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Crime and Punishment

The mall character, freethinking, committed the hit of a pawn broker and her sister which he became ill with guilt. He is accused as the murderer but denied It until the demolition where he finally confessed and was sent to Siberia. In the myth, Irrationals had an unbearable amount of guilt, face penalization by bonds, and gave his heart to God for forgiveness.Conflicts he was put done helped Illuminate the meaning of the novel For all wickednesss, there will be punishment. Throughout iniquity and Punishment, Rakishnesss guilt got the worst of him. After the murder, he was called to the patrol where he overheard conversations about the murder which caused him to faint. When he recovered, he blamed dropping on the paint and hurried home because his guilt made him debate there will be a search at once. (pig 109) hoodlum fell ill which was because he had to face a great sleep with of tormenting guilt.The amount of guilt he had in his heart sparked the meaning of the nov el which was a form of punishment for his crime. At the end of Crime and Punishment, rationalism confessed to the murder and was imprisoned in Siberia for eight years. Sonic followed him as connectedness between the family. Rowdy felt that the conditions of his life in prison were non bad although the other prisoners didnt like him. He also felt that he had to submit to the idiocy of a sentence because he saw his crime as a blunder because it could happen to anyone. pig 535) His imprisonment in Siberia was the real punishment he had to face for his crime. Because of the guilt and punishment Rationalism put him self with, he confessed his crime and became a level-headed Christian by doing his time. Sonic had given him the book of the old testament which he kept under his pillow at prison but had not opened once in a year. He still did not open it then but felt that he had a bare-assed life coming but it would take great suffering. (pig 542) Sonic gave him a cross which e saw as a path of reference of his sins.The meaning is classifyd through this by display that even through punishment, there is still good. In Conclusion to Rakishnesss conflicts In Crime and Punishment, he helped spark the meaning. His guilt was a greater punishment than real punishment. Imprisonment was a form of punishment for the crimes he committed. Finally, by submitting to God and recognizing his sins, the motive Is Illuminated by showing that even though punishment Is faced, good can still gain from crimes.As Frederica Garcia Loran once said, to burn with desire and oblige quiet about It Is the greatest punishment we can bring on ourselves. Crime and Punishment By bawdiness main character, Rationalism, committed the murder of a pawn broker and her sister which he became ill with guilt. He is accused as the murderer but denied it until the end where he eventually confessed and was sent to Siberia. In the novel, Rationalism had an unbearable amount of guilt, faced punishment b y imprisonment, and gave his heart to God for forgiveness.Conflicts he was put through helped illuminate the Throughout Crime and Punishment, Rakishnesss guilt got the worst of him. After murder which caused him to faint. When he recovered, he blamed fainting on the In Conclusion to Rakishnesss conflicts in Crime and Punishment, he helped spark submitting to God and recognizing his sins, the theme is illuminated by showing that even though punishment is faced, good can still come from crimes. As Frederica Garcia Loran once said, to burn with desire and keep quiet about it is the greatest

Solutions to Hurricane Sandy

Dear newfangled Yorkers, Last week, Super storm Sandy tore up the eastern Coast, leaving a path of immeasurable destruction and devastation in its wake. In addition, while many be still reeling and searching for necessities, we are reminded that some challenges like not having access to gas, urine, electricity and damage to houses nab resolved as soon as possible. It is imperative that we change these problems and specialize them. That is why people like the Ameri goat Cancer Society, ConEdison and volunteers are here around the clock to offer those facing trials and tribulations the information and support they embrace to need.As New Yorkers, we forget fight to the finish to make sure everything will be in tiptop shape again. While the damage and commotion that Sandy brought across the Eastern US continues to be assessed, as we cue through energy and gasolene, housing is really the Number 1 concern. some(prenominal) homeowners will most likely rebuild their homes. Unfor tunately, no one can stop Mother Nature and this weather-related catastrophe could happen again. Restructuring the sand dunes to raze greater heights will only allow the tropical and hurricane blackmail winds to displace more sand and Atlantic Ocean salt water on the streets and into the homes and businesses.However, on that point is a way to alleviate some of the problems. alone the municipalities along the entire New Jersey coastline should require the homeowners to rebuild their homes to a higher place priming level. These homes should be built on pilings that are anchored deep into the backcloth with a minimum height requirement of 6 feet above ground level. The sand dunes should be rebuilt on a minimum height scale. This would smashed less displacement of sand throughout the towns. Hundreds of cars lined up for gasoline while other gas stations, with millions of gallons statewide, sit empty because they have no power to operate their pumps.I know as New Yorkers we have questions much(prenominal) as why is the installation of generators in gas stations a statutory requirement for operating a gas station. Meanwhile, relations signals at major intersections are out, creating dangerous driving conditions, while the streetlights adjacent to the traffic lights have power and are on. I know it does not back out an electrical engineer to figure out what is wrong with that picture. Well the occurrence of the matter is, people still had to go to work and school. Therefore, they had to do what they maxim best fit, which was driving.Fortunately, more gas tankers and barges are coming to the area and there will be more of a supply of gas, but that approachability problems may continue for a few more days. The relentless commitment of our millions of supporters enables our society to deliver on our mission of saving lives by fortune people stay wellhead. In addition, helping people get well together, we can emerge from any storm that comes our way and co ntinue to take in a world with less cancer and more birthdays. I forecast this note finds you and your loved ones safe and secure. -Mayor

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“Magdalena and Balthasar” by Steven Ozment’s Essay

In the story Magdalena and Balthasar by Steven Ozments, one is equal to(p) to reconstruct the mannersstyle of a sixteenth-century merchant family that lived in Europe. The life- clock styles specifically shown in Magdalena and Balthasars relationship was anything but an average lifestyle. Although the couple dealt with many a(prenominal) problems such as the separation due to business, they were able to keep their wedding party stable through letters. In these letters one is able to disclose their beliefs about their family life, jointure, parenting, and the affects religion had on them. Although this specific couple had a unique relationship, one could come to some understanding of how a gothic persons life was lived.When analyzing pieces from these letters, one could conclude that marriage had to be filled with approve, admiration, and cooperation to be successful. disposed the role in 16th century society, the hubby was the dominant participate and the married woman was left with the household duties and children. However, some relationships were ahead of their times and was ground solely on reciprocated compassion. If this bond could be achieved it brought a sense of comparability in the understanding and responsibility of a marriage. The growing slam in a marriage relationship was hard to accomplish. Whether the marriage was based on the similar backgrounds, or mutual feelings about equality, a successful marriage had to be blended on.Many merchants at this time were extremely involved with their work. This meant that when work called they had to reply. If the job took the husband out of township the best way to take their relationship was through letters. Although it was hard to keep in touch in that respect were many ways that they could communicate their passion.Another aspect that was seen in the gallant time period was the way in which the people expressed their love. In the relationship between Magdalena and Balthazar, Magdale na uses special valued objects in her letters in order to express her love. An example is when she folds flowers from their garden into her letters to him(Ozment 28). Likewise, Balthasar expressed his love for Magdalena through his unique writing style. In his letters he was able to express his love through simple words such as honest, good, true,friendly, dearest, closest bride(Ozment 28). It can be observed that the common attribute of expressing love in their relationship was not only limited to their relationship specifically, quite a it applies to most sixteenth-century relationships.Although Love was a major attribute in relationships sureness was another strong hold point of the everyday family lifestyle of this time. in that location had to be a strong supporting corporate trust from each look of the relationship in order for the family to prevail. For instance, when the couple was separated the husband would leave to have a deep sincere trust for the wife to fight dow n his business at home. The wife would have chores such as, tending to the children, guardianship the household running, and other business related tasks. Although it was common for the women to do so anyways, the husband had to rely and trust his wife to take care of these transaction without second thought.Although the husband had to riposte up allot of responsibility when he was away for work, normally he would not give up the hearty authoritative power. For example in a disagreement unremarkably their would be some sort of compromise, but in the end the wife would give in to the big decisions allowing the husband to have authority. The equilibrium between trust and negotiation that was seen in sixteen-century relationships shows how a sense of stability that was formed in their family lifestyles.Parenting in this time period was dealt with by different methods, which were determined by the different marital roles. The primary differences come from their choice of style that was communicable from their forefathers. The wife is usually the consoling and sympathetic parent, while the father was usually the stern and punitive parent. The father had to deal with his parenting from a different town at times, which led to less interactive correction strategies. When a guide from the father was made to the child, the child would usually meet the request without question. Although the wife respects the husbands requests she usually sympathized for her son, showing an amount of protection, by lessening the demands.The most similar parenting style between the two is their love for their son.Although the teaching methods were different from parent to parent, the child usually received a decent education, housing, adequate food, to fulfill his needs. The love and support from both the stupefy and the father is astonishing and overall should result in a prudential child.Religion is a very important aspect of sixteenth-century life among medieval individuals. A c ommon belief was that immortal was involved in their family life and was in absolute control. They think of God as an absolutely all-powerful being, who controls human destiny on earth and into eternity(Ozment 144). If there were misfortunate dealing such as sickness or substantial going in a business deal, it was believed to be an obvious punishment of God(Ozment 144).Religion was also tied into the lives of medieval people by the incorporation of it into their marriages. The medieval people relied on the God given supremacy of the husbands role for leadership in the familys prosperity.Parenting techniques also resulted from their Christianity belief. The corrective actions of each role in the family originated from the history of Christianity. Even though these teachings seemed unyielding they closely adhered to them in order to adhere to their beliefs.The particular dealings with Magdalena and Balthazar gave and unshared illustration of the life of a sixteenth-century fami ly. It also exposed the hardships of the medieval time period. Magdalena and Balthazar gave a significant portrait into how a person in the sixteenth century dealt with the everyday attributes of marriage, parenting, family life, and the affects religion had upon them.

AIDS, Condoms, and Carnival

AIDS has proved to be among the most in effect(p) challenges to mankinds health in the 21st century. Given its annihilating effect in Africa and the fact that a cure for AIDS is sleek over far removed, governments across the world made the fight against the disease their priority.Innovative methods argon observable in Brazilian and Indian societies where authorities act in line with or opposing cultural patterns. Thus, in India the government successfully taps local barbers to talk about AIDS to their clients, reinforcing their sense of outlay and respect as folk counselors.Love of movies offers another vehicle for marketing condoms. In Brazil the anti-AIDS campaigners come to grips with machismo of the local men who leave women with little dicker power to insist on the use of condoms.The efforts to market condoms to population buzz off proved effective, raising awareness of AIDS dangers and role of condoms in barroom of the deadly infection.The US situation is vastly different from that of Brazil and India and thus requires different marketing methods. The absolute majority of Americans have no fiscal problem with buying condoms, and women have a lot more garget to insist on their use.At the same time, sex out of marriage is little of a sin in the liberal American culture, especially among jr. generation, which makes it easier for person to have multiple partners.As for campaigning, Americans are less prone to desire things they see on the screen or hear from a counselor, since in the culture of excessive marketing people at a certain(a) age develop a sort of immunity to public messages. For this reason, Brazilian and Indian methods would not work as well for the US.London International assort correctly focuses on its role in the prevention of AIDS. To strengthen this message, the phoner could launch courses at schools or colleges that would include just a some sessions, promoting the knowledge of the infection and the way condoms can fend off th e danger.Alternatively, the club can sponsor the production of documentaries about AIDS and its victims.Case 4-7. AIDS, Condoms, and Carnival.

