Friday, March 15, 2019

Cyberculture and the Future of Print :: Technology Writing Technological Papers

The technology that is available to the ordinary today is mind-blowing. In my lifetime alone, I have seen astounding scientific progress from the home computer to the DVD player, to truly surreal medical checkup breakthroughs. A new era is taking hold of society. We are faster, smash educated, richer, and livelonger. All of these things whoremaster be attributed to the technological advances that have occurred within the subsist fifty years. Thanks to the modern marvels of our time, we shtup watch big-screen quality movies in our own homes, brew an awesome cup of French espresso without leaving the kitchen, and precooled stillcommunicate with someone in China, without ever picking up the call up or using a pen.Although electronic mail (a.k.a. e-mail) is in general used, at least in societies perception, for quick (and therefore not abominably important) conversations, I believe email has an important role precisely because it gets unblock of the quick and unimportant details before face-to-face communicating can take place. Allowing the face-to-face communication to focus more on significant issues. Erin Karper, a graduate student at Purdue University, bring outs this about an interview she conducted with a fellow studentYes, I think email is important. I think that it allows us to prepare in advance for face-to-face meetings by allowing battalion to count on the conversation in a written mode, perhaps more conservatively and well stated compared with the time-limited, real-time, face-to-face group discourse. So, what I am tellI think email is important because it allows for pre-meeting communication that is of a variant constitution in terms of turn taking, temporality, and so forth. This different nature allows for more participation and more diverse modes of communication centering upon a given issue. I am not a knowledgeable drug user of technology nor can I even claim to be an businesslike one, but some technology I admit I cant live without such as Microsoft word and, my best friend, emailthough I use it for personal and educational correspondence not nearly as fancy as Erin and her colleagues. Im a busy person, and dont have time for face-to-face communication with my friends and family, and I definitely dont have the time to write and mail a letter. Email is an excellent alternative to face-to-face meetings, phone calls, and letters. I can describe important details of my day to people who mean the most to me, or I can update a classmate on upcoming assignments.

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