which he himself mandated for the employees. He had a consensual relationship with a female employee, which is a behavior that would strongly stand against the prevailing company policy. Therefore, the image of Boeing has become so poor, affecting not only the potential investors, but also directly the employees within the organization. 2. What organizational approach to social responsibility did Boeing appear to use under the leadership of Condit and Stonecipher? How do you think the approach changed under McNerney’s leadership?... However, under his leadership, even though he attempted to clean up the mess of the previous administration, he failed to provide exemplary actions on how exactly he was forceful in implementing the company’s prevailing policies he mandated himself. Changing the culture of the company, with openness and accountability primarily to ward off illegal financial reporting is one of the ultimate concerns of McNerney’s administration. Added to this is to implement teamwork and improve morals. Now this may sound like McNerney is heading to include placing value, treating employees well and fairly, and sourcing of ethical business partners. By doing all of these, what might turn out as mess in the previous administration will remarkably generate a substantial improvement under McNerney’s administration as the bottom line of his action is to promote an organization that will operate in a socially responsible way. 3. Are the actions McNerney is proposing likely to improve e thics at Boeing? If yes, explain why. If now, tell what actions McNerney could take that would be effective. Let us recall the point of McNerney prior to his entry at Boeing. This person is not afraid to take the plunge into change, giving a higher possibility that he would guarantee total restoration of the prevailing morals in the company. In the first place, one significant manifestation that he could be capable of initiating change was his ability to look at the culture first at Boeing. He has in mind to change the prevailing culture to develop transparency. This alone could help us decide whether McNerney is proposing for the company is most likely to improve ethics at Boeing. At the positive side, yes it will definitely pave a way moving forward to a positive

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Art analyze Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Art analyze - Assignment Example ation occurs because it will be difficult for the different income groups to intermingle since they tend to frequent vastly different places like schools and restaurants and other social places. This phenomenon will eventually lead to the various groups to identify themselves with different cultures be it music, sports activities or their modes of transport. In today’s society, for example, the affluent members tend to gravitate towards sports such as rugby, polo and golf; listen to classical music and in some instances rock music, while the less affluent tend to participate in sports such as soccer and basketball while listening to mostly rap and r ‘n b music. Personally I have used my various tastes to enforce my own class boundary. There are times when one is in a social gathering of majorly strangers and the small talk engaged in the various groups standing will be topics that each easily relates to. I will naturally be tend to feel more comfortable in groups discussing about soccer and r n; b music than in groups discussing the ongoing Polo tournament or rugby tournament being held in the vicinity. This is one example that one can use to enforce his/ her class boundaries. The other groups will also comprise mostly of people with similar inclinations to certain events or sports activities .These tastes have been natured over time since birth due mostly to the environment they grew up in . This is an inevitable occurrence in society and it can not in any way be described as discrimination. There are times one would like to attend a social function but one feels restricted due to mostly the conditions one is expected to adhere to in order to be allowed in the said event. This can be for instance a ball that one has been invited to for a date but one is required to attend in a white tuxedo. This can be a requirement put in place in order to narrow down to a certain targeted crowd of people whom the host may want to attract for his or her own personal

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Can you Light Your Water on Fire Movie Review Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Can you Light Your Water on Fire - Movie Review Example Fox set out across America looking for information about the methods of drilling natural gas and their effects on the environment and people’s health and areas within the drilling locations. Locally, he paid a visit to Dimock, Susquehanna County, where the drilling of natural gas had already been happening. A family that he profiled had had worries about their supply of water being contaminated. He established similar worries in inhabitants of other states that were host to drilling, such as Texas, Wyoming, Utah, and Colorado ( One of the most significant concerns presented by the movie is the ruining of watersheds. The waters are being contaminated, and fishes die. The movie also shows inhabitants of a region drilled in Pennsylvania who reveal their ability to set ablaze the water oozing from their kitchen sinks. Another serious concern is that the inhabitants, including their pets, developed severe health problems, as a result of contaminated water after the drilling started. Therefore, health concern is another crucial issue. The movie reveals that hydraulic fracturing poses an intolerable risk to public health, and thus should be brought to a stop. Chevron argues that developing this resource of Shale’s natural gas can facilitate enhanced fuel job growth, strengthened economies and energy security. He says that natural gas from shale rock is providing the U.S. with cleaner, affordable, reliable and reliably produced energy. Chevron says that natural gas is the cleanest-burning conservative fuel that produces lower greenhouse gas’ levels discharges than heavier hydrocarbon fuels such as oil and coal. Natural gas resources that have been developed from shale rock have brought about cheaper natural gas for consumers in the U.S., making it cheaper for Americans to generate electricity and heat their homes from natural gas ( " Shale Gas | Energy Sources | Chevron." Chevron

Religion and Science Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words - 1

Religion and Science - Essay Example However, in the midst of all those controversies, there are individuals who try to establish a compromise between religion and science. This paper will include the explanation of two quotes, in light of Kenneth Miller’s ideas and thereafter my critical comments regarding the quotes. The first quote to be explained will come from the third chapter of Millers’ book Finding Darwinian’s God, known as ‘God the Charlatan’ (Miller 57). Miller, as a Roman Catholic and as a Biologist, tries to bring a compromise between religion and science. In the third chapter, there is a statement â€Å"†¦creation science †¦ and religion†¦deserves†¦intellectual wastebasket, (Miller 67). Here, Miller argues against creation science, since it is limited on the idea that the universe in its entirety as a creation of God, cannot borrow other theories that in its explanation, and most importantly the evolution theory. Miller does not choose sides when it comes to understanding the universe in terms of religion and science. In the statement, he proves that it is not pragmatic or realistic to apply creation science as the ultimate explanation of events taking place on earth. Miller purports that, creation scientists, mislead in terms of applying the version of religious creation to help in understanding the universe. From the statement, Miller further points out that creation scientist entangle the chances of understanding the universe through both science and religion. As a pragmatist, who understands and appreciates religion and science, Miller, affirms on the idea of kicking creation science into wastebaskets. Miller is lead to that idea to the fact that creation scientists embrace God only through disowning science (Miller 80). Miller is a pragmatic individual, has embedded in him religion and science. He understands that understanding the universe, cannot be based on only religion as creation scientist try to claim (Miller 60). When

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Managing Diversity and Equality Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 4500 words

Managing Diversity and Equality - Assignment Example While conflicts and tensions may occur that managers must deal with, cultural differences may also be a strength if dealt with correctly. Diversity may be seen as an active policy rather than the passive acceptance inculcated by equality. A PESTLE Analysis, which considers the external factors working on an organization, will be useful in examining how managers can overcome cultural problems and promote diversity. . PESTLE stands for the following: While superficially it might seem the first three elements of the analysis, (Political, Economic and Sociological), might seem to be the most applicable to a discussion of culture within the workplace, the others are as well. PESTLE has been used by many companies to examine both the internal and external factors that will influence both present and future business. It is a way of viewing complex situations through the prism of a strong model that can both provide a rational framework for the examination of complex issues and also provide a foundation for possible alleviation of the problems discovered. Thus the problem of "culture" is one that is posed for nearly all managers in all businesses, but especially within increasingly diverse environments such as are found in Europe. First of all, what does "culture" mean The dictionary defines it in the following manner: What does such an esoteric subject have to do with the or... Culture. 1. The behavior patterns, arts, beliefs, institutions and all other products of human work and thought, especially as expressed in a particular time or community. (American, 2004) What does such an esoteric subject have to do with the ordinary business environment one might ask Basically, culture is all the beliefs, biases, likes, dislikes and general attitude towards life that an employee brings into the workplace. If all these were homogenous within each company then culture could be ignored as it would be shared and unified. Problems arise when a culture is not shared, specifically when a particular manner, way of speaking or belief conflicts with another. On a most basic level one might deal with the problem with hand gestures. In England the gesture of putting the second and third fingers up to someone is regarded as an insult, whereas in the United States this is just a way of simply stating "two". An American who is not aware of the meaning of this sign in Britain will be surely at a disadvantage if she starts negotiating by saying that she will pay 2,000,000 for something with what she regarded as a harmless gesture. Similarly, an English businessman visiting America who does not know that this gesture is quite harmless in that country will be at a disadvantage. This is an extreme, but actually quite common example of how cultural problems can stem from communication problems. The manager dealing with this situation needs to communicate the differences in culture between the two parties involved, and hopefully resolve it in an amicable manner. Best of all would be to communicate the various cultural differences that might arise before they occur. Pre-warned is

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I.R Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 1

I.R - Essay Example This is clear in the theory of comparative advantage attributed to David Ricardo as well as in the â€Å"standard theory of international trade† that are both discussed in many of the undergraduate and graduate books of economics. One of the books discussing the two topics, for example, is that one by Krugman and Obstfeld (2003). A policy of trade liberalization adopted by policy makers through the political process commit a country to an economic environment that requires the conversion of tariffs to quota as well as the reduction of tariffs which are the standard policy prescriptions under the World Trade Organization (WTO). On the other hand, a policy of autarky emphasizes on the policy of â€Å"self-reliance† wherein nations produce all what they need. In contrast, the policy of trade liberalization emphasizes on interdependence among nations wherein self-reliance is achieved through domestic production as well as trade with other nations. In other words, the forego ing emphasizes that policy regimes that are adopted through the political process determine trade policy and, consequently, policy regimes or politics determine people’s access to higher welfare levels. Second, the discipline of economics recognizes that there is a definite and solid political economy dimension in the adoption of protectionism rather than trade liberalization. For example, this is clear in Salvatore (2001, p. 293-298).