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Why I Learn English

Why I witness English Learning English is necessary for my future career. Nowadays, practically every(prenominal) prestigious and well-plaid job, non only working as an English teacher, requires progression in this speech communication. Those who know English, conduct a big advantage on the labour-market over those who dont. But it certainly isnt the only background wherefore I learn English. I have been interested in studying foreign languages since I went to school, and I always knew that my future duty would be connected with linguistics. I believe that the mentality of every realm is closely connected with its language.Its impossible to translate any text edition from one language into a nonher without slight changing of its meaning. Every language has some set-phrases and sayings that cant be translated word for word. So, when you learn to designate in a foreign language, you begin to think in a different way. You can see the world from a different viewpoint. To my m ind, it compensates the fourth dimension spent on studying the language. One another reason why I study English is connected with general intellectual development. Scientists have proved that learning languages serves as an excellent training for our brain.When a somebody learns one foreign language, other languages become easier for him or her to learn. On the whole, he or she begins to understand better all subjects, even if they are not connected with linguistics. Moreover, learning English provides me with extra opportunities. For example, I can understand, what my best-loved musical bands sing its extremely important for me, as Im a music lover. Of course, one can like a song bonny because it sounds tuneful, but I prefer to understand the substance that the author wanted to pass to the listeners. In addition, I can read books and watch movies in the original.Its very useful, as the interpretation not always can transmit the richness of the authors language, the justness o f his thoughts. Another opportunity, provided by the knowledge of the English language, is the ability to communicate with foreigners. I can get acquainted with new people while I travel abroad or just walk in Moscow, and because continue communicating with them in social networks. After all, I just like English I like the way it sounds, and I arrest the culture and the history of England very interesting, as they have little simile to those of our country.

Causes and Prevention of Poor Health Essay

In many countries, especi all in ally the unite States, behaviors leading to hap slight health live on early in life. The three leading causes of preventable death in the United States are smoking, obesity, and alcohol abuse (Science Daily, 2006). along with these problems, a lack of exercise, drug abuse, and sexually transmitted infirmitys were prominent in young adults (Science Daily, 2006). Some reasons for these problems are children and young adults spending more clipping inside playing video games and observance television instead of button outside to play or to participate in a sport. very much young adults are left to take charge of themselves after instill and during the summer vacation, and their diets tend to suffer. Smoking, alcohol use, and drug use are all glorified in movies and on television, and some young people tonus that they need to copy those actions to dupe themselves cool in the eyes of others. shy(predicate) sexual learning at home and at drill contributes to unsoundness and unwanted pregnancy. To change these behaviors, more must be done to instruct children to take care of their bodies.Even a small child sight be taught to enjoy good foods, at the very least in school lunches, and can be taught that playing is more fun than watching television. Because some children live in areas where outside play is limited, schools and non profit organizations should timbre in and offer plenty of physical education and after school activities. After school activities and school vacation programs can also help oneself with the drug, alcohol, and smoking problems. Having good role models demonstrate clean lifestyles and teach the dangers of damaging activities may cause some children to never start them.Finally, sex education must be provided in some form before children olfactory sensation the urges to become sexually active. Programs that teach young people how difficult it is to care for a child and how devastating a sexually transmitted disease can be, and in some cases how deadly they can be, need to start early and be carried through all the years of schooling. Children must be made aware of how special their bodies are, and how they can carefully tend to them to make them strong, healthy, and last for a long time. The earlier they can be taught this, the less poor health there will be in the United States.

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Remeber the Titans Application Paper

Remember the Titans is a word-painting that reflects several(prenominal) beas of brass instrumental behavior. Communication, brass instrumental socialisation, aggroup bring up, diverseness, motivation and ethics completely told play a key role in drawing cardship how an fundamental law functions. Communication The first obstacle that the fresh head charabanc facets is taking over an institution where he is the re menagement for a very well respected coach with a reputation for winning. In one of scenes, cultivate Boone sits down with his new assistant coach, Yost, to talk about the current situation.Boone acknowledges the riddles and the challenges that lay ahead yet assures Coach Yost that he is committed to producing a winning aggroup and that all decisions will reflect performance rather than race. Coach Boone shows respect to Coach Yost and displays the openness to deal with the issues. Leaders may concur a lean to avoid this confrontation only making matters worse for the long term. It is a great lesson in dealing with problems upfront and resolving the issues to minimize much potential contraventions in the future.Communication is one of the basic functions of management in any organization and its importance sight hardly be overemphasized. It is a butt against of transmitting information, ideas, thoughts, opinions, and plans between various personas of an organization. It is non viable to have human relations without communication. However, good and effective communication is necessitate not only for good human relations but excessively for good and successful business (Thomson, 2007). Organizational Culture From an organizational construction standpoint, Coach Boone realizes he give the gatenot do everything by himself.On a football game team, several coaches be required to relieve oneself with each specialized part of the team just like in any business. Throughout the movie the offense, defense, and special teams must clear together to achieve victory on the field. However, each sub group on the team must believe and rely on the some differents to perform to execute the game plan well. In one of the final scenes, Coach Boone gets input from Coach Yost to come up with a new offensive play to win the game. Sometimes in larger organizations, silos exist among the departments and there is a resistance to cooperating.It is important in any business that all departments listen to their people for new ideas to amend process that can turn into profi tabular array results. Organizational structure is the hierarchical levels of a smart send this structure provides guidelines on subordination and employee responsibilities, and affects the workplace agriculture. An organizations culture is an informal, collectively held grouping of ideas and values, as well as the types of workplace relationships and shipway of doing things within the organization.It affects workplace culture through controlling, c oordinating and motivating employees to work together to accomplish company remainders and objectives. Both organizational structure and culture affect employee behavior, motivation, performance, dedication, satisfaction, cooperation, and relationships (Thornton, 2011) Teamwork and Diversity Working together as a team is crucial to any organizations success. Two impostors in item believe that at the beginning of merging the two schools, their perceptions of each others values occupy it appear almost impossible to work to together as a team.They both come to realize that they postulate to win as much as the other person does and at last become the best of friends. In fact, later in the movie Gary, the fresh player recommends to Coach Boone that one of his white friends leave the team because of a missed blocking assignment. This is the true transformation of Gary putting the teams finishings before his personal feelings. It is one of the cornerstones of any teamworks success. People in any organization bring their own stripe of values and beliefs to the table when they accept a position in the company.It is up the companys leadership to instill the vision and culture from the top down. The summer devote camp that they attend is similar to the socialization process that any organization has into bringing new people in. Similar to the Marines heraldic bearing camp, the football players eat, sleep, and practice together to bond and foster a sniff out of teamwork for Coach Boone. Most companies achieve this socialization process through employee predilection and continuous training. By the end of the camp the players have put out their difference and are committed to carrying out the teams goal of winning.The biggest issue that faces the team is the racial tension between the blacks and whites. The movie is set in the early seventies when integration of school began. The socialization process of the summer practice camp helped resolved umteen of these issues patch the players where in seclusion at camp. Upon coming back from camp and attending school, they face the true reality of the racial issues. Still to this day, diversity is a heatable topic in corporations across the country. Any company has to battle the conceptualize ideas about other races, religions, genders, and sexual orientation to focus on the companys vision.The movie shows how when people put aside their differences and focus on the organizations mission that anything is achievable. This is a timeless lesson for any organization in todays environment. According to the textbook, one of the pervasive challenges with teams is that while diversity may have real potential benefits, a team deeply focuses on commonly held information. To realize their creative potential, assorted teams command to focus not on their similarities but on their differences. The key is for members of diverse teams to communicate what they uniquely know in addition to what they do not k now (Judge, Robbins, 2011).Whether in the workplace or on the football field, or even amongst members of a community, effective teamwork can produce incredible results. However, on the job(p) successfully as a team is not as on the loose(p) as it may seem. legal teamwork does not happen automatically it takes a great deal of hard work and compromise (Woloch, 2008). There are a number of factors that must be in place to pose together as a team * Good leadership Effective leadership is one of the most important components of good teamwork.The teams leader should possess the skills to create and maintain a positive workings environment, motivate, and inspire the team members to take a positive approach to work and be highly committed. An effective team leader will grow a high level of morale and make them feel support and valued. * Clear communication Communication is a vital factor of all interpersonal interaction and especially that of a team. Team members must be able to artic ulate their feelings, express plans and goals, share ideas, and see each others viewpoints. Establishing roles It is necessary for team members to understand their role and responsibilities. The team leader can enable this by defining the purpose in a clear-cut manner in the beginning of the formation of the team.* Conflict response Conflicts will arise no matter how well a team functions together. The best way to counter conflict is to have structured methods of conflict resolution. Team members should be able to voice their concerns without fear of offending others. rather of avoiding conflict issues, a hands-on approach that resolves them quickly is much better. regulate a good example The team leader must set a good example for good teamwork to come about. In order of battle to keep team members positive, committed and motivated, the team leader must record these qualities. The team looks to the leader for support and guidance therefore any electronegativity on the leaders part can be fatal (Woloch, 2008). Motivation Coach Boone does a good job of demonstrating motivation passim the movie. In several scenes, Coach Boone tells his organization that he demands perfection from them and zilch less is acceptable.He communicates clearly with the staff and the players what the teams goal is from the beginning. Everyone knows their role on their respective teams and expectations. We can see that successful companies have similar success when everyone in the organization knows how their role affects the companys ability to serve the customer. Coach Boone uses the Equity hypothesis of motivation in that he treats everyone on the team fairly and shows no favoritism. He asks the players to work very hard in practice, but see the results in their victories on the football field.Coach Boone also displays the Hawthorne effect in the movie. He makes an driving to know all of his players and his coaching staff. The Hawthorne effect is a motivation theory that pe ople perform better, when they feel their leader pay attention to them. In todays work environment, this is to a greater extent of challenge because it is becoming more popular to have employees work from remote locations or home with the change magnitude technological advances we have seen over the last twenty years in the work place (Ghillyer, 2009).Ethics. Ethical behavior is the last characteristic that can either tear apart any team or displace it to a higher level of success. Coach Yost is under the impression by several influential school board members that the title game is handout to be in favor of the all white school they are playing. They will use this as an excuse to fire Coach Boone and reestablish Coach Yost as the head coach the next school year. During the championship game, Coach Yost faces this internal struggle and dilemma as he sees many unfavorable calls by the referees. He eventually makes the set decision for the players chance to win the game.The import ant lesson is that when temptation is great to make the wrong decision, the long-term benefits of being ethical outweigh the benefits. Managers and their organizations are responding to the problem of unethical behavior in a number of ways. They are physical composition and distributing codes of ethics to guide employees through ethical dilemmas. They are offering seminars, workshops, and other training programs to try to improve ethical behaviors. They are providing in sept advisors and creating protection mechanisms for employees who revel internal unethical practices.Todays animal trainer must create an ethically healthy climate for his or her employees, where they can do their work productivity with little ambiguity about what right and wrong behaviors are (Judge, Robbins, 2011). In conclusion, the movie demonstrates that leadership must be able to face multiple challenges at the same time. It is hard overflowing to manage a football team with structure that is in place of t hree different sub groups performing to win games. When combined with the challenges of diversity and ethics, it remarkable the results the team achieved. These are some valuable lessons that any organization in todays business world could use.

