Saturday, February 8, 2014

Transcultural Paper

Healthc be Practices and Beliefs in the Amish Community Una Ashun Rasmussen College Authors discover This research is world submitted on November 6, 2011, for Mrs. Berdette Reuers PN115 Nursing 1 course. The Amish communities are prevalent in all of the fall in States. Health Care practices and beliefs in the Amish community are cold way more divers(prenominal) than any other last beliefs. healthcare professionals should respect the ain beliefs of their patients and should be knowledgeable about practices within the Amish community in entrap to pass on the trump care. Recognizing the beliefs of this unique and peaceful culture will enable you as health care providers to provide better care. In this composing I will concentrate on on the Amish culture, and their beliefs regarding health, and their uses of the sept and modern healthcare system. The Amish heap are usually cognise as plain people. This is because they are of a Christian denomination that t races its roots back to Northern Europe. Their ancestors emigrated in the 1700s to sidestep religious harassment (Walsh, 2010) According to Walsh, the U.S. nose count in 2000, confirmed that more than 200,000 Amish live in the United States and Canada, with the legal age of the community living in Ohio, Pennsylvania and inch (Walsh, 2010). The Amish people are a strong swearr of God. The Amish believe that the body is a creation of God. They believe that God doesnt permit diseases or illness that he doesnt offer up a means to conquer. The Amish practice values, such as liberty and modesty, and they shed strong sense of community and work ethic. nigh tact of Amish everyday lives are the same as those of nineteenth vitamin C rural life. Their main source of income comes from agriculture. The Amish women did the domestic chores, akin reproduction the children, taking care of the gardens and barn raising, preparing meals and doing the laundry. Amish women also gu ide to value their homes and take their rol! es...If you want to get a effective essay, order it on our website:

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