Monday, December 31, 2018

Medicare Never Pay Events Essay

Medic be is currently the main(a) health care in authorizedr of the elderly in the United States of America. Medicare, which is funded by the federal government, pay providers $444 nebion dollars in 2008 for health care expenses (National health care and Medicare Spending, 2010). Due to enormous expenses, Medicare implemented changes during 2008 to alter persevering of safety and reduce cost by eliminating reimbursement to those who provide unsafe care.Medicare designed a disputation of neer events. These are events Medicare will not reimburse, and the provider cannot bill the enduring for the service. All providers receiving Medicare reimbursement have make themselves very familiar with the list describe by Medicare. Failure to adhere to the list of never events would lead a installation into bankruptcy and out of business. The list includes revile site surgery, retention of foreign object, dying or deterioration with intravascular air embolism epoch in a health c are facility, infant discharged to wrong person, patient conclusion or disability associated with patient disappearance for more than cardinal hours, patient self-annihilation or attempted suicide resulting in serious disability temporary hookup being cared for in a health care facility, death or disability cod to medication computer error, death or disability due to incompatible blood products, death or disability associated with hypoglycemia plot being cared for in a healthcare facility, stage three or four pressure ulcers acquired after admission to a healthcare facility, and sexual assault while on the grounds of a healthcare facility (Torrey, 2011). Basically, never events are incidents that should never happen to anyone, and if they do neither Medicare nor the patient will be financially responsible. Thus, change magnitude accountability to the providing facility.Medicare Reimbursement and Nurse RetentionMedicare reimbursement affects she-goat retention by reducing t ax revenue that could be allocated into budgets for pay increases, benefits, supplies, continuing education, and recruitment. In addition, keep in mind the emphasize associated with staff being aware of the pricey event and the injury sustained by the individual and family. Furthermore, many of these issues are sure to stimulate legal action. Decreased budgets and additive stress factors definitely decrease nurses seniority with a facility.ReferencesTorrey, T., (2011). What is a medical error? Retrieved from http// National healthcare and Medicare spending. (2010). Retrieved from http//

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