Why Do We as a Society Need a Criminal Justice System

Why do we (as a hunting lodge) contend a guilty jurist brass? Introduction As a fellowship at that place is need for a felonious nicety organisation, as it is inherent to put on practice of passablynesss through with(predicate) reveal the population. We hold these judges so people puke non use money or power to benefit themselves. The laws also establish that separately person should fancy their and e actuallyone elses rights and obligations within the community. The culpable arbiter arranging, is a organization of laws and rulings which shelter community members and their property. at that placefore, the laws determine which acts ar venomous and how the offender is punished. (Sallmann, P. nd Wills, J. 1984 savage umpire in Australia, Oxford University Press, Melbourne. ) The iniquitous rightness establishment in Australia create centuries ago, with new forms of punishments added along the way. From then till promptly Australian resolve pay of f interpreted, applied and developed these laws, the Australian parliaments confuse also added to them through canon. (Sallmann, P. and Wills, J. 1984 outlaw umpire in Australia, Oxford University Press, Melbourne. ) Why we need a immoral justice system There atomic number 18 three main divisions in evil justice system, which exists of Police, Courts, and Corrections.Firstly, Police have the responsibility to investigate and pick up malefactors. Secondly, Courts ar responsible for good trial and sentencing. Thirdly, Corrections be responsible for imprisonment and supervision. The main purpose of this system is to manage familiar condom. In Australia we have nine legal systems, comprising eight State or dominion systems and one federal system. Most of the administration of courts, the legal profession and legislation occurs in the States and Territories. Therefore, each State and Territory is responsible to black market out the laws and rulings for the crook justice system. Attorney-Generals De take leavement (AGD) 1995, The referee Statement, AGD, Canberra. ) The poisonous justice systems goals are to run into that legislation and the law is upheld at all times. For example, protecting the innocent, knockout the guilty, preserving assure and peace and protecting victims from further anguish. A nonher goal the iniquitous justice system seems to be focusing on is education for the public regarding execration and rehabilitation of offenders. This method is achieved by deterring offenders or preventing crimes from spreading. Therefore, the goals of the outlaw justice system are to balance venomous activity and crime revention. There is an abundance of people, who think the criminal justice system is non sincerely a system, and that it has always been flawed. It fails to deliver true justice and is expensive and bungling in determining elusions. On the other hand thither are legion(predicate) people who firmly defend the system agai nst such(prenominal) criticism, consider it as only needing little change. As always, the truth lies somewhere in between the two arguments. The criminal justice system is subject to caterpillar tread(prenominal) criticism. Many of its qualities, such as the wearing of gowns and wigs, are seen to imitate a system which is outdated, hiding in old traditions and rocedures and out of touch with the association of today. As a decree we need to understand that the constabulary only cant everyplacecome all crimes in that respectfore, it cant upsurge with every criminal. The criminal justice system introduced community based programs and institutions to avail build safer communities. Examples of these programs and institutions are, Neighbourhood Watch and familiarity Corrections. Firstly, Neighbourhood Watch is a community based program, which aims to minimise crime within the community. This program requires twain the community and the police working together to accomplish hi s goal. (Neighbourhood Watch, http//www. nhw. com. au/Home) Secondly, Community Corrections is an institution which manages and supervises offenders on community based supervision identifys such as Probation, Pa design, Home Detention, Community Work and Bail. This institution requires the community, Courts and the Parole add-in to all work together, to achieve the optimum result. (Community Corrections http//www. nt. gov. au/justice/corr run/community_corrections/index. shtml) The criminal justice system is a complex mixer steer, the branches of this tree combine fond and economic causes.It is often these other causes that determine the crimes affiliated and the response of the criminal justice system. These creators of crime can be sieve into two main assorts environmental peril of exposure factors and individual risk factors. environmental risk factors include the physical, social, family, community, economic, cultural and political environments in which an individual l ives For example, spunkyer(prenominal) rates of unemployment can have an impact on levels of crime, which in morsel bequeath affect all sectors of the criminal justice system. Individual risk factors include mental and physical health status, demographic and ocioeconomic characteristics, attitudes and beliefs, and lifestyles and behaviour. These individual risk factors must also be considered when looking at the broader context of the criminal justice systems. (The National deplorable justness Statistical Framework, Jul 2001. ) Various researches have addressed distinct outlooks to explain why some people have a criminal tendency. Examples of these outlooks are by Cesare Lombroso and Sigmund Freud. Firstly, Lombroso states that criminals have stigmata, and that these stigmata consist of kinky dimensions of the skull and jaw.Lombroso even claimed that different criminals have different physical characteristics which he could discern. (Cesare Lombroso. (2009). Secondly, Sigmund Freud hypothesized that the roughly common element that contributed to criminal behaviour was faulty identification by a child with her or his parents. The improperly socialized child whitethorn develop a personality disturbance that causes her or him to direct antisocial impulses secret or outward. The child who directs them outward becomes a criminal, and the child that directs them inward becomes a neurotic. (Sigmund Freud (1961). ConclusionFor a society to work it needs to have a level of structure, that is applied and understood by everyone. Laws within the criminal justice system create that structure and regulate the way in which people and organisations behave. If we did not have a criminal justice system, on that point would be a lot of chaos, within the systems of management and crime control. Therefore, if there is no threat for punishment, the level of crime within the society could be quiet high. The major goals in criminal justice tend to be creating a helping h and in reducing crime, through manner of speaking major offences to justice, or raising the communities confidence.Along with others the justice system exclusively kit and boodle towards preventing crime or helping offenders turn away from committing a crime. (Goldsmith, Israel and Daly 2006) Therefore, the criminal justice system is to create balance throughout society. We as a society need this system, to protect people within our communities from crime and preventing crime. Is the system fair? No. But the criminal justice system can only be as fair as human beingnesss are capable of making it. References 1. Sallmann, P. and Wills, J. 1984 Criminal judge in Australia, Oxford University Press, Melbourne. 2.Attorney-Generals Department (AGD) 1995, The Justice Statement, AGD, Canberra. 3. (Neighbourhood Watch, http//www. nhw. com. au/Home) 4. (Community Corrections http//www. nt. gov. au/justice/corr go/community _corrections/index. shtml) 5. The National Criminal Justice Statist ical Framework, Jul 2001. 6. Cesare Lombroso. (2009). New World Encyclopaedia. 7. Freud, S. (1961). The Complete Works of Sigmund Freud (Vol. 19). capital of the United Kingdom Hogarth. 8. Goldsmith, Israel and Daly 2006, Crime and Justice An Australian Textbook in Criminology (3rd Edition) Sydney Lawbook Company.Why Do We as a Society Need a Criminal Justice System?WHY DO WE AS A SOCIETY postulate A CRIMINAL JUSTICE SYSTEM? Introduction The criminal justice system is comprised of a basic formation, the law administerment agencies, the courts, and the correctional works. This system has existed since antiquated times and although the three facilities havent completely been replaced over the centuries, there has been a lot of change and amendment to how the system is used to investigate, deter, and keep regularize and control in todays society.It is a fundamental part of our society and we k promptly that comprehensive, effective, and nondiscriminatory implementation of criminal justice system powers is essential to ending violence, both for freeing individual and for ending the worldwide pestilential of violence against one another.Although the system has evolved over the years to adjust and match people of different status, class and provide a multicultural view to society, just as any other system there will always be some impediments and inconsistencies such as, financial restraints, inequality, selective law enforcement and public influence such as media ideas and images of crime. Why we need a criminal justice system It would be unrealistic of people in society to believe every crime could be prevented and every criminal caught and incarcerated.Its however not unrealistic to expect to live in a safe society that is provided with equality, fairness, and is reliable and respected. Without the criminal justice system the good society would disintegrate and it would be overrun with crime and wrong doing. The law enforcement, the courts and the correc tional arms of the system each take on a responsibility to go after procedures laid down by the politics, who determine what society needs more or little(prenominal) of at any ill-tempered time.From the data below (Government expenditure by sector 2004-2005) we can instead clearly see how the criminal justice system has changed in order to meet the needs of society this is an example of how the government prioritises the needs of society at any particular time. The education sector of the graph is on the face of it the highest in priority which shows that government is now trying a different perspective as was used years ago by now educating the public and society on how to help prevent crime themselves and pedagogics parents how to help prevent their children from deviating against them, and becoming another statistic.Coming in scrap to education is the health expenditure which shows that there is quite a high need for medical and health attention for those that come in b order with the criminal justice system. The government is becoming more aware of the need for chances of rehabilitation for mentally ill and suicidal persons, where these issues are not now seen as a crime but now as a personal issue and the government is now taking it extremely naughtily the need for a solution and not punishment to their mental states which may have led them to their criminal ways instead of punishing them for their illness.As we see community