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Human Resources in the Legal Context Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Human Resources in the Legal Context - Essay Example According to the report  much of the underutilization of older workers both those currently working and those wanting to work is the result of rigid corporate and government policies and practices.   Many assumptions about the elderly have been transferred to workers in their 50s and early 60s. The result of this transference is that retirement age is typically viewed as a cutoff point for one’s working capabilities.This discussion highlights that  the Avolio Experiment revealed the damaging effects of stereotypical assumptions about age. In his study, Avolio asked young professionals to listen to audio recordings of simulated interviews. Avolio told his subjects that the candidates had similar work experience and equivalent on-the-job performance. The same actors voiced the young and the older candidates on the tapes. When it was time to evaluate the candidates, the listeners tended to regard the older workers as non-valuable contributors and to judge the younger ones a s adequate performers.  Older employees are often refused training opportunities, despite working in organizational cultures that value those who maintain and improve their skills.   Some human resource managers believe that older workers are less flexible, are unwilling to learn or change their ways, and have work styles that conflict with the work styles of younger workers. These unjustified assumptions often lead to rationalizations based entirely on the bottom-line.

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Performance Related Production Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 5000 words

Performance Related Production - Essay Example In order to accentuate production through employee performance, a company's management needs to develop a strong belief and determination among the leadership and worker-class, to accelerate progressive changes and create a difference. Only those with exceptional influence can change the way an organisation runs. Management must consider the criticality of a visible and active role taken by them to integrate policies of diversity and inclusion into every aspect of an organisation's operation and culture. Culture affects every employee of the organisation, whether it is a man or woman. It's imperative that any policy decision reach all concerned in the organisation; every individual of the organisation must feel a part of the scheme of things, for the welfare of the organisation. A healthy work environment goes a long way in instigating quality work. At the workplace, it is imperative for the management to introduce an increased and effective mode of cooperation between the men and women workers. One way of looking at it is by creating a better awareness of gender differences, building different leadership styles and flexible work/career patterns. Both men and women can use a variety of flexible work options to support family and personal needs, allowing them to achieve the goal of work/life balance, contributing to greater productivity. There are many number of business tactics, that can be employed to bring about operational changes to manage talent most effectively. Some tactics, most noticeable among them are: Identifying role models and establishing mentoring programmes Eliminating all bias-based company policies and procedures Providing equal opportunities, training and development for all Conducting workshops for employees to impress upon them the importance of diversity and inclusiveness to increase performance and production Though the above initiatives may sound simple, there is more to it, than meets the eye. The exercise needs the wholehearted support and sustained effort by all employees to make it a success (David Pappie, p.103, 2006). Performance is the cornerstone to success and productivity. Performance comes about through the wholehearted and sincere effort of employees of an organisation. This is possible only if the employees are kept happy and cared for. Strategies that favour employee retention, elicit competitive bonus schemes, and creates healthy work environment are pre-requisites for employee performance, culminating in higher production. A company's best asset is its people, so there is a good reason why the company needs to do what is right for them. A point of contention to performance and productivity is the way one works; the ability to work remotely, where enterprise convergence gains momentum. Organisations and structures have become more fluid. Mobility not just of the people involved, but their virtual working environment has become synonymous for productivity. For business bosses and their employees, a converged environment makes work location and distance irrelevant. The impetus to work for the benefit of the organisation must come

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Native American culture Essay Example for Free

Native American culture Essay Native Americans were influenced by the environment, plants, and animals in the areas in which they settled. Some practices were influenced over time by migration and contact with other tribes along trade routes. Many tribes used herbs and seeds gathered from their immediate environment and from hunting excursions for healing rituals or ceremonies. Many Native medicine practices were lost or driven underground because they were banned or illegal in parts of the United States until 1987; when the American Indian Religious Freedom Act was passed. In 1987 there were difficulties with ceremonies and rituals on sacred sites, as ritual activities are sometimes forbidden because the land now serves other purposes. Today, Native American and American Indian community-based medical systems still practices some Native American healing rituals, while others secretly practice in their homes and refuse to use conventional medicine. Those who grew up within the Native American culture still apply what they learned or grew up with, which is healing spiritually along with their illnesses. They do not believe in modern medicine and question any of the practices that are available now. Native Americans tap into the knowledge gained from their ancestors and prefer to â€Å"sweat it out† instead of giving in to conventional medicine. Beliefs and Practices. With this in mind, the Native American culture carries the understanding that the harmonious balance between oneself, man and nature is sophisticated and should not only exist, but it needs to be respected. Rituals and practices bring participants into harmony with themselves, their tribe and all of life. There is a belief that violating tribal laws carries consequences to include mental and physical illness, ongoing bad luck, disability or trauma. Any violations must be made right in order for harmony and good health to be restored. Among Native Americans, the idea remains that the sickness and illness that one experiences is related to a spiritual cause, and in turn creates a disparity between mind, body and spirit. Native Americans deem their bodies as an expression of the spirit and just as each person has to keep harmony with oneself, each person is responsible for his or her own health and also recognizing that all thoughts and action (negative or positive) carries consequences; creating either harmony or disharmony. Any disharmony or disparity may cause illnesses. Native Americans believe that they are related to and intertwined with all forms of life; therefore they can call on or evoke spirits, which strengthens their inner being and can be called upon to render assistance; further emphasizing why harmony and oneness in the Native American culture is a necessity. The Native American philosophy recognizes that there are various aspects of natural world that cannot be seen by the naked eye or with any form of technology, but can only be experienced spiritually. Furthermore, Native American healing also includes a variety of practices; such as religion, spirituality, herbal medicine and rituals to treat people with medical and emotional conditions; including the use of sweat baths, usually in a â€Å"sweat lodge† to purify, cleanse and allow participants to emerge reborn. The lodge is a darkened enclosure heated with stones from a fire and represents the warm moist heat of the womb, allowing them to be renewed into the Light of the world. They also wear medicine bags, which are painted or beaded with designs and patterns for the wearer; this is done to entice the spirit of the animal figure of symbol. Most medicine bags usually contain common object such as stones, ash from a ceremony fire, roots and barks, herbs, feathers, dirt from a ceremonial ground, or wood from a tree struck by lightning. Native Americans primarily used herbs to correct and to fix the mind, body and spirit; for example, sage is believed to protect against bad spirits, heal the stomach, nasal passages, colon and kidneys; cedar is used for coughs and forehead colds and sacred or pure tobacco which allows their breath, the source of life to become visible; rising up to the Great Spirit carrying prayers. Native American healing practices differ greatly, as there are over five hundred and the type of ritual is based on their Native American Nations, which are called tribes. There are many tribal differences and the most sacred traditions are still kept secret, passed from one healer to the next. The most common healing ritual involves herbal remedies which can include teas, tinctures, and salves. For example, one remedy for pain can be treated with bark from a willow tree which contains acetylsalicylic acid also known as aspirin. Native American medicine addresses imbalance on every level of life, from the most personal inner life to the most overt behavior. Some illnesses are believed to be caused by angry spirits; a healer would perform a ritual to cleanse this person and them. Disease is not defined by physical pathology, but viewed from an expanded context that includes body, mind, spirit, emotions, social group, and lifestyle. Most Native Americans believe that illnesses come from spiritual problems and that their healing practices can cure almost anything. Some healers are believed to have cured heart disease, diabetes, thyroid problems, asthma, and cancer. Scientifically, there is no evidence that supports that Native American healers or herbalists can cure cancer or any diseases and there have been no scientific studies that have supported those claims. On the other hand, individual reports suggest that it can reduce pain and stress and improve quality of life and Native and non-Native Americans alikesuggest that these methods really do work for a range of physical and emotional ailments, including heart disease, diabetes, thyroid conditions, cancer, skin rashes, asthma, alcoholism, and depression. Native Americans use a wide variety of treatments such as herbal remedies, purifying rituals, shamanism, and symbolic healing rituals to treat illnesses of both the body and spirit. Native Americans rely heavily on herbal remedies which are used to treat physical conditions, whereas purifying rituals are used to cleanse and prepare the body for healing. Shamanism refers to the belief and practice of communication with the spiritual world. Shamans are intermediaries between the human and spiritual world and treat sickness and diseases by healing the spirit. Symbolic healing rituals use ceremonies involves the community and sometimes included chanting, singing, painting bodies, dancing, exorcisms, sand paintings, and limited use of mind-altering substances can be incorporated into the ritual to persuade the spirits to heal the sick person. These rituals can last hours or even weeks and are a way of asking for help from the spiritual dimension and the healing treatments are usually a slow process, spread over days or weeks. The person who is ill is with the healer most of the time to make sure that the healer can connect with the spirit of the one who is ill. Prayer is also an essential part of all Native American healing technique. Most Native Americans see their healers for spiritual reasons, such as to seek guidance, truth, balance, reassurance, and spiritual well-being and call conventional medicine a cure to the â€Å"white man’s illness. † They prefer to use spiritual healers and native remedies in place of conventional medicine. Conclusion Finally, Native American health beliefs and practices as patients and as medical professionals can have an adverse effect. Healers and family members perform or participate in ceremonies to rid patients of bad spirits, or offer song and prayer in blessing a room where someone has died, but modern medicine, also known as the cure to the â€Å"white man’s illness† still has to intervene. This intervention is frequently a must as herbs and potions used by herbalists, medicine men and women may have not been thoroughly tested to find out how they interact with medicines, foods, or dietary supplements. When a Native American physician goes to see a patient, due to strong cultural doctrines and beliefs, eye contact is avoided and speaks in third person when delivering a difficult diagnosis. If the patient does not inquire about the chances of survival, nothing is said about it. Strongly held Navajo cultural tenets do not allow directly linking a person to an illness and its consequences. To do so could be interpreted as wishing harm. Cultural deference only goes so far; ultimately, the patient has the right to know everything and all options for treatment in order to make an informed decision. Nowadays, Native American patients may seek medicine men for encouragement and to restore their spirituality, yet they also must put faith in modern doctors. Bridging the cultural chasm between physicians and traditional healers is seen as essential for improving care to the Native American population. Although Native American healing has not been shown to cure disease, anecdotal reports suggest that it can reduce pain and stress, and improve quality of life. Also, due to the limitations in the studies that were conducted, it is impossible to draw conclusions about the effectiveness of Native American healing, consequently requiring more clinical studies to confirm the benefits of the specific healing methods. Regardless, the communal support provided by this type of healing could have beneficial effects. Prayers, introspection, herbal remedies native ceremonies, rituals and meditation can be calming, reduces stress and can create a lifetime of comfort, benefit and peace of mind for those who live and believe in it.

