Thursday, December 27, 2018

'Different Thinking Between Generations Essay\r'

'Young bulk commonly hark back antitheticly than honest-to-god hatful. Each coevals doesn’t mobilize the like trend in their values, their goals, their fears, or their hopes. I always rich person to beseech with my pargonnts when we turn in diametric sound offing. It seems that older sight always think negatively well-nigh modern peck’s ideas. They put one across’t call for to change because they concord n ever so experience those ideas in their novel life. I some cartridge holders feel self-conscious and misunderstand my parents’ thinking. In my idea, each generation has their throw thinking to the highest degree the undetermined as spiritedness to vanquishher without marriage, perusal at nurture, and living style.\r\nOlder people are very strict some the topic: living to engenderher without marriage, notwithstanding four-year-old people think that is the way to find out the go around espouse person for their life. For example, a woman was punished if she was caught that living with a man who wasn’t her husband. My parents think that is the bad girl. Everybody stayed away from her because she did the worst things ever in the social’ standards. Now is different because I think that is normal. Most of my friends are living with their boy/girl-friends in the same house nowadays. In the modern world, young people are much concentrating on finding their perfect half, so they belong together before getting hook up with to know each other well. I heard most couples were getting married with people logical for them in the past. Now, we have freedom in thinking, so young people want to find their best spouses more than living with the person arranged from their parents. The difference in thinking about this subject always makes me to feel quarrelsome with my parents.\r\nIn the past, older people operose on themeing at school, provided young people apply’t think they willing successful in future by going to school only. For example, my parents and I always have differences in thinking about my studying. They always want me to finish my college quickly and get good grades to find a good job. I tried to convince them that most companies nowadays require more experience than a degree from college. I know the splendor of getting business degree which will give me a shot to apply for a large corporation. If I bust’t have any experiences in business, I can’t fountainhead the job interview even I have good grade at school.\r\nIn my parents’ era, the economy was stable and developed, so most of the companies wanted to hire more people. They cared about quantity more than quality, so they didn’t put many requirements for hiring employers. Now, time changes because the economic is going down to the utmost level. All of the companies are hiring only experienced and skilled employers. That is the reason for me to work and study ha lf and half. My parents don’t score that and they keep expecting me to finish my study to get a job. That is their only thinking, and we always have a fight every time when my parents talk about this subject, because of the difference in thinking surrounded by my parents and me.\r\nThe biggest difference between young people and older people is living style. My parents and I have different thinking about using property for living. In my parents’ past, my country had a contend and has just gotten independence since 1975. Everybody was poor and starveling, my parents worked secure to earn coin when they were very young. They learnt that bringing money is very important because they unavoidable to survive during the country’s wakeless time. At my time, the country is developing and the inn was improved.\r\nPeople make more money than before, but my parents still keep their own thinking that they should keep back money as much as they can. When I exceed money on shopping, hanging out, or playing games, they blame me that I am wasting money. I explained many quantify that the country is developing, and my parents should spend more money to enjoy their life. They don’t think that is good idea and keep dictum to me that I need to save money.\r\nIn contrast, each generation has difference in thinking from each other in any subject. My parents always remind me to get a good wife and shouldn’t live with other girls if I don’t plan to marry her. They usually complain me that I should study tight and finish my study, and they often warn me to save money. In my opinion, I think differently because my parents’ thoughts are no longer fit to the modern world.\r\n'

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