services are the next most underlying thing the government is seeing as a need in the criminal justice system. The law enforcement, courts and correctional facilities only deal with the law and order in society and maintaining social control, but without the community services (Eg Housing, education, financial services, legal services) the people overtaking into and coming out of the criminal justice system would have nowhere to go for support. The community services is a crucial element to the criminal justice system fo r the individuals of crime, the families and everyone affected, by providing the additional support needed.The system for punishment has changed many times over the decades the criminal justice system has been around, from corporal punishment (whipping, removing of hands for stealth and even execution), to lighter punishments such as community services, probationary periods, and release for less serious offences to prison terms for more severe offences. The less serious of offences such as vandalism by a youthful will more than likely obtain a community service punishment to remove or fix the damage caused there by ridding the community of the vandalism and educating the convicted, in turn the convicted is less likely to reoffend.So in most cases such as theft, vandalism, and minor assault cases, if the case is finalised in court by conviction (typically by a defendants ledger entry a plea of guilty to the offence or to a less serious offence), the defendant may receive a non in carceration condemn such as parole, community service or probation. From this narrowing of cases Daly et al. (2006) p 275 found from a large number experienced by victims to a trickle of defendants convicted and sanctioned has the appearance of a funnel and saves resources and space in prisons and other correctional facilities for the more serious defendants.As the above pie chart (Composition of government expenditure on criminal justice 2006-2007) shows us the police services are at the head position of the overall expenditure of the three arms of the criminal justice system. The government is aware of the massive need for more funds into the policing sector, for the fact this arm is the division that provides the law and order and is out there addressing the issues that are affecting society and apprehending the criminals in, to ensure the criminal justice system continues to function in a fair and equally sufficing way.The police have moved to further advance their policing te chniques, from habitual law enforcement to Community policing, which focuses more on conciliatory rather than a coercive approach to police work, which involves the community and individuals in vie a co-participatory role in the act of crime bar. In mop up the overall principle of the criminal justice system is to provide justice for everyone in society and to keep society safe and in order by convicting the criminals and rehabilitating them not to offend again, and to support them as the re-enter society.The criminal justice system works with other organisations to help prevent crime and bring those who to offend to justice and also educating society and keeping them snarly in ways they can help. Even with the inconsistencies and impediments, without a criminal justice system, societies all over the world would be overrun with chaos and society would cease to function. In order to keep society smooth running and the people safe maintenance of the criminal justice system is re silient for social order and control. References Composition of government expenditure on criminal justice image (2006-2007).Retrieved 26 declination 2011, from http//www. aic. gov. au/statistics/criminaljustice. aspx Daly, Kathleen Israel, Mark Goldsmith, Andrew John. (2006) Crime and Justice A guide to criminology, 3rd Ed. Sydney Lawbook Co. Ch. 13 Daly, Kathleen, Aims of the Criminal Justice system p275 Government expenditure by sector image (2004-2005). Retrieved 26 December 2011, from http//www. aic. gov. au/statistics/criminaljustice. aspx Perrone, S. , White, R. (2010) Crime Criminality Criminal Justice (1st Ed. ) Oxford Oxford University PressWhy Do We as a Society Need a Criminal Justice System?Why do we (as a society) need a criminal justice system? Everyday, society is the respondent to rules and procedures that shape the way we interact with one another. Perhaps the most defining rules and procedures are those that deal with crime and criminal justice. This paper wi ll firstly look at the goals of the criminal justice system and how the criminal justice system tries to achieve them. Secondly, this stress will examine how the criminal justice system functions and whether this is effective in achieving the goals it sets out.Perhaps the most obvious goal of the criminal justice system is to respond to crime. This goal is fulfilled through the apprehension of those who perpetrate crimes, and the resultant punishment of these offenders. However, when looking at the full scope of the functions of the criminal justice system, it further aims to prevent crime and promote personal and community safety (Pink, 2007). In summary, the basic function of the criminal justice system is social control (Bryett, Crasswell, Harrison, Arch, & Shaw, 1993).Social controls dictate what behaviours are acceptable in society, so as to ensure the best interests of society as a whole are maintained (Bryette, et. al. , 1993). While the criminal justice system is not the o nly form of social control, it is perhaps the most obvious noble control. The government criminalizes activities and behaviours that are deemed to be harmful to society. This government then gives the criminal justice system the power and resources to enforce these laws and punish those who do not conform (Bryett, et al. , 1993).This formal control is used to reinforce open social controls such as family, education, peers and mass media which, on their own are broadly speaking quite effective social controls. However, informal controls alone cannot be relied upon to enforce criminal justice processes, therefore the state imposes the powers of the criminal justice system to regulate society. The Australian criminal justice system is based on the belief that all people are treated equally in the eyes of the law. Concepts such as separation of powers, judicial precedent and fair procedures are key to the Australian riminal justice system (http//www. dfat. gov. au/facts/legal-systems . html). In Australia, each state and territory governs its own set of criminal laws, enforcement, adjudicative and correctional systems (Earle, Sarre, & Tomaino, 1999), with the federal government making laws on trade and commerce, taxation, defense, impertinent affairs, and immigration and citizenship (http//www. dfat. gov. au/facts/legal-systems. html). While there are some central legal themes, this arrangement leads to differing expositions of offences and appropriate sentencing (Earle, Sarre, & Tomaino, 1999).Each of these state and federal governments are comprised of 3 separate branches of government legislative, executive and judicial. The legislative arm of the government makes laws, magical spell the executive government administers the laws, and the judiciary independently interprets these laws and applies them (http//www. dfat. gov. au/facts/legal-systems. html). This fancy is known as the separation of powers, and was employed to prevent one group having the power to be judge, jury and executioner in the criminal justice process (Hayes & Prenzler, 2009).The criminal justice system is also made up of three core elements police, courts and corrections. Police are the first response in the criminal justice system and are responsible for crime prevention and detection, maintaining public order and providing emergency assistance. They are also responsible for apprehending suspects to be processed through the next phase of the criminal justice system, the courts (Hayes & Prenzler, 2009). It is the role of the criminal courts to adjudicate cases brought before them.It is here that the guilt or purity of the defendant is determined (Pink, 2007). If guilt is found, the defendant is moved on to the tonic services, which administers the sentence brought down by the court. This can result in being taken into custody, community work, or rehabilitation (Pink, 2007). While these three systems are connected to each other, they also have their own agendas, leading many to query the invent criminal justice system (Daly, 2006). Daly (2006) describes an accurate definition for the term system as a collection of interdependent agencies, each having its own function. Prenzler & Sarre (2009) note that the current criminal justice system shows very little systematic or authoritative co-ordination between the various agencies. This is in the main due to the fact that these agencies have differing aims. For example, the police perform necessary duties to engender and detain suspects, while the courts work to protect the rights of the defendant, in some cases going so far as to discredit the police if they fail to follow correct procedures (Daly, 2006).These differences sometimes lead to what is seen to be lenient sentencing, and can dishonor public confidence in the criminal justice system (Hayes & Prenzler, 2009). However, while some people may believe that the components of the criminal justice system as we know it are contradictory and in some cases inefficient, the utility(a) would not protect people from the abuses of state power (Daly, 2006) through corruption, deviate and a monopoly of power.As stated earlier, the aim of the criminal justice system is to prevent crime, respond to crime, punish crime and protect the community in a fair and just manor to all people. While the phrase criminal justice system may cause debate about its accuracy in defining the criminal justice process that Australia adheres to, the image of the criminal justice system is important to achieving the goals that it has set out. In fact, the alike(p) notion that encourages people to report that the criminal justice system is not a system, is the very notion that allows the criminal justice system carry out its objectives.The criminal justice system as we know it is a strong formal social control and, in conjunction with informal social controls, is essential to provide a moral and democratic society. References Australian Governmen t Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade. (2011). About Australia. Retrieved 20 December 2011 from http//www. dfat. gov. au/facts/legal_systems. html Bryett, K. , Crasswell, E. , Harrison, Arch, & Shaw, J. (1993). An Introduction to Policing Vol 1 Criminal Justice in Australia. Sydney Butterworths. Daly, K. , Isreal, M. , & Goldsmith, A.J. (2006). Crime and Justice A Guide to Criminology (3rd Ed. ). Sydney Lawbook Co. Prenzler, T. & Sarre, R. (2009). The Criminal Justice System. In H. Hayes. , & T. Prenzler. (Ed. ). (2009). An Introduction to Crime and Criminology (2nd Ed. ). New South Wales Pearson Education Australia. Pink, B. (2007). National Criminal Justice Statistical Framework. Canberra Australian Bureau of Statistics. Sarre, R. , & Tomaino, J. A. (1999). Exploring Criminal Justice Contemporary Australian Themes. Adelaide South Australian Institute of Justice Studies.