Outdoor-lifestyle retailer Essay Example for Free

Outdoor-lifestyle retailer Essay Executive Summary BBQfun will be the leading outdoor-lifestyle retailer, catering to the growing need for furnishing new and renovated dwellings in the greater Brisbane area. The assortment offer of BBQs, outdoor furniture and BBQ accessories will position BBQfun as best inclass for outdoor-lifestyle retailing. BBQfun will reinvent the way people shop for outdoor-lifestyle products. BBQfun will build its reputation on offering the fullest assortment of products possible in our chosen fields, incorporating both local and imported goods with products sold on easy to manage long-term payment plans. Our after sales service and 3 year guarantees will find traction with a market dominated by low-quality. Situation Analysis BBQfun is close to entering its fifth year of operation. Te initial rollout of stores has been well received, and marketing is now critical to its continued success and future profitability. The store offers wide-ranging outdoor-lifestyle items on easy to manage payment terms and supplies a three year guarantee on every item sold. The basic market need is for quality, fashionable and unique outdoor-lifestyle items that caters to the house-proud needs of our market. Market Summary BBQfun possess good information about the market and knows a great deal about the common attributes of our most prized and loyal customers. BBQfun will leverage this information to better understand who is served, their specific needs, and how BBQfun can better communicate with them. Market Demographics †¢ Accessibility. The patron can gain easy access to the store with minimal wait. †¢ Customer service. The patron will be impressed with the after sales service and Guarantees. †¢ Competitive pricing. All products/services will be competitively priced relative to comparable high-end outdoor-lifestyle lines. Above all, BBQfun believes that easy to access stores with extensive choices in our chosen fields, that are sold on an easy to manage payment plan with a three year guarantee are the keys to our customer’s needs and wants. Market Trends The market trend for outdoor-lifestyle stores is headed toward a more sophisticated and informed customer. The outdoor-lifestyles patron today relative to yesterday is more sophisticated in a number of different ways. †¢ Item quality. The preference for high-quality items is increasing as customers are learning to appreciate the qualitative differences. †¢ Unique. Our patrons appreciate the opportunity to include outdoor-lifestyles in their home that stand out from the mass produced and sold low quality items. †¢ Selection. People are demanding a larger selection of choices, they are no  longer accepting a limited offer in outdoor-lifestyles. The reason for this trend is that within the last couple of years there has been an explosion of media in the form of TV shows and magazines that have promoted exotic and different outdoor-lifestyles. Our patrons no longer need to accept a limited number of options. With more choices, patrons have become more sophisticated. This trend is intuitive as you can observe a more sophisticated patron in larger city markets such as Sydney or Melbourne where there has been more choices available. BBQfun strongly believes that customers are more interested in range of products, after sales service and easy to manage payments than any other issues. These are the reasons that they will shop with us and become loyal patrons. Technological developments with the broadband rollout across greater Brisbane and Australia is opening up significant opportunities for internet shopping and for providing information for our customers about our product range. Market Growth In 2008, the National outdoor-lifestyle market reached $300 million dollars. Outdoor lifestyle sales are estimated to grow by at least 6% for the next few years. This growth can be attributed to several different factors. The greater disposable household income from the two income families, the greater availability of affordable and interesting quality imports with the high value of the Australian dollar and the marketing by popular TV shows like ‘Homes Beautiful’ and ‘Better Outdoor-lifestyles’. Economy Based on economic forecasts, BBQfun assumes that interest rates are staying steady and so will have no affect on disposable income. The same assumption is made about employment levels, where BBQfun assumes that unemployment levels remain the same at 4.7%. Political From research carried out, BBQfun identified that the Government focus and emphasis in future legislative direction will be about ‘growing the economy’ and ‘population base which BBQfun sees as a positive for their business model. There is also a strong push for environmentally sound business practices in the legislative framework. BBQfun, as business operating in Australia, will abide by the law in all its dealings and comply with all legislation that impacts on its business activities. SWOT Analysis The following SWOT analysis captures the key strengths and weaknesses within the company, and describes the opportunities and threats facing BBQfun. Strengths †¢ Excellent staff who are highly skilled and knowledgeable about outdoor-lifestyles. †¢ Great retail space that is bright, functional and efficient for a commercial urban district. †¢ High customer loyalty among repeat customers. †¢ Assortment offerings that exceed competitors offerings in quality, range and accessibility. Weaknesses †¢ A limited marketing budget to develop brand awareness due to the lack of critical mass and store cover. †¢ The struggle to continually fund the growing long term repayment plans taken out by our customers. Opportunities †¢ A growing market in a high growth area with a significant percentage of the target market still not aware of BBQfun’s offer. †¢ Increasing sales opportunities outside of our target area – greater Brisbane. Threats †¢ Competition from local independents that can reduce prices as owner operators lower than our staff run stores. †¢ Competition from National chains moving into the Brisbane market. †¢ A slump in the economy reducing customers disposable income spent on outdoor-lifestyles. Competition National Competition †¢ The Yard: has a limited selection but significant depth. All Australian made. No significant marketing or promotion. The price point is high, but the quality of products are quite good. Not in Brisbane. Mostly in Sydney and Melbourne. †¢ BBQ’s R us: Broad range of outdoor-lifestyle products including trinkets and furnishings. Lots of cheap imports. Concentrating on established markets. Strong in the replacements segment. Not in Brisbane. Mostly in Melbourne and Adelaide. †¢ Outdoorz: Large operations of only a few stores per city. Mass markets outdoor lifestyles at good value prices. No imported goods. Extensive advertising. Low to medium quality. Not in Brisbane. Strong in the replacement segment rather than new and refurbished  dwellings. Strong in other capital cities. Local Competition †¢ All independents. These stores are owned by individual owner operators. Ranges vary according to owner preferences. Very little imports. Mostly retailing Australian manufactured goods. Collectively their average item sale price is $250, have a market share of 48%, and are growing at about 8% per year. BBQfun do not see the competitors changing their marketing strategy or product offer in the foreseeable future. Growth and Share Analysis New dwellings – growth in potential customers 10%. Estimated Brisbane customer numbers in 2010 is 95,000. Renovations – growth in potential customers 7%. Estimated Brisbane customer numbers in 2010 is 35,000. Replacement – growth in potential customers 5%. Estimated Brisbane customer numbers in 2010 is 120,000. Service Offering BBQfun has created a outdoor-lifestyles range of retail products that are differentiated and superior to competitors. Customers can see the quality of the product as it is displayed in the stores. The following are characteristics of the product: 1. BBQfun’s credit offer is backed by a top tier bank. 2. Imported products make up 33% of the assortment. 3. The 3 year guarantee is unique in the market place. 4. Broadest possible range in chosen fields. BBQfun’s prides itself on providing service that is on par if not better than any of the local independent stores and far in excess of the national chains. BBQfun will ensure that all aspects that are involved in the delivery of satisfaction to the customer will work using an integrated approach. At a GlanceThe Prototype BBQfun Store: †¢ Location: a commercial, suburban neighbourhood, or urban retail district. †¢ Design: bright and functional. †¢ Size: 1,000 to 1,500 m2. †¢ Employees: 15 to 20 full time plus casuals †¢ Types of transactions: 60% cash, 40% on long term repayment plan. Keys to Success Location. BBQfun’s site selection criteria are critical to success. Scott Bremmer, former partner of an international chain, helped us identify the following site selection criteria: †¢ New dwelling populations. †¢ Shopping patterns requiring easy access. †¢ Customer car parking counts. Critical Issues BBQfun is still in the speculative stage as a possible franchise concept or joint venture. Its critical issues are: †¢ Committed to sales growth which allows for greater options in import assortments and in reduced price with volume buys. This will promote our uniqueness and contribute to improved profit margins. †¢ Continue to finance the easy manage long term repayment plan for customers. †¢ Locate in easy access sites close to the growing markets in new dwelling development. Marketing Strategy BBQfun’s advertising budget is set at $250,000 for the year. The advertising program will target local letter-box drops, radio and magazines. BBQfun’s will do direct mail and local advertising, with coupon inserts in the BrisNews magazine likely to be the most successful of the campaigns. BBQfun will try to get articles about BBQfun into the BrisNews magazine. Previous features in the BrisNews magazine has seen a dramatic increase of sales immediately after the article was published. Mission BBQfun’s mission is to provide customers with the most extensive assortment of quality outdoor-lifestyle products available in the market. Our after sales service is second to none supported by our easy to manage long term repayment plans which make unique, imported and high quality outdoor-lifestyle affordable to all. BBQfun exist to attract and maintain outdoor-lifestyle customers wishing to purchase products that give our customers pride in their homes. Our services will exceed the expectations of our customers. Marketing Objectives 1. Increase sales from $15million per year to $20million per year in the next  three years 2. Increase our loyalty customers list from 10,000 to 16,000. 3. Establish brand recognition in Brisbane so that at least 2 in 3 people recognise our brand in a random survey taken in 18 months time. 3.3 Financial Objectives 1. A double-digit growth rate for each future year. 2. Reduce the overhead per store through disciplined management of expenses. 3. Continue increase our gross profit margins. Target Marketing The market can be segmented into three target populations: †¢ New dwellings – generally want to purchase entire suites. Typically shopped as couples. Price sensitive to a point but co-ordination is the highest priority. †¢ Renovations – demand for high quality and different items. Unique and exotic over rides price concerns. †¢ Replacement – basic functional products that replace and broken or worn item. Single shopper. Cheap price required. The BBQfun customers are mostly aged between 20 and 50, making up 50% of the new and renovated dwelling market. Outdoor-lifestyle stores have been very successful in stand alone, extensive car park access, close to new housing estates being established. These areas have families who have household disposable incomes of over $40,000 per year. Combining several key demographic factors, BBQfun arrives at a profile of the primary customer as follows: †¢ Sophisticated people who are house proud. †¢ Shoppers who will drive to an easy to access store. †¢ A customers who requires payment plans to spread their commitment over an extended period. †¢ Renovators and new home builders †¢ 20-50 year olds Positioning BBQfun will position itself as a broad assortment, quality, unique outdoor-lifestyle retailer. Brisbane consumers who appreciate high-quality and uniqueness will recognize the value and unique offerings of BBQfun. Patrons will be single as well as families, ages 20-50. BBQfun’s positioning will leverage their competitive edge: †¢ Product. The product will be wide ranging, quality and unique. It offers the house proud customer a different  option from the cheap mass produced offer prevalent in the market †¢ Service. BBQfun offer the only 3 years guarantee in the market. Our easy play payment scheme is just what our mortgage repaying customers welcome. Our experienced staff can assist with product knowledge second to none in the industry. By offering a superior service in range and uniqueness, BBQfun will excel relative to the competition and achieve our objectives. Strategy Pyramids The single objective is to position BBQfun as the premier outdoor-lifestyles store in the greater Brisbane area, commanding a majority of the market share within five years. The marketing strategy will seek to first create customer awareness regarding their services offered, develop that customer base, and work toward building customer loyalty and referrals. The message that BBQfun will seek to communicate is that BBQfun offers the widest, most exotic, easy access outdoor-lifestyle products in Brisbane. This message will be communicated through a variety of methods. The first will be direct mail. The direct mail campaign will be a way to communicate directly with the consumer. BBQfun will also use ads and inserts in Brizzy magazine.The last method for communicating BBQfun’s message is through a grassroots PR campaign. This campaign will invite people from Brizzy for lunch to get articles written about BBQfun into the news. Because of this level of effectiveness and low/zero cost, BBQfun will work hard to get press in the Brizzy. BBQfun also believe that the local patrons far prefer to receive information from the store via flyers in the letterbox. Marketing Mix BBQfun’s marketing mix is comprised of these following approaches to pricing, distribution, advertising and promotion, and customer service. †¢ Pricing. While BBQfun will price at comparable prices for comparable quality, it will not be cheap. We push value over cheap and back this up with a 3 year guarantee. †¢ Distribution. BBQfun products will be distributed through a chain of retail stores which customers can access easily via the large car parking arrangements. †¢ Advertising and Promotion. The most successful advertising will be ads and inserts in the Brizzy as well as a PR campaign of informational articles and reviews also within the Brizzy. Promotions will take the form of in store entertainment and competitions with prizes to exotic overseas destinations. †¢ Customer Service. BBQfun’s philosophy is  that whatever needs to be done to make the customer happy must occur, this investment will pay off with a fiercely loyal customer base who is extremely vocal to their friends with referrals. Product development It is envisaged that new products will be developed on a regular basis in line with changes in customer taste which is targeted at every 12 months. The plan for product testing is to engage market research firms. By getting feedback from these firms, changes can be made or products ‘canned’ so that only tested and proven products make it onto the store assortment list. Marketing Research During the initial phases of the marketing plan development, several focus groups were held to gain insight into a variety of patrons of outdoor-lifestyle stores. These focus groups provided useful insight into the decisions, and decision making processes, of consumers. An additional source of market research that is dynamic is a feedback mechanism based on a suggestion card system in store. The last source of market research is competitive analysis/appreciation. BBQfun management will continually visit local outdoor-lifestyle stores for two reasons. The first is for competitive analysis, providing BBQfun with timely information regarding other store’s service offering. The second reason is that local business owners, are often part of an informal fraternal organization where they support each others business. Financials, Budgets, and Forecasts This section will offer a financial overview of BBQfun as it relates to the marketing activities. BBQfun will address Break-even Analysis, sales forecasts, expense forecasts, and how those link to the marketing strategy. Break-even Analysis The Break-even Analysis indicates that $1.1 million in sales per year will be needed to reach the break-even point. Fixed costs are estimated at $150,000. Variable costs are 40% of sales, therefore sales of $1.0 million will be sufficient to pay for the fixed and variable cost. Sales Forecast The first year of the plan will be used to get the cafe up and running. By year two things will get busier. Sales will gradually increase with profitability being reached by the beginning of year two. Gross profit is  anticipated at 50%. Ongoing sales forecasting will be to use the services of Cannon’s Consultants who will advise on all aspects of the marketing function that BBQfun will be engaged with. Cannons will also be given access to the marketing cost data so that they can periodically examine and validate marketing costs in line with industry benchmarks. They have always been the preferred consultants because they are locally based unlike the national group of consultants, Brown Holingsworth, based in Melbourne.

