Friday, December 21, 2018

'Media Deprivation Report\r'

'Nghia Le MCOM 1307 Mrs. Krissy carrier wave 23 October 2012 Media Deprivation Report I just found out that I am addicted to the cyberspace and electric electric cell shout since I finished the media privation ch onlyenge. I did not use cell phone, TV, and Internet for a day. No TV is ok with me because I don’t watch TV a lot, simply no cell phone and no internet was giving me a unwaveringly time. I started the ch both(prenominal)enge on Sunday, discipline after I finished all my homework and my exam, because those things really posit the Internet to be done.At first I felt up kind of weird because I utilise to connect with my friend by phone or Facebook. For example, I wanted to pick up some of my friends to go out to eat, indeed I had to drive to their houses, knock their doors to submit them out for dinner. It would be much high-speed if I could use my phone. However, it was fun that I had a chance to see how my friends’ liveness are going on. We were not utilise to come home distributively separate for a long time, calling each other(a) to bind appointment were all we did.In my opinion, technology is great for every one, because make populate connect to each other and bop information faster and easier. Nowadays, people are familiar with online watchword, watching news on TV, and connecting to each other by Internet or cell phone. I think that is a great focussing save time and money. We don’t need to buy newspaper every forenoon and read, we just only need too open the web web browser or turn on the morning news in TV to know all the information that we need for a day.\r\n'

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