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The Portrayal of Women in Art: 1962-2002

We have, more or less, as an audience become used to the see depiction of women. Often, oddly in classical styles, they were portrayed as reclining nudes who were at that place for the viewers pleasure. With averted eyes, they touched themselves sensually, typically innocent and oblivious that thither is someone painting her for all to see. When they werent sexual-fantasy fodder, they were servile and obedient in particular in the 1940?s and 1950?s after the end of the strong women time of World War II.They wore their hair in perfect curls, with their perfect dresses and worked happily away in their perfect kitchens. In Jack Levines daughterfriend with Red Hair there is a shift away from the perfect, cargon-free char char charr that came before. Rather, nudity is embraced as an aspect of the womans power or else than the viewers object. The subject confronts the viewer with her gaze. This portrait is non a portrait of a naked girl, but rather, a girl who happens to be naked . in that respect is no trace of sexiness or sensualitywe be drawn to her face so that we may attempt to discern what this girl is shortenking.Though her breasts ar there, they ar poorly rendered comp bed to the depth of her face and do not trap the eye like the neatly depicted name of the reclining nudes. Hotline for Troubled Teens, 1970. Joe DeMers (1910-1984). Acrylic on board, 22 ? x 18 ? in. young Britain Museum of American Art, Gift of Walt Reed, 2000. 45. Through both this artistic empowerment of women and the accordingly energized Feminist Movement, women became less objects for a viewers pleasure and sooner independent characters. In Joe DeMers Hotline for Troubled Teens, the gender is nearly removed from the girl.She is seen erosion an over-shirt that hides her breasts and her other feminine features are minimized. The girl is entered into a narrativeno longer is there a displaced nude body just manufacturing around. Instead, we are shown a girl in her not-so-id eal life. Her face is concerned and the call off cord is wrapped about her shoulders and wrist. She appears to be entirely dismissive of her viewing audiencebe they out on the street around her, or elsewhere. She is selfish and concerned with only her present situation.The title even suggests that this girl is reach out (at the time, even that would have been taboo) in order to help herselfa principle that began to empower women during the Feminist Movement. Laneisha II, 1996. Dawoud Bey (b. 1953). Polacolor ER prints, 90 x 45 3/4 in. New Britain Museum of American Art, Members Purchase Fund, 2000. 34. This is one of my favorite routines of the collection for many reasons. Predominantly, the depiction of women has centered around the ideal womanwhich, if you havent picked up a magazine lately, is typically white, attractive, young, thin and perky.The woman here, however, is the antithesis. Though she is attractive, she does not have the elegant features that a cougar might hav e looked for in the first half of the century. She is fragmented into sextuplet readys and while they mostly match upin that there are no huge gaps of informationthere is a significant deformation of her figure. Her face is extra wide and left arm seems oddly long. A clear difference between the perfectly kept and rendered women of the past, this modern woman allows her flaws and her discord to be reflected in between each frame.She is a woman, not an object to behold. Untitled, 2000. Cindy Sherman (b. 1954). Color photograph, edition 1/6, 32 1/2 x 22 in. Members Purchase Fund, 2000. 88. I particularly enjoy this piece for several reasons like the piece above, she is not typically beautifulparticularly for the era in which it was taken. Rather, her appearance is outdatedthick, dark eyebrows, slicked dressing hair and that awful blue blouse she is eating away. Instead of dismissing the woman as ugly, we are able to see past her physicality.She bears a face that almost says Yeah, s o what? to her audience. She isnt hip, nor is she young and beautiful (as dictated by the standards of society) any more. There is a bluntness to this photograph that disempowers the sitter it almost seems as if shes the one judging and not vice-versa. Beauty I, 2002. Mark Catalina (b. 1965). Acrylic on canvas, 72 x 72 in. New Britain Museum of American Art, Gift of the Artist, 2003. 01 Lastly, this piece seems to me to be the most poignant out of the bunch.We are not reclusive to the real image, but only its negative. In form, we might recognize the mortal as a female. They have breasts, long flowing hair, jewelry some of the key indicators of what we may associate with being a woman. However, with the inverted colors, we are shown someone with manly features and thus, the lines of gender are blurred. Clearly, the makeup the subject is wearing is exaggerateddark lips and cat-like eyeshadowand further masks the individuals gender.This piece is so inexorably tied to the way in whi ch sex and gender are separated and defined. In this, the artist is redefining the appearance of women, in that women may not even be feminine at all. This piece broaches the subject of womanhood and womanhood in an entirely new way, and is entirely appropriate in the evolving context of women in art. What do you think about the portrayal of women in art? How has it changed in the last 500 years? 50 years? 5 years? How can women gain power through federal agency in art? How does this compare to men in art?

Nutrition and Health Worksheet

Nutrition and Health Worksheet use Ch. 1 of Contemporary Nutrition, Ch. 2 of Visualizing Nutrition, adjuvant course materials, the university Library, the Internet, or other resources to answer the following questions. Your response to each question should be 75 to 100 words. 1 . What Is food? wherefore Is nutrition indispensable to our dally lives? Nutrition Is the science of our Intake and utlllzatlon of food. right(a) nutrltlon give the axe help prevent or lessen the Instances of disease. Improper nutrltlon lav lead to a weakened Immune system and even disease.In fact, A poor diet and a sedentary lifestyle argon cognize to be risk factors for lite-threatening chronic diseases such as cardiovascular (heart) disease, hypertension, diabetes, and nearly forms of cancer. Furthermore a well- equilibrate diet can improve chance(a) performance mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. Reference Contemporary Nutrition, Eighth Edition Chapter 1 What You Eat and Why Author Gordon M. wardlaw, PH. D. , Anne M. smithPH. D? R. D. , L. D. copyright C 2011 McGraw-Hill attach to 2. What is the connection between nutrition and health?Nutrients are the depicted objects obtained from food that are vital for growth and maintenance of a healthy body throughout life. Study after study has shown that concourse who eat whole foods adequate in nutrients enjoy vital health, longer life and a cut risk of many diseases. Eating nutrient-rich foods can also help hoi polloi to maintain healthy body weight being overweight or obese has been found to be linked to numerous chronic diseases. If people are careful with their nutrition they can live almost disquiet free until their body naturally slows down. 3. What are the six classes of nutrients? What are infixed nutrients?What are the sources of nutrients? What do nutrients do? The SIX classes of nutrients are Carbohydrates, lipids, proteins, vitamins, minerals and water. According to Wardlaw and smith essential nu trients are food substances that provide energy, Promote Growth, Development, Maintenance, and Regulate carcass Processes. All six classes are essential nutrients that are broken up Into three subgroups according to their purpose. The sources of these nutrients include meats, nuts, fish, dairy, fruits and brings its unique and of the essence(p) value to agitate health and welfare of the body, ind, and spirit. . How do vitamins and minerals work? Vitamins and minerals are needed by the body in such small fares that they are called micronutrients. However they dawdle a very important role that is divinely possible payable to their chemical properties. Vitamins act like catalysts when it comes to nutrient processing. The body needs to put on their precious chemical compounds and elements to release the energy from nutrients once they are within the body. Minerals on the other hand are simple inorganic substance that helps build certain parts of our bodies. 5. What does it mean to eat a balanced diet?Why is food choice important for good nutrition? To eat a balanced diet one should make veritable to take portions from all the nutrient classes appropriately. This may change from one soul to the next and so we all should have a eating jut that helps us balance our ratios of meats, vegetables, fruit and nuts. The most neglected regimen is the recommended 5-9 servings of fruits and vegetables a day and these items are usually replaced with convenience food. Food choice is important for performance and well-being so we should be careful not to turn back into social traps and pressure induced feeding frenzies. . What is undernutrition? What is overnutrition? Under-nutrition is a condition that occurs when a person consumes a diet that does not meet the requirements for the amount of essential nutrients or calories a person needs to remain healthy. This type of malnutrition can occur when people are not eating enough food, or when the food they are eating doe s not contain well-balanced nutrients. Over-nutrition occurs when a person consumes a diet that exceeds the requirements for the amount of essential nutrients, or the amount of calories a person needs to remain healthy.

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My Personal Experience with Religion

I dedicate considered myself a religious person for most of my life. I was saved at disco biscuit years old, plainly I own been in church since I was two years old. I know that numerous people rate that pietism and Christianity are not the same(p), just I am unity of those few people who do entrust that religion is important to. I think that you cannot commit one without the other. They are both vital to the unearthly makeup of a person.If it had not been for my acquireance of Christ and the Holy tonicity that dwells in me, I dont know what would spend a penny happened to me. I definitely would not be the person that I am today. I read always prayed about e precisething. I intrust that divinity is my uncanny father, and unspoiled like I talk with my biological father and chat with him every(prenominal)day, I talk with my heavenly about everything.I believe that it is very gravely to talk freely with a stranger. Before you open up and bare your soul to person, in that respect is an established kind. It is the same with beau ideal. It is extremely hard to take everything to him if a person does not know him. I cannot believe a term when I pose not had a relationship with him.It has made a huge difference in my life to be able to talk to him about everything. I have in reality had some prayers answered. There is no way that I could memorialise all told(prenominal) of them since they have happened every day of my life. Therefore, my spiritualism has grown and changed oer conviction. When I was more younger, I saw God as one who had to be obeyed, but I have now grown to the point where I actually do have a relationship with him. I utilize to difficulty so much about how I would handle everything in my life. directly I know that it is all in Gods hands. I have learned that I have to completely trust him, and that all of my plans and worrying is not going to help. It sounds on paper like I have just given up, but nothing can be further from the truth. I have actually gotten stronger, and the time I used to spend on worrying, I now spend on lecture to God.I do think that my religion has helped to strengthen my relationship with God. It is with my religion that I have a church family of people who I can depend upon for my strength. It is a wonderful sense of well being when I know that I have a whole server of people behind me that love and care about me because of our common beliefs finished and through delivery boy Christ. I as well as believe that a religion is easier to image when you are a violate of it because you have access to others to teach you. I have always had mentors and ministers to help me in my reckoning of the faith that I have chosen.They not only tell me what they believe about it, but they have encouraged me to seek the scriptures to perplex my answers, and since they are more go through than I am, they can steer me in the right direction to find those scriptures. The faith t hat I am associated with encourages its members to seek answers from the scripture. It is not encouraged to accept something just because a person tells us that is the way that it is. I have many an(prenominal) friends from other faiths, and it is nearly impossible for them to overcome the stereotypes that they have hear about my religion. I find that I have the same trouble when it comes to theirs as well.As I stated earlier, my religion encourages its members to try our beliefs with what the scriptures says. Because of that I do think that I can tolerate objective. I have learned that when I challenge something that someone of my faith says is right or wrong, I can go to the scriptures and if it is not at that place, I can contain to omit the opinion. In fact I believe that everyone has challenged at to the lowest degree one thing that their religion upholds. I think that is only military personnel and it is perfectly natural.If one cannot be objective and at least try to both sides of a religious topic, then the person must facial expression closely at whether he/she is brainwashed. Questioning and objectivity is a right(a) thing. One cannot grow and accept other if he/she does not remain objective. The only thing that cannot be changed what the Bible says about an issue.My life has been a full one and it has been steeped in religion. I have enjoyed it immensely. I am proud of the way that I have grown in my religion and my faith. I would have to say that my religious experience has been a exclusively positive experience. work CitedWarren, Rick. The Purpose Driven Life. 2003. Nashville Zonderman Press.The Sacred riteThere have been many numinous rituals that I have participated in during the course of my life. The one that I enjoy the most and that has had the most encounter on me is communion. It is something that started with the night of Jesus arrest in the lead his crucifixion. I believe that the ritual is so beautiful and meaningful that I involve emotional every time I take it.When I was a unretentive child, I could not understand why all of the adults got to eat and throw from those cute cups and I could not have it. Therefore, I suppose I hated the ritual at first. I especially couldnt understand how my own mother, who share everything with her children, could eat and drink in front of us and not even give us a taste. I remember that her attempts at explaining it to us were feeble at best, so I would get angry every communion. I cannot help but get a little tickled even today when I hear the small children at my church when communion is served. Most of them are questioning their parents and grandparents and I automatically go back to my youth in my mind and remember all of my frustrations.Once I was saved and was able to take communion, I was just so glad that I was one of the big people, that I until now did not realize the significance of what I was doing. It was not until I was in my late teens that I r ealized what it was really all about. At my church, a sermon on communion is always preached. It might seem clamant to some, but like a favorite bedtime story, or favorite movie, it is a joy to revisit the seen of the last supper. I love the part where Jesus explains to the disciples what each part of the ritual means, and I enjoy what the Apostle Paul explains that it is not just a fellowship supper, but a meaningful striking between Jesus and the Christian people.I find it refreshing during the part where all of the Christians in the church take time to reflect on the sins in their lives. sometimes it is painful when they are remembered, but after I have asked free pardon, I step as fresh as a newborn baby. I am ready to start over. There is similarly a time to ask forgiveness of others that we might have wronged. This is also a special time. I love it when I am reunited with someone that I have been at odds with.Then there is the sacred time of sharing the bread and the cup with our Lord Jesus. The bread is the emblem of the body of Christ. When we break it to eat it, it symbolizes what cruelties were done to his body. I was not in Jerusalem the day of the crucifixion, but by taking part in communion I can be. He died as much for me as he did the ones living at the time. Therefore, when I break the bread, I am actually symbolizing that I did break his body so that he could die for my sins. Then I drink from the cup that is supposed to catch up with the blood of Christ. Without the shedding of blood, there can be no forgiveness of sin. When I drink from the cup, I symbolize that his blood was spilled, and only through the spilling of the Saviors blood could I be saved.When I meditate these things, I get chilled just knowing what Jesus has done for me and every other person. He did not have to, but he willingly went to the cross for us. Communion is one of the ways that I get to be reminded of the tremendous gift that Christ gave to all mankind. Works CitedThe Holy Bible. index James Version. New York Thomas Nelson Press. My UnderstandingSince I have taken this class, I have had a little better understanding of nuisance in the world. I say a little because I have thought about this so much that my feelings on the matter have progressed over a long period of time.I feel that there are many reasons that God allows evil to exist in the world. I believe that man has a great deal to do with it. Yes, God is all powerful, but he allows us to live with the mess that we have made. I will use the example of the horrible Hurricane Katrina. There were many good people who lost everything that they had and many even lost their lives. The same can be said of those who had not lived good lives. There were babies who died, many elderly, and many in the prime of their lives.Some might question why God would allow this to happen. Instead they should question man. It was man who built so many houses and cleared so many forest and wetlands that the water had no where to go. It was man who built underneath Lake Pontchartrain, and it was man who did not do becoming upkeep on the levies. It could be argued that man helped create the hurricane itself with his utter disregard to the environment which is leading to global warming. It is man who has to live with the decisions he and others before him have made. God designed the earth to be perfect. It was man who messed things up and brought sin into the earth. If he had stopped man, then he would have taken away personal choice.My ability to understand what is right and wrong has changed over the years. First I accepted what my parents told me was right and wrong. When I became a teen, I judged what was right and wrong with what I wanted to do and think. Now I search the scriptures. I read the Bible as much as I can, and I have a pretty good feel for the obvious things that are right and wrong. I will argue an opinion, but when it comes to the Word of God, I feel that if it is in the Bible, then that is the way that it is.I pray about situations that I have a difficult time determining what is right and wrong, and God never fails to send me a sign. Sometimes it is not the one that I wanted, but he still delivers. I also rely on what many people call a conscious, but I feel is the Holy Spirit. I believe if I listen to the still small voice within me, then it is unremarkably more right than what society tells me is right and wrong.Socrates question Is something right because God commands it or does he command it because it is right? I feel that there are times that people think too much and this is an example. language are powerful and they can also have the power to humiliate us. I feel that God only commands what is right and he is powerful therefore he is right. If he is the creator of all things, and I believe that he is, then he created right and wrong. At the same time he commands things to be right because he determined it. God is right.Works Ci tedStearns, Bill. Fine Lines Knowing Gods Right/Wrongs for Your Life. San Bernardino HeresLife Publishers. 1987.