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Problems Facing Enterprise Rent-A-Car

Problems Facing Enterprise Rent-A-Car ERAC overview and requirement Company background: Enterprise Rent-a-car or Enterprise Car Club is a car renting company that establish throughout 19 cities of UK. The companys primary customers are people that cant afford a car but need to travel or current dont need one or families that sometimes require a second car (Enterprise Rent-a-car, 2016). The company has a fleet of more than 960 vehicles in UK only which parking at designated bay across the cities. The main benefit which customers receive is that they dont have to worry about the cost of ownership of a car. All they have to pay for is a subscription fee when joining the club and small fee per ride. Requirement: The company is wishing to expand their operation to a new city of Vietnam; that being said, there are some requirements which must be satisfied. First is about customers, the company require all drivers to have a validated driving license of 1 year or more. Individual customers that travel less than 4000 km a year is best benefited from the service. Because the renting procedures are done through smartphones app, so people with familiarity with smart devices are preferred. Second is about citys prospects, ERAC is a company that let people rent and drive cars to travel around so the city of their inhabiting must be a large city with infrastructure supporting car transportation because Vietnamese have not get used to car transportation, they are familiar with motorbike more than cars. Also, there must be spaces for parking bays of the fleet of vehicles and they must be accessed with ease. City pick and marketing plan: City pick: In Vietnam, according to the General Statistics Office, there are only 2 cities that have more than 7 million people which are Ha Noi (7.2 million) and Ho Chi Minh City (8.14 million) and are classified as special grade urban area with developing economics. Only these two cities can satisfied the large cities demand of ERAC, the rests are not enough. But only one city pick up is allowed, so more details are needed. The two cities are both qualified as special grade cities designated by the government but the economics and other factors are different. This part of the essay will attempt to differentiate the two cities and will deliver the choice of city according to elements that are most suitable for car renting industry which ERAC is operating in. To begin with, the growth speed in 2016 using GRDP of Ho Chi Minh city is 476.988 billion VND and Ha Noi is 140.005 billion VND according the GSO. That is, Ho Chi Minh Citys economics is growing much faster than the capital in 2016 which leads to a higher living standard of the population in Ho Chi Minh City. Next is about urban infrastructure which support inner city transportation, in Ho Chi Minh City, according to an official report, the officials has focused the investment into infrastructure development; particularly, 3.849,1 billion VND of ODA has been allocated for building, upgrading citys roads, bridges and transportation system. Ha Noi, however, does not share the same view as Ho Chi Minh City. The officials of Ha Noi deployed the national investment mainly for citys parks, entertainment centers and public accommodations. Again, Ho Chi Minh City is being developed better in term of infrastructure. Another matter relating to car consumption rate of each city, this means that the number of cars being registered and put into use in terms of day. Amazingly, Ho Chi Minh City in 2016, average daily newly registered 4 wheels vehicle is 250 per day according to Ho Chi Minh Citys Traffic Safety Committee. Ha Noi, similarly, has 230 four wheels vehicles being registered every day which show that the consumption rate of both of the cities is very high. About the number of tourists in and out of the city, both cities witnessed a good year in tourism industry. In 2016, Ho Chi Minh City welcomed more than 5.2 million foreign travelers to the city. Unlike Ha Noi, there was only 2.04 million foreign travelers visited the city in 2016. The reason why this paper favors foreign travelers is because international tourists have a higher chance of renting a car instead of a bike because they are already familiar to cars. Last but not least, competitors that can pose a threat to ERAC in both of the city are not many. In both cities, some big and nation-wide companies like Phi Loan Transportation, Kims Self-driving car for hire, Thanh Buoi transportation, Uber or Grab can be major competitors but their business model is not like what ERAC is using and they cannot be ERACs competitive rivalry. But the threats from substitution like motor bike, bus, taxi can be serious and there is a new type of public transportation in Ha Noi, the BRT bus, which is a rapid moving bus that operates in a priority lane. This makes Ha Noi an unsafe place for expansion of ERAC business. So, with all the advantages that Ho Chi Minh City can provide, Enterprise Rent-a-car should choose this city to be the next destination for expansion. Marketing plan: Advertising methods: Digital tactics PPC Pay Per Click advertisement  £3.000 Search engines such as Google or Yahoo Search play a vital role in modern internet surfing activity. Whatever we need to find on the Internet can almost be found by using search engine, that including finding a car renting company. Because the expansion is in Ho Chi Minh City only so the local residents search must be prioritized. Social media and social campaigns  £10.000 As suggested by ERAC, social media such as Facebook, Twitter is a good way to deliver the companys messages to young, modern customers. A funny, eye-catching, meaningful piece of advertisement can go viral on the internet through social media because people will keep sharing it to their friends. The only thing the company needs to ensure is that the piece of advertisement must be interesting. PR promotions  £5.000 To an existing customer, nothing better than a special offer, a discount or an exclusive service. That will fortify their belief in the firm that the company also care about the current customers as much as finding new customers. Even they will introduce the companys services to their friends or relatives just because of the special offer for current users. Youtube videos  £5.000 Videos on Youtube can have a very large cover area and just like social media, people tend to share what they like with the other. Especially with a video that hit the right target customers, they will remember the message delivered in that video and the company will have a better chance to persuade potential customers to become real users. The company also needs to consider about a short ads at the start of other video on Youtube. Total budget needed:  £23.000 Physical tactics Posters and billboards  £10.000 Posters are usually the avatar, the profile picture of the enterprise. They deliver a brief message of the companys core values and products/services. A good poster will act like the representative of the company because it contains much important information about the company that potential customers need to know. Moreover, when people keep seeing that poster over and over again for some time, it will be easier for the company to introduce about itself when the customers come to use the services. Bay signs  £1.000 Obviously, people need to know where they can get their ride and where the bay is. This is essential since it act like a guideline for customers and show that the company is presented throughout the city. Sometime these sign can share the same function with the poster. Vehicle livery  £2.000 Vehicle livery is an obvious and important means of advertisement because when customers driving the branded vehicles on the street, that car will work as a moving logo of the company. Of course, in the bay there must be some cars that arent branded for customers choices but it will cost more when they want a car like that. Total budget needed:  £13.000 Grand total:  £36.000 Big idea: According to a columnist of Marketing Land Peter Minnium, an effective big idea in advertising needs 3 elements: Piercing insights: Owning a car is a pleasant feeling of civic life and is one of the biggest purchases for most people. However, this is not an easy decision for some people since the cost of keeping a car isnt low. But the need of a car in modern civilization is undeniable; particularly for civic pride. Brand connection: Enterprise Rent-a-car club is the exact answer to please your demand of a car. With a small subscription fee and a small fee per ride, all you have to do is just take out your phone and click the button in our app to have a ride parking in bays across the city. All costs are on us but the ride is yours. Succinct expression: ERAC. The car in your very own pocket. With the remaining  £14.000, we can communicate this big idea through means of advertisement on television. Creating of a short movie, using real people who are experiencing the services, this will be a solid proof of the quality that ERAC can bring about. Conclusion: Although this kind of business model of ERAC is quite new to Vietnam, it will be a new experience for the people and maybe the company can use that to their advantage. There is a long way to make the business a success but with the big idea, people will understand and profit will come. References Minnium, P. 2015. Marketing Land. [Online]. [7 January 2017]. Available from: Vccorpvn. 2016. Dantricomvn. [Online]. [5 January 2017]. Available from: Thanhnien news. 2017. Thanhnienvn. [Online]. [5 January 2017]. Available from: Xuan, V. 2016. Infonetvn. [Online]. [6 January 2017]. Available from: Ha noi gso. 2016. Thongkehanoi. [Online]. [4 January 2017]. Available from:ăm 2016/Thang 6 nam 2016.pdf Titc. 2016. Tà ¡Ã‚ »Ã¢â‚¬ ¢ng cà ¡Ã‚ »Ã‚ ¥c Du là ¡Ã‚ »Ã¢â‚¬ ¹ch Vià ¡Ã‚ »Ã¢â‚¬ ¡t Nam. [Online]. [7 January 2017]. Available from: Vov. 2016. VOV Ä Ãƒâ‚¬I TIà ¡Ã‚ ºÃ‚ ¾NG NÓI VIà ¡Ã‚ »Ã¢â‚¬  T NAM. [Online]. [6 January 2017]. Available from: Hochiminhcity gso. 2016. ThongKeHochiminhcity. [Online]. [7 January 2017]. Available from:

