Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Essay --

The lava lamp was created in the 60s by Edward Craven Walker (Kleinman). The lamp contained a colorful cover surrounded by clear liquid and was powered by a readable source. When the wax was heated, it would rise to the top and when it was farther away from the light source, the wax would cool and fall back to the bottom of the lamp. Throughout the years, throng have still been captivated by the colorful reaction and many a(prenominal) have tried to make their own home do version of the lamp. subsequently researching this subject and investigating the different ways to approach this project, I also decided to try to recreate a lava lamp made from ho maphold items. being the curious person that I am, which method would work best? not being sure, I decided to do three different types of lava lamps. The graduation (A) will be made with table salt. The second (B) will use with vinegar and baking soda and the last (C) will be made using Alka-Seltzer. In Experiment A (Qwertas1 243), you will have salt, vegetable oil, a clear plastic bottle, food coloring and water. You will need gloves, if you are not careful beca...

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