Philosophy of an Slp

Danielle Williams SPED 299 My Philosophy of Speech-Language Pathology My Philosophy of Speech-Language Pathology I bank that babies, toddlers, teenagers, adults, and elderly, many an(prenominal) of them atomic number 18 afflicted with a obstetrical delivery impediment, there often seems to be a little hope. Many of these individuals are children, or cast off of society as young adults. Many are sent to doctors and specialists who sift to determine what is wrong with them. On occasion, they will meet a soulfulness who can help them, and ultimately, change their life for the better.This person is a Speech-Language Pathologist. I motivation to help individuals that fuck off speech disorders. Many individuals believe that speech-language pathology it has its merits tho there are a few noisy people who believe that speech pathology is a useless ambition. They believe that children suffering from a speech disorder will eventually grow out of it. Children will not eventually grow out of an speech disorder. My heart is with this particular profession.I want to help the kids and adults that has a speech disorder, care those individuals, and make sure they observe the proper treatment needed for their disorder. The patients often suffer from a huge variety of problems late development, cleft palate, hearing loss, mental retardation, brain damage, stroke, or emotional problems. I am very compassionate about this profession. An SLP work in early intervention is complex, challenging, and rewarding. In many ways, each twenty- tetrad hour period is different from the next.They have several roles and responsibilities, including (1) participating in assessments to determine whether or not a child is bailable for early intervention services, (2) hearth visits working with infants and toddlers and their families in their natural environment (usually their home office), and (3) leading a healthful reckon group two mornings a week. The children that I work with are all under the age of three years old. They are eligible to receive early intervention services either because they have world-shaking developmental delays or because they and/or their families have at least four environmental risk factors.These environmental risk factors include child characteristics, much(prenominal) as extremely low birth weight, extended hospital stays, and inveterate feeding difficulties, and family characteristics, including homelessness, substance abuse in the childs home, and violence in the home. nigh of the children that an SLP work with have significant developmental delays. These include, but are not limited to, receptive and expressive language delays, autism spectrum disorders, hearing loss, Down syndrome, and world(prenominal) Developmental Delay.An SLP generally see about five families per day for home visits and assessments. They collaborate with co-workers during assessments, because they do those in groups of three in order to have a multi -disciplinary team. A typical assessment would include (an SLP), a cordial worker, and a special educator. On the days that an SLP lead the therapeutic play group, that takes up the entire morning, and They usually schedule a couple of home visits or an assessment in the afternoon.

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The Screwtape Letters and Subjective Relativism

The Screwtape letters was written by C. S. Lewis in 1942. In this book, C. S. Lewis used 31 letters from a senior devil, Screwtape, to his nephew to describe how to louse up a persons soul. The most important idea is that when write d live with the standard of self-regulation step by step with infixed relativism, the self-regulation pass on be too low without any aw beness, which means the victim does non each the alike know his spirit was corrupted and he always mobilise what he did is amend. The key point is that subjective relativism, view that an action is morally righteousness if a person approves of it, would be dangerous.When comparing this theory with the worry surround in lock do, the short letters atomic number 18 surprisingly similar. If a manager controls a queen-size company or organization with subjective relativism-all depends on the situation with settings-the standard of the company or organization would be lowed step by step and finally out of contr ol. As a result, managers dont like a relativism management environment they always use universalism or even absolutism to manage the systems. unobjective relativism is considered dangerous for a management system, and some other pots money, anonymity, and subjective relativism is a deadly combination.However, subjective relativism is not the center reason that makes the management system fail. Sometimes, it chiffonier improvement the management system. A New Examination of boiling frogs we know where we are The boiling frog is a wide known story which is likewise very similar with the story of Screwtape. When putting a frog in a tush with boiling water supply in it, the frog will jump out of the pot immediately. However, when it was put in a pot of cold water and the pot was slowly heated, the frog would be boil alive and die in the pot.However, this story is proved not dead on target recently. concord to Fast Company (2006), J. Debra Hofman did a mod examination of the boiling frogs. We placed Frog A into a pot of cold water and applied moderate heat. At 4. 20 seconds, it safely exited the pot with a leap of 24 centimeters. We then placed Frog B into a pot of lukewarm water and applied moderate heat. At 1. 57 seconds, it safely exited the pot with a leap of 57 centimeters. Hofman commented, The change apologue assumes a very narrow view of people.If frogs corporation do it, people definitely can. Just like the story of boiling frogs, the system doesnt real out of control with subjective relativism. Relativism lend oneselfs that there are no absolute moral principles, just now the rules that truly guide them in for from each one one situation are to be determined by their relation to something else the willing of customs or culture of the group, or the desires of the workmates. Gibb, J. R. (1991). Subjectivism means that the sole character reference of knowledge or authority is in the perception of the individual. (Lisa normality, 1995) When combining subjectivism and relativism, each person is his/her own authority in the business life, and is the source of his/her own guide. On this reasoning, each person has the right to decide on all matters of what is right and wrong. infixed relativism can only lead people to do as they want, and the rules which guide them is depends on the environment, which means the relationships with others around them are the core reason why they change. For instance, in the story of Screwtape letters, the true way of debauch a persons soul is the so called influence of others, not subjective relativism.Self-awareness cant be lowed, what is changing is relationship with others. According to subjective relativism, whats right for the employees may not be necessarily right for the company. However, the smack of right or wrong is directly linked to the feeling of right or wrong from the group he/she lived in. As a result, when a manager is able to affect the employees by delivering his/her idea and lever to the workplace (a group where employees are in), subjective relativism can bene couple the company. Universalism vs.Relativism atomic business is perfectly fitful for relativism system Another quite contrary judgment system is universalism. Universalism and relativism are always compared in a internal view point. Universalism holds that more than primitive cultures will eventually evolve to look at the same system of law and rights as Western cultures. Cultural relativists hold an opposite, nevertheless similarly rigid viewpoint, that a traditional culture is unchangeable. In universalism, an individual is a social unit, possessing inalienable rights, and driven by the credit line of self-interest.In the cultural relativist model, a community is the basic social unit. Concepts such as individualism, freedom of choice, and equality are absent. It is recognized that the community always comes first. (Clemens N. Nathan, 2009) however, when talking abou t business systems, these concepts are a little bit different. Universalism refers to a system with common rules with similar settings, which means the system has the exactly same rules for all the employees. Looking at the top 100 multinational corporations, they are all using universalism. Universalism is needed today more than ever, especially in multinational corporations. (David C. Wyld, 2011) As the world is becoming a smaller place because of globalization and Internet, universalism makes more sense in dealing with multinational issues. It can help the company to develop not only the standard of work environment, but also the reputation of the corporations. However, when focus on the most rapidly developing type of companies, small businesses, universalism seems too general and unfriendly to the employees. change surface though subjective relativism has great problems and has a potential for annoyance the employees, universalism in its current state is not the ideal solut ion Wole Soyinka (2008). Subjective Relativism can help the employees to be more interested in the work and maximise the innovation of them. Besides, managers are able to control the company since it just fall in relatively small amount of employees that they wont be abused. Subjective Relativism in New Economy The new economy iscommonlybelieved to split from the late 1990s, as computer and Internet was developing worldwide. Companies in the new economy are heavily involved in theinternet and biotech industries, but the ripple effects of new technologies has spread out toall other industries as well(Investopedia,2012) The networked organizations need a different kind of control. Employees are highly empowered. They can get access to as many kit and caboodle and customers as they can. Besides, employees are highly educated today, sometime they stool really good ideas about what companies should do to improve. In this way, managers should be more mensural when controlling the ma nagement system, and common rules with similar settings are not enough.Subjective relativism is more powerful in encouraging employees. The system gives the employees to be able to take away what they think is right to do, and the rules are relatively different but fit for each employee. There is no logical connection between what you have a right to do and the right thing to do but there is a psychological temptation to move from one to the other. Lets register that again In logic, there is no connection between You have the right to think what you like, and Anything you happen to like to think is right. You have the right, after all, to contradict yourself you have all the right in the world to think that 2+2=5. That doesnt make it correct. But psychologically, once you have told me that no one has the right to correct me when I claim certain sorts of opinions you sure seem to have told me that any such opinions are right, or at least as right as opinions can be. As Lisa Newt on (1998) said, with subjective relativism, empowered employees are able to show their opinions and discuss those opinions unneurotic with out shame. Meanwhile, managers can communicate with his group much better and active.However, a big concern is that subjective relativism really has a potential for abuse the employees, so it would be a big challenge for managers to use this method. unitary suggestion is to combine the subjective relativism with universalism. That is, using the universalism in the company or corporation, but authorizes some division managers to use subjective relativism among the most fine groups. In this way, companies can not only gain the benefit from universalism system, but also maximize the efficiency of the most excellent employees. References David C.Wyld(2011) Southeastern lanthanum University in Philosophy, March 17, 2011,Rethieved from http//socyberty. com/philosophy/the-top-10-things-you-need-to-know-about-ethical-universalism-an-analysis-of-how-w hat-is-right-and-wrong-transcends-most-cultures-societies-and-religions/ixzz2BNEPJbOP Fast Company (2006) Next Time, What swear We Boil a Consultant. Fast Company Issue 01. October 1995. Retrieved from http//www. fastcompany. com/26455/next-time-what-say-we-boil-consultant Gibb, J. R. (1991) commit A New Vision of Human, Relationships for Business, Family and Personal Living. North Hollywood, CA Newcastle publishing Company. 991. Investopedia (2012) New Economy. Buzz Word-economy. Retrieved from http//www. investopedia. com/terms/n/neweconomy. aspixzz2BMsc3J3c Lisa Newton (1998a) Subjective Relativism as a Challenge to Ethics. Doing Good and Avoiding Evil Part I. Principles and conclude Lisa Newton (1998b) Moral Commitments and the Discipline of Ethics. Doing Good and Avoiding Evil Part I. Principles and reason Neumann Nathan (2009) the Changing Face of Religion and Human Rights by Clemens Wole Soyinka(2008) The avertible TRAP of CULTURAL RELATIVISM, on the occasion of the seco nd edition of the geneva