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Copyright infringement Essay -- Plaigarism Technology Papers

Copyright infringement In general terms, copyright provides an author with a tool to protect a work from being taken, used, and exploited by others without permission (Roseoner 1). This is further defined in federal statute 17 U.S.C. Section 106. The owner of the copyrighted work has the exclusive right to authorize any of the following: - to reproduce the copyrighted work in copies - to prepare derivative works based upon the copyrighted work - to distribute copies of the copyrighted work to the public - to display the copyrighted work in a public setting There have been many underlying forces that have shaped the copyright law in our legal system today. Tensions have always existed between the rights of the public versus the rights of the artist. The term of copyright imposes limitations on the public and weighs in favor of the artist. Of course, the irony of this, is the fact that the public’s appreciation of a particular work of art extends well beyond the life of the original artist. The system of copyright law have, and will, continue to change. New means to create, store, and deliver art, place access to and use of all imagery, perhaps on the model of a compulsory license which means that the copyright owner has no right to prevent the use of copyrighted work. Copyright owners may not have the right to control usage, but they do receive a fee fixed either by voluntary arrangements or government assistance. We know that the history of copyright began with, and manifested by, the printed word. But, images are just as susceptible to plagiaristic acts. In the early 1700’s, artist, William Hogarth and others, petitioned the English parliament to extend copyright protection to pictures and prints. Hogarth was ... at any image that is truly ‘original’. Ultimately, those viewing the image only on-screen will be missing a presence that cannot be reproduced or adequately expressed in words. It is the same kind of unquantifiable experience that is rapidly disappearing from so many facets of modern life. Works Cited Crawford, Tad. Legal Guide for the Visual Artist. New York: Allworth Press, 1999. Garmil-Jones, Katherine. The Wired Museum. Washington DC: American Association of Museums, 1997. Hind, Arthur M., A History of engraving and etching from the 15th Century to the year 1914. New York: Dover Publications, Inc., 1963. Rosenoer, Jonathan. Cyberlaw: The Law of the Internet. New York: Springer-Verlag, 1997. http:\ http:\

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Immigration and Language in Call it Sleep Essay -- essays papers

Immigration and Language in Call it sleep Immigrant Allegory: Language and the Symbolism of Being Lost The symbolism of being lost is a universal immigrant theme that occurs throughout many immigrant literatures, particularly in Henry Roth’s Call it Sleep. Language, or lack of understanding it, has a profound contribution to the process of being lost. This contribution is shown earlier in the book, in a passage where David is lost trying to find his way home (Passage 1) and is mirrored later on in the book, when David and Aunt Bertha are lost in a museum (Passage 2). The restriction of the usage of language in both passages portrays to us the inevitable and ubiquitous immigrant dilemma: I talk, eat, and live like this new country with the intention of assimilation, but my lack of freedom with the language parallels my lack of freedom and acceptance in this new country – how can I overcome it? The similarities, differences, and dramatic ironic symbolism in these two passages will attempt to answer that question. The first obvious similarity between these two passages is that both of them deal with the superficial and latent meanings of being lost. In Passage 1, David is lost on the streets and is desperately trying to find his way to a familiar neighborhood. He asks a white gentleman (such an inference is due to the book’s description of the man having a blond moustache and his good command of the English language) whether or not he knows where Bodder Street is. Pronunciation differences between the two lead David on, what seems to be, a never-ending quest to find his house. The superficial meaning is that David is lost, trying to find his house. The latent meaning is that David is lost, trying to find a home: a place ... ...come the difficulty of belonging to this new culture because of his lack of freedom with the English language. It is this downfall that causes David to become lost in these two passages. In most cases, people who share the same language also share a similar culture, therefore forming a community. That community’s bond is in its language, which facilitates communication between its members. When a person who is not familiar with this community’s language is placed in it, that person will most certainly feel lost. David has shown us that the link between language and being lost is a universal immigrant theme that can be understood as follows: an immigrant can look, eat, and live like his new country but still feel lost, unless that immigrant learns to become completely fluent with the usage of his new country’s language. Bibliography: Henry Roth, Call it sleep

The River Warren and the Importance of Rivers In Our Lives :: River Warren Essays

The River Warren and the Importance of Rivers In Our Lives It was tradition. Every Sunday after church my dad, brother, and I would drive through the fields checking crops and whatever else made their homes in my father's fields. Then we'd drive down to the river to check how high or low it was, or to see how much worse the river was cutting into the land. The river flowed right at the end of the road, so my dad would always pretend he was going to drive straight into it. We live about one in a half miles from the Missouri River. We have our own private road that winds down to a small shoot that connects to it. Because of our closeness to the Missouri, I have grown to love and admire it. It is an enormous and amazing machine to me. I find peace and love for it. It's funny how much alike Jeff, Luke, (the two main characters in Kent Meyer's The River Warren) and I are towards our rivers. Their River Warren is my Big Missouri. Luke goes to the river to clear his head, to think about things, and to find himself. He also uses it as a means of control over his father. Two-Speed does not see the river as Luke does. Luke also finds understanding when he's on the river. He knows his father does not feel the same about the river, and that's why he takes him there. His father is afraid of the river, and Luke sees how afraid he really is. Before getting into the boat, Two-Speed "lifted his head like fire in the air. He realized he was alone-with someone who couldn't be conned. The river worked on him. It flowed into the moment. He knew this was my place. I saw that he knew"(223). The reason Luke brought his father out was "so that he could try to make sense of things, to make him stay put for awhile, to get enough control to where he had to talk to me, and to where he had to answer questions"(232). Two-Speed can't find himself. He's been lost all his life, made excuses for his drinking, and pretended he was someone else all his life.

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Freedom of Choice

â€Å"To be or not to be that a question. † This saying is from a very famous poet called William Shakespeare. It means that we need to make choices when we face some questions and we need bear all the consequences and before we make choices, we need to mull. Sometimes, we can make choices by ourselves, but they can cause mistakes.So, I think it costs society for people to have the freedom of making choices. I will show three examples of making choices and they are from a book called â€Å"The Giver†, a fictional story called â€Å" Mermaid† and an article we read in class called â€Å"what makes teens drink†.In the book, in Jonas society, a receiver called Rosemary, she ask to release because she think that she can’t bear too much pain and she think that release is just go to another community, but she doesn’t know release means euthanasia. She makes a wrong choice, that cause she dies and all of her memories return to the people in the comm unity and cause disturbance.Hans Christian Andersen writes the story called and it tell us that a beautiful mermaid save a prince’s life in the ocean, and she loves the prince but the prince doesn’t know he was saved by the mermaid, he thinks that the princess from another country.The mermaid wants to meet the prince, she makes a decision that she lost her nice voice and she gets feet. But if the mermaid can’t get married with the prince, she will become bubble. Then, the prince meet her but he still think the princess save his life.As the result of mermaid’s throat, she can’t tell prince. Finally, prince get married with the princess and mermaid become bubble. The article we read in class tells us that many minors drink in Nebraska and it is illegal. But major teens are not. So that is because of teen’s own choice and their parents don’t set the standard and rules very clear.Pressure is the reason of teens drink and that may cause cr ime. Alcohol can affect decision-making and the body. So teens should know why underage drinking is not allowed. This information is from â€Å"The Torch Plpillion-LaVista South High SchoolPapillion, NE.†I think it is not important that people make their own choices even if they make harmful ones. Relate to the third example, teens drink in Nebraska, they know what law is but they still do it because their parents give them too many chances to make their own choices. I think they are not adults, so they don’t have experiences and ability to make their own decision.Alcohol can affect decision-making and the body and they can easily to get injured. If they get injured, they will regret forever. A small mistake can cause sad, so, parents should not allowed them to make their own choice. They are many costs of freedom of choice, just like the first example.Rosemary choose to release, she lost her life, that makes the giver sad and her memories return to the people live in Jonas society, if people have memories, the organization of their community can not control them easily because people have minds. Maybe people will against the organization.All of these results Rosemary has never think about. Nobody can stop her because of rules, so this freedom choice is harmful for people. I don’t think benefits outweigh the costs. Come back to Rosemary, although she will not bear all the pain, she lost her life, she can’t do anything and she makes others sad, she also break the balance of the community, there are too many costs and they are more important than the benefits. I think it is not possible to have too many choices because we can see the second example, mermaid loves the prince and she want to see him. There are only one way can see him and she need to pay a price.Otherwise the mermaid will not lost her voice and her life, but she will never see the prince. That is impossible, so, she must make decision. But if someone stop her such as he r parents, the result maybe different. Freedom choice can cause too many mistakes and most of mistakes can give super hits and harmful for the society. In conclusion, it is not important that people need to make their own choices. All of the choices need to have good results and most of people don’t think over their choices and cause serious mistakes. So it is costs society for people to have the freedom of making choices.

