Sunday, February 17, 2019

Examining Educational Theorists and Current Practice Today Essay

Examining Educational Theorists and Current Practice TodayAbstractThis musical composition names three educational theorists, Benjamin Bloom, Jean Piaget, and Lev Vygotsky, and seeks to examine their around well-known theories. These are namely, Blooms Taxonomy of Educational Objectives, Piagets Stages of cognitive Development, and Vygotskys Zone of Proximal Development. Each theory is briefly explained and thence compared and contrasted with the other theories. Lastly, the author reflects on the practical application of these theories in a classroom setting, discussing how these philosophies fit into the authors current practice. Can anyone with a thought, idea, or theory ab off a topic be considered a theorist? Those who are trunkally named as theorists in educated circles have the appearance _or_ semblance to be battalion who have spent time pondering a particular subject, topic, or issue and then shared his or her thoughts with others of that field, at last following up with testing and outlet. In that same vein, are not those who study and work in those fields, albeit perhaps unpublished and unrecognized, pondering the familiar workings of that field also considered theorists? When it comes to education, there are those who through publication have shared their theories regarding its purposes, processes, effects, etc, and then there are those who perform its infallible tasks daily. The latter learn about the former as part of undergraduate courses in education but are seldom asked to carry out these theories farther than a pencil-paper test. This graduate level course has asked, in the form of this paper, for students who are at work in the field of education to survey several of these theorists, comparing and contrasting their pu... ...onal Bureau of Education. Vol XXX, No. 3., C. (n.d.) Psychology account statement Lev Semyonovich Vygotsky http/ / business relationship/vygotsky.htmMajor categories in the taxonomy of educational objectives (Bloom, 1956). http// encyclopedia of marxism glossary of people vy (Vygotsky, Lev.)., F. (n.d.) Psychology history Jean Piaget. http//, R. (2002, March). Vygotsky and language acquisition., L. (2000, November). A brief biography of Jean Piaget. The Jean Piaget club society for the study of knowledge and development.

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