National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (

A landmark cost episode that occurred in the early on 1950s provideed in the desegregation of human race enlightens. This historic imperious hook font was known as cook vs. Board of Education. The place was Topeka, Kansas, 1951. A little girl named Linda cook and her father, Oliver Brown, attempted to enroll Linda in a neighborhood elementary school that accepted whites only. The request was denied, by the color elementary school. The little girl only lived a few blocks from the blanched elementary school, which would have been a good fit for her. Instead, she ended up traveling about a mile each day to suffice the nearest black-market school.Mr. Brown decided to request the help of the discipline Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP). The NAACP was glad to help in the fight. Mr. Brown and the NAACP moved forward and repugnd the segregation law. In 1892, the Plessy vs. Ferguson ending had primed(p) a power for the issue of burst just now equ al, which had been applied to school in the Southern nations since then. Parents in other states were also pursuing the challenge to the separate but equal doctrine in South Carolina, Virginia, and Delaware. Mr. Browns shimmy was heard by the U. S. territorial dominion solicit for the District of Kansas.The request by Mr. Brown was to prohibit segregation of the public schools in Topeka. The NAACP argued to the court that separating Black children from White children was sending a wrong character of message to the Black children. The message being sent was that Black children were nearlyway inferior to Whites and that there was no way that the educational activity being provided could be equal. On the other hand, the Board of Education argued that segregation was a occurrence of life in the states where these children attended school, and that segregated schools helped prepare the children for the reality of what their heavy(a) lives would be like (Robinson 2005).The Board of education went on to cite divers(prenominal) successful educated American, none of whom attended integrated schools, such as Frederick Douglass, George Washington Carver, and Booker T. Washington. In handing down their end, the judges in this contingency wrote that colored children suffered a detrimental effect from segregation of the schools (Robinson 2005). However, they conceptualised that the legal precedent set by the Plessy vs. Ferguson character prevented them from issuing the requested injunction and the result was that they command in favor of the Topeka Board of Education.Mr. Brown and the NAACP appealed the case and it went to the United States dictatorial Court in the latter part of 1951. The case was combined with the Delaware, Virginia, and South Carolina cases. The Supreme Court handled this case very all right and deliberated for quite sometime. The case was first heard by the Supreme Court, but a decision was not made at that time. Various interpretation s of the 14th Amendment were discussed and whether the Plessy vs. Ferguson case had violated it. The case was heard again by the Supreme Court in December of 1953.Thurgood Marshall, who was the first African American Supreme Court Justice, gladly argued for Brown and the NAACP. Finally, a decision was made. On may 17, 1954, the U. S. Supreme Court issued the following decision Does segregation of children in public schools solely on the basis of race, even though the physical facilities may be equal, deprive the children of the minority group of equal education opportunities? We believe that it does We conclude that in the field of public education the doctrine of separate but equal has no place (Brown vs.Board 1954). The Supreme Court tasked the nation with implementing this historic decision with deliberate speed. Recognizing the value of education, the court ruled unanimously in favor of equity. The Supreme Court declared that education is perhaps the most important function of state and local governments. It prepares our children for later on professional training and in helping him to adjust normally to his environment. The court also declared that it is doubtful that any child may reasonably be expected to succeed in life if he is denied the chance of an education.But the vagueness of the phrase combined with continued bigotry slowed the process, in some cases to a standstill. With the segregation of public schools declared unconstitutional, segregationists across the South sprang into bodily function to prevent the implementation of public school integration. Some states began to pass state laws to uphold segregation, which then had to be challenged in court by the federal government, one by one, delaying black children from attending White schools. Councils began to be developed, by segregationists, to fight against desegregation.One of the most dramatic occurred in Little Rock, argon, in 1957, when White mobs screamed threats at nine Black high school students and out of use(p) them, as they tried to go into their new school for the first time. The Black students were unsuccessful, unfortunately. The president at the time was hot seat Eisenhower, of whom ended up business in the National Guard to protect them so they could enter the school. President Eisenhower had to call in the National Guard to escort black children to an Arkansas school that refused to integrate.Other communities used different tactics to resist. In Virginia, schools unappealing rather than desegregate. Elsewhere, some white families migrated to suburbs. Some black parents kept their children in the same black schools to avoid conflict. Families who chose white schools under freedom of pick plans, allowing black children attend any school in a district, receive threats. In at least one instance, a cross was ruin outside the home of a family. Across the nation, the 1954 Supreme Court decision brought forth dreams of heightened hope and yet r esistance, as well.According to Benjamin Mays, the book binding of segregation had been broken. Martin Luther King expressed that the decision was a joyous day-break later on a long desolate midnight (Moss 2004, 63). In conclusion, school desegregation was not an issue that was resolved overnight rather, it was the persistence of those against segregation and the realization of the unequality that it was abide upon our children that pushed the historic decision that will never be forgotten.Fifty long time after the decision was made, it stands to reason that generations of U. S. students have benefited from its relief. The ruling spawned other protectionist laws, gloss IX, for example, which specifically extends Browns principles to gender, that prohibit noncompliant institutions from receiving federal funds, and it cleared the educational paths of millions of minority students. Yet today, peoples impressions of the impact of the decision vary as widely as their personal experie nces.Baby boomers recall a time of expanded opportunity and change, while younger generations, nowadays, feel that the current classroom compositions are what they are, with the law behind them, the issue simply fills the pages in their history books. Although the Brown case directly addressed racial discrimination in public schools, the case has had great significance for women, as well. The Brown vs. Board of education decision was the legal decision necessary to stop segregation in its tracks. By the time the decision was handed down by the Supreme Court, Linda Brown had already moved on to attend middle school.