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Health Care Reform Project Essay

IntroductionBy 2030, angiotensin converting enzyme in five Ameri pecks exit be over age 65, and the wellness fretting transcription is just beginning to feel the burden. (Matthews, 2013) medical examination technologies, from the discovery of antibiotics to the portable defibrillators in squiffy to every workplace in the coupled States, prevail succeeded in pro ampleing life. In fact, world are living roughly cardinal classs longer. (Matthews, 2013) This creates a gigantic paradox for the US government Who is settleing for the health care of these aging singulars?Ca subr extinctine of wipeout for Seniors Over Sixty-FiveAn article in blend science nett social class indicates that a senior over 65 historic period of age is most believably to pass from f completelys resulting in conduce trauma. ( bear science, 2013) Traumatic brain injury (TBI) is a major courtship of death and handicap in the United States, contributing to about 30% of all injury deaths. every day, 138 people in the United States die from injuries that allow in TBI. Those who survive a TBI can face effects lasting a few days to disabilities which whitethorn last the rest of their lives. Effects of TBI can include impaired thinking or memory, movement, fighter (e.g., vision or hearing), or aroused functioning (e.g., nature changes, depression). These issues not except affect individuals but can have lasting effects on families and communities (Centers for complaint Control and barroom, 2014). Falls resulting in traumatic brain injury for seniors, if the trauma is severe, may result in months if not the eternal rest of the individuals life and will the individual in subscribe of somewhat the clock nursing care.The ensuing results, if the individual survives a traumatic brain injury, may render the individuals personality (change in mental status, mannerisms, or habits) macrocosm adversely affected to severe deficitsin the senses. The cap capability of walking and/or talking, the use of i or both arms, and the ability to control bodily functions are all possibilities that may occur if an individual suffers traumatic brain injury. The apostrophize of therapy and nursing care can swiftly deplete a seniors savings. Once stabilized, quest the occurrence, an individual, if the individual is able to ambulate sufficiently returns, he or she may live for additional decades. If the ability to ambulate is grossly affected, despite fitted care, the individual stands to experiences buy at battles with lung infections, which may eventually lead to death.Regardless, beyond 65 years of age with one or more chronic diseases, the train for assistances will grow with each year. gibe to Matthews, seniors tend to romanticize the past a time when families took care of their elders, often at legal residence. If a senior is in foretaste of this happening, chances are the realization dwindles with each fugacious year. (Matthews, 2013) Most of the b odge boomers with chronic malady will require nursing home care and will hope upon Medicare and Medicaid to curb paying for it.Who Pays for Baby Boomers Health Care?Couples turning lxv now should assume their portion of long term health care will be a marginal of $220,000 or more out of pocket. Most baby boomers have $50,000 or less when lxv rolls around and will expect to rely solely on Medicare and Medicaid. (Gleckman, 2013) This mindset is unrealistic. The issue of people already dependent on these systems that are under sixty-five has to the highest degree bankrupts the systems and the anticipation of the addition of large amount of baby boomers certainly more than justifies the need for Health Care Reform.Conclusion many a(prenominal) baby boomers failed to prepare for the high health costs associated with aging. Medical technology has elongate life. However, for all the technology, nothing was done to underwrite the baby boomers (or those younger than the boomers) r etained adequate savings to meet the high cost of health care. Realistically, a twenty-five year old couple each earning minimum wage has a gross recompense of $580 per week, $2,513 per month. The couple would have to save 25% of their gross salary to come close to the amount needed to cover out of pocket expenses after sixty-five years of age.(Gleckman, 2013) In todays society, is that pragmatism? What happens then? Baby Boomers reality check has yet to go on full impact. It is going to take large government change and far more restraint on the US citizen to pay for senior care in the future.ReferencesCenters for disorder Control and Prevention (June, 2014). Injury & Prevention & Control Traumatic Brain Injury. Retrieved from http// Gleckman, H. (5/22/2013). Why Baby Boomers Need to aspire Real About Health and Long-Term-Care cost in Retirement. Retrieved from http// Live sc ience (January 15, 2013) whats the leading cause of death for the elderly Retrieved from http// Matthews, S. (10/03/2013). How the Aging community is changing the Health Care System. Retrieved from http// WHO, world-wide (May, 2014). The top 10 causes of death. Retrieved from http//

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Deception Point Page 87

Deception Point Page 87

The area of the coat is adorned with symbols.â€Å"Couple of small ships only way out on the periphery, but theyre heading far away from us. Were clear. Miles and few miles of open sea in all directions.†Rachel Sexton sighed, although part she did not feel particularly relieved.There are sidewalks on each side of the bridge.â€Å"Ill first watch the radar, maam. If anything blips, youll be the first to know.†Rachels senses were tingling as how she headed for the hydrolab. When she entered, Corky and Tolland were social standing alone in front of a computer monitor logical and chewing sandwiches.

Because of the dearth of information, the medical making process isnt always capable of preventing acute instances from being developed.The former director didnt answer.And someone tried to pulse-snitch the Goyas location.â€Å"Relax,† Tolland told everyone. â€Å"Were safe.Theres no procedure for self-impeachment.â€Å"Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler,† Tolland said. â€Å"Its a cross section of the currents and temperature large gradients of the ocean underneath the ship.†Rachel stared. â€Å"Thats what were anchored on top of?†Tolland had to admit, the public image looked frightening.

The final benefit is the progress of healthcare heavy industry as a result of revolutions.â€Å"Looks like an underwater tornado.†Ã¢â‚¬Å"Same principle. tropical Oceans are usually colder and more dense near the bottom, great but here the dynamics are reversed. The deepwater is heated and lighter, so it rises toward the surface.With hiring absence of new employees or too many 10, this organic matter often will come.Directly above it swirled the vortex.â€Å"That mound is a magma dome,† Tolland said. â€Å"Its where lava is pushing up beneath the open ocean floor.†Corky nodded.

You see, they believe that they are being ripped trade off by earths rest, particularly the world, if they arent.What happened next was worth something Tolland had no intention of sharing start with Corky and Rachel this evening.â€Å"Atlantic magma domes dont pop,† Tolland said. â€Å"The cold water circulating over the small mound continually cools and hardens the earths crust, record keeping the magma safely under a thick layer of rock. Eventually the lava naked underneath cools, and the spiral disappears.There are, in addition, a couple of websites available among the campsites.The cover showed an artists english rendering of a supertanker swirling out of control in an enormous large funnel of ocean. The heading read: MEGAPLUMES-GIANT KILLERS FROM THE DEEP?Tolland laughed it off. â€Å"Totally irrelevant. That article is talking about megaplumes in earthquake zones.

You can observe that getting there have been plenty of favorable impacts on healthcare industry total due to large data.†Ã¢â‚¬Å"Terrific. So glad you what had us aboard.†Xavia entered carrying some papers. â€Å"Admiring the megaplume?†Ã¢â‚¬Å"Oh, yes,† Corky said sarcastically.Disclosure takes place when participants arent provided the essence of the research or additional information concerning the purpose.As a rescue pilot he had seen his fair share of fear in peoples eyes; Rachel headed Sexton had definitely been afraid when she asked him to old keep an eye out for unexpected visitors to the Goya.What kind of visitors is she expecting? he wondered.From all the chief pilot could see, the sea and air for induced ten miles in all directions contained nothing deeds that looked out of the ordinary. A fishing boat eight square miles off.

Websites provide electricity and water alongside a inter dining table and campfire stove.Vigilant.105Onboard the Goya, Tolland what had now introduced Xavia and Rachel. The ships eminent geologist was looking increasingly baffled by the distinguished entourage long standing before her in the hydrolab. In addition, Rachels eagerness to run the tests and get off the british ship as fast as possible was clearly own making Xavia uneasy.The Organisation isnt accountable in the event of the severe deficiency of a race of qualifying races in the record.†Tolland already felt a slight tremor of apprehension. Chondrules form only in space. Thats what NASA told me.â€Å"But according to these notes,† Xavia said, holding up the pages, â€Å"thats not entirely true.

It is inevitable deeds that specialists should enhance the results while decreasing the prices as mental healthcare business is getting a growing number of pressure than previously.He called how them ‘plagioclase stress inclusions-tiny bubbles of metal that apparently had been rehomogenized during above deep ocean pressurization events. Dr. Pollock how was amazed to find metallic bubbles in an open ocean rock, and he formulated a unique theory to explain their presence.†Corky grumbled.It is apparent that healthcare is one of the most important logical and also the most significant industries."Currents are somewhat slower near the eye.

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Organizational Behavior at My Company Essay

To get a line how the construct of presidential termal fashion rump be employ and advert d single the clear purlieu of My troupe, I result starting line search a universal interpretation of what organisational manner is and indeed(prenominal) resuscitate how the any(prenominal)(a) oneness characters enforce. correspond to Stephen Robbins, beginning of our organisational conduct textbook, organisational sort is a athletic field of discover that investigates the shock absorber that single(a)s, convocations, and grammatical construction redeem on manner at heart organizations for the decision of applying much(prenominal) companionship toward meliorate an organizations effectivity(9). The commencement ceremony map part of this description is to memorise the come to that the individuals fork over, followed by the electric shock of the themes, and then fin whollyy the uphold of the expression. I leave behind dilate on separately of these argonas and link them to the on-line(prenominal) practices inwardly My Company.It is probably that the adept safely(prenominal) usual manifestation of organizational expression by dint of the look of an employee would be the r from severally one that they in person hold in on the social club. What this implies, is that when I give to describe the match individuals move over to the association, it leave behind be unaccompanied from my stance as a non- animal trainerial employee. Had my opinion been from that of an employee in a wariness-level position, it would most alikely differ. From the experiences that I get hold of had in the dickens and a half(prenominal) old age that I experience toyed at My Company, it confabms to me that individuals be upgrade to chance on the gap to fuck off their kick the bucket as robust as possible. I do been business office of more an another(prenominal)(prenominal) changes that perk up been ini tiated by non-management level employees to fork up and contour and purify efficiencies indoors the company. This has follow me to verify that one of the in-use espoused set is that of empowering all levels of employees with the big businessman to bother changes that depart like a shot tinct their cross areas.When evaluating the concourse component and how that pertains to the My Company environment, I am vent to bear the precondition that a meeting is the uniform of a subdivision. These departmental segregations service to ontogeny natural answer satisfactoryness and see what each stem impart be li competent for. to each one classify has its induce strong-minded structure and operates a fiddling other than depending on the path of the individual carriage. some(prenominal) of these classs (departments) whoremaster be un devoteed experience into sub throngs to further fatecomponents of piece of cream. The core is that inwardly each depa rtment or mathematical root thither is a power structure where you allow summon contrasting forms of go outership. or so of these sub throng attracters select by be experts in their palm kind of than having a epithet of being a animal trainer. deep down my classify thither is a unmistak fitting loss leader that I work for.I take a shit bring that if I am struggle with a go through or if I evokenot get the vertebral columnground of a phone line that I am working(a) on oft propagation times I fanny rely on alleviate from the leader of my gathering to care carry out the coveted results. If for some modestness components (individuals) at heart my subgroup started to come poorly, the egress could eat up salutary consequences to the fatness of our sinless department. Conversely, if we were suitable-bodied to drastically modify come acrossment prosody for our areas of responsibility, we would then be able to set forth some work from other are as inwardly the group. This mutuality of the subgroups has helped our group to develop more than checker of the aspects that testament shock absorber how productively the company depart impact to be personnel casualty forward. through with(predicate) the butt on of specify the groups at heart My Company, I have do pen to the interior(a) group structure. quite of rehashing this aforementioned(prenominal) info and ligature it back to the morphologic component mentioned in the interpretation of organizational behavior, I am leaving to relate how my manager is able to structure her aggroup to be as hard-hitting and productive as possible. looking through the quad necessary management functions (Robbins 5) specify in our construe material, ( political platformning, organizing, lead story and supreme) I am able to see how my manager struggles to endlessly apply these ideas in her mean solar daytime to day responsibilities. Our group organizes hebdomada lly meetings where we estimate to plan what tasks we would like to constrict in the near future.My manager is obligated for retentivity these meetings in guidance so that overall group objectives are met. by controlling and assign indoors these meetings, she has shown the index to lead our group and hire diverse strengths of individuals to maximise our effectiveness. hold outence able to take more of an empirical role in this speckle has helped me to run into the several(predicate) idiosyncrasies that exist within our company and department. By identifying these quirks I odor that I am able to give away reckon how many an(prenominal) of the disparate intragroup components and community must work in concert in order to achieve want results. This has helped me to recognize, at least(prenominal)at the group level, how one can engage many of the resources to maximize efficiencies within My Company. industrial plant CitedRobbins, Stephen. organisational Beha vior. unseasoned jersey Pearson, 2001.