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Risk Management Report

1. trigger 1. Establish goals and context 2. severalise s push backholders (internal and external) 2. chance shew 2. 1 advert the happens 2. 2 Analyse the trys 2. 3 likeliness, Consequences and Assessment guinea pig of risk of exposures 2. 4 value the finds 3. find Treatments (Avoid Reduce likelihood Reduce consequences transferring the risk Retaining the risk) 1. Recommended Response and jolt 4. employation 4. 1 Proposed Actions 4. 2 Proposed Communication 4. 3 Responsibilities ( familiar and External) 4. 4 measure 4. 5 Resource requirements (funds, sight, equipment etc) . Reporting and Monitoring 1. Introduction Risk prudence is the Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) motion spendd by organisations to identify, assess and control risks by bothocating resources. To minimize the probability and impact of hazardous takingss. The process whollyows for transferacheful consideration of stakeholders comfort and enjoyment levels as strong as identifying costs f or resources. Strategies to manage risk include transferring the risk to some other parties, avoid the risk, reducing the negative impact of the risk, and accepting any or all consequences of severally risk. 1. Establish goals and context Each year, Hearing unsh bed Learning Centre offers a Christmas Party for its enrolled churlren. Their lifts and volunteers, cater, board of steering members and management are invited. Parents usually bias along guests who have not been specifi squally invited. Santa arrives by transport, parked issueside the plaza near to the road. We must minimise risks for the hearing impaired children and ensure everyone safely enjoys the government issue. 1. 2 Identify stakeholders Internal Volunteers cater Board of Management Members Management Santa Sponsors TruckSponsors Truck Driver Hearing Exclusive Learning Centres Duty of Care External Parents Children Parents Guests 1. Risk Register The Risk Register records details of all the risks ident ified at the blood and during the event. Their grading in terms of likelihood of occurring and seriousness of impact. Initial syllabuss for mitigating each high-pitched level risk. The costs and responsibilities of the prescribed strategies and subsequent results. 2. 1 Identify the Risks in order of magnitude of Importance (low to high) a. Risk of not plentiful BBQ equipment and forage b. Risk of inappropriate behaviour by attendees . Risk of obligation claims for non-disclosure of OHS to all stakeholders d. Risk of allergies/medical conditions e. Risk of getting burnt- come on by angry exhaust pipe or BBQ food f. Risk of stressful hoo-hah g. Risk of getting food poisoning h. Risk of harm from the use of party supplies i. Risk of harm from meth j. Risk of imperfection from fights k. Risk of not enough ply to varan at the event l. Risk of falling from activity or off the high truck cabin m. Risk of being run over by vehicle(s) n. Risk of child going missing 2. 2 Analyse the Risks Risk Table Likelihood Consequences Negligible disgrace First Aid Injury Minor Injury Major Injury Fatality rattling Likely H H E E E Likely M H H E E Possible L M H E E Unlikely L L M H E proudly Unlikely L L M H H Risk Assessment Outcome E uttermost(a) Risk neighboring(a) action ask notify executive program and the HSR. If possible, the activity should be ceased straight off H High Risk Notify supervisor and HSR and implement flying action to minimize harm M Moderate Risk Implement immediate action to minimize blot e. g. fall guyage. sanative action postulate inside five disciplineing days. L Low Risk Remedial action within one month (if possible), supervisor attention take 2. 3 The Likelihood, Consequences and Assessment Outcome of Risks for all Stakeholders a. Risk of not enough BBQ equipment and food Consequences Low Risk with Negligible injury and Unlikely to occur. Outcome Parents and Staff advised to bring a plate of food or drinks to share if they stop. price $0 b. Risk of inappropriate behaviour by attendees Consequences Low Risk with Negligible injury and Unlikely to occur. Outcome ingest protective bandaging and supervisor to warn and relocate people. personify $500 for security c. Risk of liability claims for non-disclosure of OHS to all Consequences stakeholders High Risk with Negligible injury and rattling likely to occur. Outcome invite live with forms including for photography Parents and Staff advised to always control and take care of children. Keep events within the fenced playground. procure insurance to treat all risks identified. Provide fixing galosh announcements. Cost $3500 for insurance cover d. Risk of allergies/medical conditions Consequences High Risk of Minor injury is Possible. Outcome Obtain signed parental consent forms for each child and list of medical conditions for attendees. Request those with special diets bring their own meals or forward bespeak to caterer. Provide name tags with obscure dot for those with conditions. Cost $10 for name tags e. Risk of getting burnt by hot exhaust pipe or BBQ food Consequences High Risk of Minor injury is Possible. Outcome Ask driver to turn off truck and make use of natural air circulation. take a place to meet Santa inside the playground. Ensure everyone uses the correct utensils. Cost $60 for utensils f.Risk of stressful noise Consequences High Risk of Major injury is Likely. Outcome Hire security and supervisor to warn and relocate everyone. g. Risk of getting food poisoning Consequences High Risk of Major injury is Likely. Outcome Have the centres nurse waiting to distribute first aid and notify paramedics to standby. Hire professional caterer to give and desexualize foods. Cost $1000-$2000 for caterer and paramedics h. Risk of harm from the use of party supplies Consequences High Risk of Major injury is Likely. Outcome Hire professionals to make balloons, face paint, fleet out party gifts, provide event planned activities/banners/hosting/audio visual equipment/bands. Cost $2000-$5000 for event planner and band i. Risk of harm from rubbish Consequences High Risk of Major injury is Likely. Outcome Hire churl management team using volunteers. Cost $100 j.Risk of injury from fights Consequences extreme Risk of Major injury is Very likely. Outcome Use centre nurse, insurance cover and security. k. Risk of not enough staff to monitor incidents at the eventConsequences Extreme Risk of Major injury is Very likely. Outcome Parents and Staff advised to always control and take care of children. Keep events within the fenced playground. Provide regular rubber announcements. Cost $35 for voice Amplifier l. Risk of falling from activity or off the high truc k cabin Consequences Extreme Risk of Major injury is Very likely. Outcome use centres nurse for first aid and insurance cover by filling in accident book when compulsory. Only people with appropriate footwear, clothing, sunscreen and head cover are allowed entry by staff and volunteers. Place a secure ramp. Cost $80 for wheelchair ramp m. Risk of being run over by vehicle(s) Consequences Extreme Risk of Fatality is Very likely. Outcome Drivers and pedestrians advised via sign posts and verbal heed to go slow, avoid children and park far away from fenced playground. Cost $10 to apply & print signs n. Risk of child going missing Consequences Extreme Risk of Fatality is Very likely. Outcome Have timed sign in/out forms for children being dropped off and picked up as intumesce as head counts forward and afterward group movement/activity. Cost $10 for forms 2. 4 Evaluate the Risks The funds required to manage r isks for the event is in the order of $11,305. The Board of Management will be required to approve those funds as soon as possible. Of highest risk is liability claims so base hit announcements must be made regularly in all communications before and during the event. Therefore allowing for feedback and suggestions to be obtained on the protocols.Insurance cover must be purchased for the event. Other risks can be mitigated by hiring security, event professionals, nurse, having paramedics on standby, providing equipment and signs, having volunteers and parents bring food as well as keeping constant watch on the children. 2. Risk Treatments (Avoid Reduce likelihood Reduce consequences transferring the risk Retaining the risk) 2 weeks preceding to BBQ, have staff coming together and allocate a supervisor to relocate the party repeatedly when prerequisite to quieten the stressful noises and/or situations. deal staff duties for obtaining supplies, contacts and communications with spon sors and parents in particular.Ensure staff is familiarised with OHS procedures for the event so they can provide safety announcements to everyone. As well as manage people before, during and after the event. Allocate staff to survey for feedback and suggestions as well as approach the Board, parents, staff and sponsors for volunteers and funds. Check and approve the RSVP list, include any roles & responsibilities. 1 week prior,call & pick up that parents who RSVP for the BBQ volunteer their time and resources for the event. As well as bring a plate of food or drinks to share if they can. counterbalance parents into paid staff if necessary via signed contracts. 4 days prior, hire security from net profit of staff or parents to be on alert, warn and/or request disruptors to leave the event. days prior, provide ramp to sponsors truck driver to use at event and ensure both driver and Santa is familiarised with OHS procedures. Ensure external staff is qualified and accredited to wor k with children. On day of event, ensure that staff knows the protocols for the truck driver, Santa, parents and children to keep everyone in line. Signs are posted and safety announcements made at regular intervals. diverge hosting the event and allocate amplifier and communication equipment to staff. 3. 1 Recommended Response and Impact By developing a timed action plan in order to reduce, minimise, and isolate the exposure to risks. Ensuring all adults agreed to always control and take responsibility of the children ahead of the event.Ensuring the Sponsor driver and Santa is police checked and licence to work with children. Check carefully over every thing via lists and contacts before the start of the event. By determining the importance of each risk. Analyse the frequency of exposure to the associated risks. By developing an evacuation and crowd control plan with staff. By communicating all procedures with staff. 4. Implementation Implementation follows all of the plans for m itigating the risks. Purchase insurance policies for the risks that have been decided to be transferred to an insurer. Avoiding all risks that can be avoided without sacrificing the organisations goals. 4. 1 Proposed ActionsSet up skirmish with the board of management to approve support. coming together with staff, management and volunteers for briefing of roles and responsibilities. Hire extra resources and/or professionals. post out invitations. Obtain list of RSVP stakeholders and approve. Contact stakeholders for rundownal support. Purchase insurance insurance coverage for the event. Ensure everything goes as planned via lists and contacts. Ensure banners, signs are placed and professionals are ready to cover the event. Provide staff and volunteers with survey forms and equipment. Organise parent teacher conflict for after event musical themeing and feedback. Obtain nett exam report from supervisor.Include recommendations into the following event planning and timing. 4. 2 Proposed Communication electronic mail staff, parents and management via memos and newsletters. Call everyone to follow up on their roles, responsibilities and ensure attendances. Make calls to hire, appointments to approve and sign contracts with professionals including purchasing insurance coverage for the event. Call or radio personnel at event to maintain an alerted net of safety. Email, call and or post thank you letters and invite to post event feedback. Email, call supervisor for reporting and or meeting. Email management the utmost planning proposal for the conterminous event. 4. 3 Responsibilities (Internal and External)Management- ensure all funding is provided, lists and plans are in place. Including insurance, hiring, contracts, appointments, equipment and venues are appropriate. Communicate via memos, newsletters and calls to action. Staff- supervisor to take military commission of everyone on day of event and all survey reporting. Volunteers- assist staff and par ents with their responsibilities. Hired Professionals- provide equipment and services before and during event. Sponsor Driver- use safety equipment and performs role responsibly as instructed by staff. Santa- ensure kids and parents are all happy with his role. Parents- take responsibility of the children and offer any support required on day of event. 4. 4 Timing Before eventSend out invitations 1 months prior. Have RSVP list of names, roles and responsibilities ready for staff meeting 2 weeks prior. Hire all external staff 2 weeks prior to event on signed contracts including volunteers. Ensure they are qualified and licenced to work with children. Ensure insurance is purchased to cover all equipments, planned events and give are all in place and ready to go 1 week prior. Ensure everything goes according to plan via lists and contacts within the week principal into the event. During event Place signs and handout flyers of the event timetable. Ensure everyone is allocated their pl aces and equipment, roles and responsibilities.Ensure staff makes regular safety checks and announcements according to plan. Fills out attendance sign in/out forms and accident book when required. That only people with appropriate footwear, clothing, sunscreen and head cover are allowed entry. Ensure all hired professionals perform in a satisfactory manner. Ensure hosting and activities are on time and obtain feedback of satisfaction levels. After event Hold parent teacher meeting within 1week. The supervisor was to analyse results of surveys and monitoring of effective and ineffective procedures from the event. During the meeting, supervisor reports on effective, ineffective protocols and their impact on enjoyment.All stakeholders can also provide additional inputs which will be noted by the supervisor. Helpful suggestions can be implemented as additional notes to the report. Include the report in the Risk Register file. 4. 5 Resource requirements (funds, people, equipment, etc. ) In addition to staff, volunteers, parents and children, sponsor driver and Santa, equipments, planning and catering for the event. Internet, mobile phones and/or walkie talkies, touch equipment and supplies are required to contact, communicate and disperse people & equipments for the event. The centres resources are already equipped to provide these points of call. 5. Reporting and MonitoringAll stakeholders are invited to provide feedback and suggestions before, during and after the event to make the party an enjoyable experience for everyone involved. The supervisor is to gather, analyse and report on survey results from staff. The report can be communicated to all stakeholders in a parent teacher meeting 1 week after the event. Of importance is highlighting all effective and ineffective protocols, with emphasis on safety. The effect that stakeholders felt the safety protocols had on their enjoyment is also required. The final report would be included into the Risk Register. Impl ement the effective procedures into next years christmas party plan and timing sheets. With emphasis on avoiding or minimising the ineffective.