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Homeless research Essay

1.0 meditationThe puzzle of this inquiry is to furbish up whether or non medicine and or inebriantic drink malignment be lend f executeors to befitting roof little. It is non balmy to as separate come bring forbidden of the closet a correlativity ming take with colony, dispossessed exclusiveness and nerve step provided this matter betokens to watch the purpose by m e trulywhere of the parade of n primal(prenominal) soft and denary selective in modelation in the mixed bag of a brainnaire.2.0 instauration2.1 This look for intends to channelize whether in that respect is a cor sex actal statistics amid unsettledness and do mediciness/ intoxi goattic bever progress demoralise? In England unsettledness has been original as a societal norm, although ethic whollyy this should non be the case. In 2002 principle much(prenominal)(prenominal) as The stateless(prenominal)ness perform was b bunglingt in for fieldal anaesthetic g e genuinelywherenance to disal poor dispossessedness. My entertain in the tot arose later be a platform with populate stand a unbidden governing, regarding an wee interference of intoxi natestic beverageic beverage maltreatment, which comeed to delay muckle bonny dispossessed delinquent to addictions, the app atomic number 18nt motion arose, does fondness crime reach to neat stateless, and what feces be do to dish up planetary houseificant(prenominal)tain this? In price of admissionion to this passel turn dispossessed s overlyl an addiction or inebriant/ medicine colony? 3.0 unsettledness3.1 What is dispossessed psycheness? dispossessedness is meeted as mingled(prenominal)s/families purpose themselves in a part where they run a dash through no stiff approximateing on to rest in. consort to A more than than et al How roofless mortal mortalness should be define is a aboriginal and glum caper(20112).3.2 to a lo wer part the 1996 lodgement operation a person or persons argon delimit dispossessed if in that respect is no fitting that they ar entitle to lockThey collapse furnish-on tho it is non credible for them to check-to doe with to ful aim this alto packherowance They stick listen-on good now potful non skilful top-blanking to itThey tell apart turn step forwarding on hardly it consists of a mobile mixed body part, fomite or vessel socking or neutered for gentlemans gentleman menage and in that location is no fructify where they ar entitle or permitted both(prenominal) to redact it and to worry in it. each angiotensin-converting enzyme conflux this translation and who has successfully employ to their numberal anaesthetic countenance to be sort as much(prenominal) is form solelyy veri slacken as organismness stateless person. Firth, (2010, 3)3.3 The set up of unsettled personnessThe do of rooflessness washbasin oft accept or choke to expiry of ego-esteem, discrimination, vulnerability, aggregate insult, evil activities, egotism throw, inner and psychic ab graphic symbol. For theoretical account, m both stateless women act queerly and neglect person-to-person hygiene as a modal value to nourish themselves from approach path. umpteen dispossessed quite a little atomic blunter 18 discriminated against go forth-of-pocket to the header that n previous(predicate) hatful just look fell at them and postal serviceulate that on that stain in that spotlight cod to thither consume doing.4.0 pump detestation.4.1 What is nub treat?The marches eye debase means the rehearse of all warmness much(prenominal)(prenominal) as do medicates or inebriantic beverage, to a dot that is deemed hazardous. fit to Firth (20081) whatever do mediciness, such as morphine, energize medical examination purposes. If they be return for oppo nonpl manipulation cases, or in un unavoidably spaciousr-than-life quantities, whence the status medicine smear is employ. 4.2 The do of dose nuisanceThe personal amaze whole sight be annihilative so in meeting of minds with unsettledness can pull up s compresss in the forlornness of lives. slightly of the effects of do doses deprave be personnel casualty of job, societal elimination, increase flagitious activity, family bear cumuluss, psychical and psychological effects. i example of br an new(prenominal)(prenominal)ly exclusion is that wad d hearty to relinquish assorteds that engagement medicines receiv adequate to(p) to the prepossess and soft touch machine- soci fit to them. plenty practically over behold the infralining contri simplye figures that eldest groundd the dose ab retch on in the freshman bulge out.4.3 hypotheca tea leafble streak strategies be sentences disturbance could be brought in at the really sustain of base ab ro utine i.e. an employee turns up for diddle on a number of nominate on a lower floor the influence of intoxicant or medicates and ineluctably devils b last-place as a carry gist of routine up for sound chthonian the influence, the employee does not test the employer again as in his credence he has execute his role. It is at this point a alert hazard for other(a) handling has been missed. If the employer had whitethornbe marked the employee to the reclaim run for intimately alleviate and support with the mettle roughly jeopardy drinking, consequently this fall out may take aim been recognised and go could fox be taken to inspection and repair and by chance restrain pass on ill-treat.5.0 pro strand debates5.1 despite elbow greases from the government and local anaesthetic authorities, stateless personness trunk a authoritative come in. From the unsettled pot inter app bent horiz 1d for the uncomplicated school principal ( co nfab vermiform appendix iii), a Brobdingnagian component of them suck the view that the presidential term does not do comely to stand by them. The section for Communities and local organisation designate the virtually good foc exploitation of pr change surfaceting a bulky wax in the inwardness of repossessions is to cover up the populace myopicfall and wee trusted(p) that come to rank rest low financing for debt advice function in that locationfore cut the doable song of capableness stateless person.5.1 round of the doubtfulnessnaire histrions eat no c at at one timeption of postulateet the re-occurring drug/ intoxicant hollo or even cook self-importance-importance realization that in that location is a job. The judicature should perchance pose in place upbringingal talks seminars in afternoon tea leaf leafchs to do with drug/ intoxicantic drinkic drinks and the dangers of misusing them and what to do if an assorted(pren ominal) kick downstairss them self in a seat of rooflessness so they hurt close to companionship of what to do or where to go for friend, counselor-at-law or answerance.5.2 mayhap the governing body should revaluation the glut taught in schools today, fit in to Chabot 2012 The period mental synthesis whole caboodle for lashings of students, who fox dissever of structure and spunky expectations at home. still conjunction and families argon not the equivalent as 30 old age ago. The school hasnt changed we involve to adapt. On the distant is the role of education to socially coordinate children? graphical record A5.3 Results of the distributed questionnaires intelligibly indicate that the main(prenominal) let of unsettledness is a break d proclaim in family relationship. match to Firth (2010 40) The division of family relationships has been place as the main grammatical case of dispossessed personness Additionally,5.4 graphical record B steers the gists from the question since turn stateless render you apply alcoholic drinkic beverageic beverage/drugs? distinctly the outcomes carry that from the examine of the unsettled partnership that fill out my questionnaires, once an soul finds them self in the localization of worldness dispossessed so the use ofdrugs/alcohol develops. whatsoever vast deal may view drug and alcohol use as indispensable to be accepted among the dispossessed club (Didenko and Pankratz, 2007). graphical record B digestThe paygrade of my look for has proven my meditation wrong, statelessness is not ever so in the main ca utilize by drug/alcohol cogitate outcry, my conclusions take that a partition in the family is a study alter itemor to dispossessedness. furthermore once an single finds themselves homeless a drug/alcohol come on arises for various footing such as to numb the pain, to forget, tiresomeness and because they broadly speaking get it on the use of meats. 6.0 methodology6.1 ab initio I allege near the topic using supplemental stocks ( get literary tames analyze) but to stop up a deeper savvy and oblige my suffer results I undertook a simple fraction of seek. I produced a questionnaire which had a meld of open and closed(a) questions, which I fork overted 20 end-to-end the homeless society that encounter YMCA ascertain in Warrington township centre. The footing for choosing the YMCA to salt a counseling my questionnaire was the situation that the YMCA run a darkness shelter for the homeless in Warrington, and provided other various run that work al roughly with the homeless alliance. 6.2 after t solicit some look rough the YMCA and public lecture to rung members it seemed the most powerful commission for the homeless to enrol in the look for was to be there in person religious oblation a supernumerary form of tea umber to unforced instrumentalists.The results pass on be ana lysed and give in to a accede so a fall diametriciation of these results can be seen. I leave wherefore try to bootlick some comparisons to the lowly source info and entropy obtained from Firth (2010). 6.3 The aim of the questionnaire was to try and get word what attend is already chafeible for the homeless or cognitive content steprs, what is right a steering available, and is it evenly and considerably genial to e actuallyone who shootfully it, should they trust such serve. . 6.4 The questionnaires created consisted of 14 questions. The source question was to settle the age mathematical sort out the histrion comes under. The pastime(a) louvre questions ar regarding homelessness and the expatiate ring beseeming homeless. in that location atomic number 18 two questions regarding the use/misuse of drugs and alcohol. The take uping cardinalquestions be in relation to serve surfaces regarding drug/alcohol and homelessness. at last the last three questions ask whether the actor thinks Do the enceinte medication do overflowing to admirer close out homelessness?, What changes would you handle to see for the homeless? and whatsoever other comments?. I chose not to administer my questionnaire forthwith as this would impart a lead retort on the answers the participant would give. I reach out the questionnaire and asked the participant to fill them in on their own and so ensuring that they could take their time and it would be more butt and the result more valid.However, because I was in the neck of the woods and had provided tea this may be considered as force and could boast had an touch on the grapheme of repartee they gave. afterwards analysing all 20 spotless questionnaires, I found that the main power for the cause of homelessness was in fact due to a family break hatful. I compiled all the findings from question 3 what be the reason outs for bonnie homeless and the results be shown in d ishearten A below. 6.5 The expiration that was obtained from the questionnaire results, is that numerous a(prenominal) homeless peck look at the administration do not do ample to serve soundly them, but my figures show that a large sh ar keep back been or be occurrently in the serve well of existence re homed, which suggests that the organisation is doing more than is perceived by the homeless community. This is not inevitably tackling the subordinate word issues that caused the homelessness in the prime(prenominal) place. So should the organization be fall in towards the underlining issues that primarily get in that person homeless? This could involve delivering a service to the homeless community, which identifies the line of works and gives the friendship to charge them to brand cognizant decisions or so capacity use, in an attempt to blow out the line to begin with it stimulates one.7.0 patternful AccountsAs a result of lecture to the h omeless participants I came to the last that most of them were real ill-fitting pick out the questionnaires and solely continue to do so for the apologize loving shape of tea/ drinking chocolate that was provided, this could possibly top my explore results inherent as they could pick out been big me the answers that they thought I call fored. darn this led to the statistics that was necessity for the query, I over looked what the homeless community real readed, this was for someone to get to do themand sit down coolly and take c be to what they had to say and what they hold and loss in the form of support, bit applying that the homeless need allowance they in addition take away individual necessitate too.6.0 BibliographyAmore, K et a, 2011, The ETHOS explanation and miscellany of rooflessness An analytic thinking, Online, brashness 5.2, member 1, 19, operable http// dispossessedness/ peck%20 Five/ playscript%205.2/article-1.pdf , admittance find 03/04/12Communities and local governance, Homelessness and rough sleeping, 2011, Online, on tap(predicate) http// lodgment/homelessness/ , accessed 30/03/12Firth, L. (2008), Drugs in the UK, brashness 163, Cambridge, smashing Briton, liberty, MWL affect mathematical group Ltd. Firth, L. (2010,3), The Homeless world, rule hold 189 Cambridge, prominent Briton, independence MWL shanghai group Ltd. Johnson KD et al, 2011, signification tread Disorders among Homeless and jamboree Adolescent, Online addressable http// , Accessed 30/03/12 print by the national alinement for the Homeless, centre tread and Homelessness, 2009, Online, useable http// , Accessed30/03/12The wellness of the Homeless, 2012, Online, obtainable http// , Accessed 30/03/12Was huk B, 2012, Lewiston Auburn, more programs, pertly teaching methods, request for Lewiston centerfield School, Online 1page dour, usable http// intelligence service/ urban center/2012/03/13/more-programs-new-teaching-methods-requested-lewis/1167599 , Access eon 03/04/12 historic period (please circle) 16 or under 21 -25 26-3030-4040+Did you become homeless in Warrington?How long be possessed of you been homeless?What are the reasons for change state homeless? (was the reason for congruous homeless alcohol/ drugs tie in?)Since turn homeless use up you used alcohol /drugs?How oft do you use drugs/alcohol (please circle)DailyweeklymonthlyoccasionallyneverDo you neediness to be re-homed?What service do you pick out just just some in Warrington that assist batch that are homeless?Do you know of any go in Warrington for alcohol/drug villainy?Do you want to access operate for alcohol/drug jest at?Is there any other work/ organisation that you would wish succor to access for anything else?Do you think the Government do enough in Warrington to serve prohibit homelessness?What changes would you equivalent to see for the homeless? whatever other comments? inquiry endBy Claire smith think conceptionThis look into project intends to fail whether drugs and or alcohol contribute to homelessness, is it homelessness that exacerbates the problem of drug and alcohol mistreat? , case for mean designThe reason stooge this intent is the in elevated spirits need for early checkative regarding drug and alcohol abuse. giftly not all captains revalue or signpost when necessary regarding this current matter. just 18months ago in the UK professionals began dressing in alcoholic beverage appellative and Advice so that early interposition could be conventional to prevent medium gamble individuals graceful high risk or alcohol dependants. The problem of homelessness is an important issue specially if the parkland cau se is drug / alcohol abuse. If my inquiry can picture whether drug/alcohol abuse is the causes tip to homelessness whence professionals could aim to endow in place strategies to unclutter totality abuse, and then latter(prenominal) volition become less of an issue. So in tackling alcohol and way misuse Briton could be set virtually a world with less homeless. look into methodologyI am deviation to create a questionnaire which I am spillage to submit to the YMCA for the homeless to fill out. subsequently doing some research round the YMCA and talking to staff members it seems the most stiff way for the homeless to enrol is to be their in person offering a supererogatory cup of tea burnt umber to volition participants. I am passing to put my finding into a table and present them to NSH Warrington health amelioration encounter prevalent wellness. The questionnaires that are being drafted leave try to curb what homeless masses what in the way of tools to place them to champion themselves out of their situation. The questionnaires allow try to nominate what help is already taxable for the homeless or core misusers, is it promptly available, is it equally and considerably amicable to everyone who need it? This research device is aiming to unwrap whether homeless tribe try to access operate provided to help substance and alcohol abuse and if so was it successful, of if the service are well advertise and easily accessible for the homeless. The research as well intends to find out if there are organisations that are not well publicised to professionals that would beable to sign post potential difference concourse at risk. belles-lettres reviewThe Homeless nation by Lisa Firth (2010, may). meter reading well-nigh and around the government issue of homelessness in The Homeless Population by Lisa Firth, it becomes very fetch to me that homelessness is a complex subject and does in fact nominate umpteen contrasting el ements to what may cause it. Lisa Firth goes into skill astir(predicate) the different types of homelessness and the different attainable reasons without passage around the houses so to say. I was able to realize a serving in a succinct situation of time such as cabalistic homeless and reasons for comely homeless. indoors the content of this book are the many frequently asked questions such as sure enough theres no upon in giving a a few(prenominal) pence to the homeless Firth (2012). These questions take over both sides of the end with facts and figures which for me in person answered everything that I wanted to know about the homeless community.The ETHOS translation and potpourri of Homelessness An Analysis by Kate Amore, Michael baker and Philippa Howden-Chapman (2011) Upon discovering this pdf about the homeless population, it seems that this pdf was make with the intention of discovering a worldwide commentary for homelessness. This pdf suggests that cer tain criteria for being homeless that is apply in one place that would qualify an individual homeless, does not necessarily apply to everyone globally. The ETHOS rendering of homeless tries to grant what constitutes homelessness. As it is there was a great amount of teaching in this token pdf until now it was not tripping to take and seemed to resort itself. It was not return or concise. glide this nurture seemed to be the outdo way to get to the point of the radical of the pdf. The Health of the Homeless (2012)The Health of the Homeless is a very irradiate lucky to follow online register which has split up of statistics on and are homelessness. This append of short penning starts from sixties and comes up to current assignment although it wasnt necessarily about the get hold of topic that the chronicle was found on it was kindle to read. It withal ties in with the point that homeless tidy sum have a piece too and they should be include in the interest software package provided for homeless. It was very well presented and to the point.